Travelling in the Americas

It’s been a whirlwind so far! Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and now the U.S.


A few pics from each country and more to come soon!!

Machu Picchu in Peru


Peruvian Tattoo artist living in Bolivia -love this!


Salt flats, Uyuni, Bolivia

At the beautiful Bellas Artes in Mexico City, Mexico

Disney pose in Jackson Square, Jazz birth place, New Orleans, USA


The Best Airport in the World

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By far the coolest airport I’ve ever been to! This was St Maarten, Carribean. I was here in February 2011 and could not believe the rumours were true… the planes practically land on the beach.

We’re not talking little bi-planes or sea planes people. We’re talking full blown jumbo jets.

And watch out!! Don’t stand too close, people have died here. I saw people get blown back tumbling into the water as they stood behind a planes jets when it took off just 50 metres in front of them.

I was lucky enough to be in the water and had a plane go just 10m over the top of me! An amazing experience! Definitely need an underwater camera next time!!

St Maartens Beach Airport! Get there

What A Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World. What a wonderful song and what a wonderful message!

This may be a tad morbid, but I’ve chosen this as my funeral song and I want one and all to know it. This song so beautifully represents my approach to life, how I feel about the world and how I want to be remembered.

Tropical Jakarta

I remember my friend telling me years back that she and her sister had chosen their funeral songs and I thought that was sick. But now I understand. Why shouldn’t you choose a song for your friends and family that will make them remember you in the best way possible. This totally should be your decision and it’s nice for your loved ones to know this in advance.

The lyrics go:

oooooooooh oooooooh
Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
And the dreams that you dream of once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow 
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dream of
Dreams really do come true

Someday I wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemondrops
High above the chimney top
That’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dare to
Oh why oh why can’t I

Well I see trees of green and red roses too
I’ll watch them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself 
What a wonderful world

Well I see skies of blue and
I see clouds of white
And the brightness of day
I like the dark
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow
So pretty in the sky
and also on the faces of people passing by
I see friends shaking hands saying
How do you do
They’re really saying I, I love you

I hear babies cry and I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more then we’ll know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

Someday I wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemondrops 
High above the chimney top
That’s where you’ll find me

Oh somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
And the dreams that you dare to
Why oh why can’t I…

Oooooooh Oooooooooh


Singer: Thomas Newman

Oaxaca, MEXICO

I first discovered this song in one of my favourite movies, 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The film had such beautiful sentiments and the song was so upbeat and I feel you can’t help but smile when you hear it.

This song also takes me away to far away place. An easy going, free spirited and happy island Oasis. Chilling with friends and smiling about the best things in life. I’m instantly transported back to many of my travel destinations as well as I have it on my Ipod and I have so often listened to it whilst walking around a new city or along the beach.

I hope people will smile when they think of it and remember me and my attitude to life.


Whoever decided to place a Ben and Jerry’s  ice cream shop on board of a cruise ship is both a genius and the devil. I LOVE Ben and Jerry’s and I can honestly say it’s one of my biggest weaknesses.


Ben and Jerry’s is located on Level 5 of the cruise ship on the main Promenade. They have seen me now 4 times and they will certainly be seeing me once or twice more before the time is over.


In Australia there are not many locations yet of Ben and Jerry’s and where they are , they are darn expensive $5.50 for 2 scoops. On the boat, it’s $3.25. I love International Waters and Tax free.


Now let’s make my dream come true mr Cruise ship- and make ben and jerrys included in our package- I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream.


This is worth getting fat for! Half baked here I come mmmmmmm.



San Gabriel Home Stay

San Gabriel, California, USA. A fusion of cultures an interesting step outside of your typical LA.


Luckily again, I have friends who have a lovely house here. Peter and Gary kindly opened their home to me and my cuz during my 11 day stay.


Just half hour – 45 minute drive from LA, it’s close but far enough away to have some peace and quiet.


I have been sunbaking, making home cooked lunches, watching Satellite TV and relaxing! The best  part about staying in a home, you do get the opportunity to have down time!!


Attached above are photos of the San Gabriel Area and below are some of the house as well.


the Lovely backyard.



A lovely porch for morning sunshine.


The gorgeous manicured front gardens.


I will always opt for staying in a home over a hotel!!! Thanks guys!!

Lord Fletchers, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Lord Fletchers is an instituition in the Palm Springs and Palm Desert area. This little English pub like restaurant is a favourite amongst locals and hundreds of people travel from far and wide just to experience it.


I was lucky enough to not only visit this restaurant whilst in Palm Springs, but also to meet Lord Fletcher himself. The Lord and lady were dinning right near us and even came over to say hello, being goof friends of our host, Mr Kubly of Swiss Colony.

Now this restaurant is also famous as it was a favourite of the one and only, Frank Sinatra. He live d in the area for a long time and used to frequent this restaurant. Here is me with his photo and also sitting in his favourite chair. Felt  very cheeky indeed.










You can get amazing traiditional pub food here, but cooked 1000 times better. This is quite a fancy restaurant I’ll have you know. Silver service and first class all the way. I had the famous Lord’s cut Prime Rib of beef, served with creamed spinach, horseradish sauce and a Yorkshire pudding!! Check it out!!!











Not gonna lie, I was kinda intimidated!








We had a wonderful dinner and finished it off with a kalhua, cream and soda drinol- so good! The company of my cuz bill, and his friends was also delightful.




Highly recommend this restaurant as a great experience and for terrific food.


See more info at the website:

LA – California girl

So Here I am in Los Angeles, California, USA.

This is me!! …….. or will be soon!


Currently sunbaking in the backyard of my friends house and it’s about 72 degrees Farenheit. or 25 degrees celcius. Lovely!

I’m staying here with my famous Cuz Bill, you can learn more about him at his very own website- This is his friends house in San Gabriel and we’ll be here for 11 days. So happy.

Yesterday we went to Torrance, CA, to visit the private museum of INDY 500 Winner from 1963, and my personal friend, Parnelli Jones. I met Parnelli back in 2009 with my magician cuz when he was performing in the suites. Parnelli and his son PJ Jones were there for the qualifying weekend.

His museum is full of trophies, cars, pieces of car, memorabilia and gifts from fans. It’s incredible and I was so lucky to see it. Jim, a friend of my cousin and Parnelli’s mechanic for years was also there and such a gracious host. They spent an hour an a half showing us around.

Today we are off to the Justice Brothers business. My cousin knows Ed Justice, also from the racing circuit, and also a magician.

Tonight I will go to a gig with my friend Jenn who I met on Australia day in London haha random. We’ll go to a vietnamese restaurant at – Viet Noodle Bar- 3133 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90039.

then the gig is:


Location:The Conga Room
Time:Tuesday, 01 February 2011 21:00

– This is the band i’m seeing –


I’m really looking forward to our time in LA!

Off to Venice beach and Santa Monica tomorrow! Tough life