Apparently I’m a threat to the United States of America!

Travel rant on my Facebook page from 13th June 2014…… I was VERY upset!
So U.S Customs Sucks!!

Just spent half another being interrogated by the most obnoxious woman I’ve ever met!! And for what! Because she can’t comprehend from my passport that someone could travel the World for like…. Fun!

She had attitude right away and whilst I waited for my interrogation she was pouncing on some Mexicans and telling others around “I’m not talking to you!” Ok crazy!

She went through ALL my bags.
Every stamp in my passport & then asked for my ticket home. Ahhhh…. It’s 2014 lady, I don’t carry paper tickets. Apparently, first time I’ve heard it, you need a ticket to prove you’re leaving! So! Now I’m apparently “inadmissable”.

Supervisor was called, Esta was checked, she tried to say I was in the States in February…… Umm most certainly not! A rest which I apparently passed.

It seems my frequent visits to visit my amazing cousin Bill Hunter and my ability to work from my laptop and travel the world are THREATS TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

She ended up “believing me” and telling me I’m a beautiful young woman who needs to be careful when travelling!

WTF! you crazy!!

And this is after having issues with ESTA in Mexico and having to print that too. Electronic!! Electronic!! It’s in the name locos!!! That’s the point – you don’t need to print! I’m going crazy here! Does no-one understand the point of electronic communications! Bahhhh!!

So I’m drinking wine! The end!

 wine for my customs rant