World Vision Blog Ambassador travelling to Uganda

It is my great privilege to announce that in November, I will travel to Uganda with World Vision Australia to blog about their projects and the work they are doing with communities there.

showing lazaro gifts

Here is the article from World Vision about the amazing adventure to come.

I’ve been sponsoring children with World Vision  for 10 years. It’s been an incredible experience and I got to also visit my sponsor child Lazaro in Tanzania. It was a day that changed my life. I’ve also been to Cambodia as a Tour Leader for Inspired Adventures and an amazing team of people who fundraised more than $80,000 for World Vision Australia. We had the opportunity then to visit a project and see the work of World Vision in Cambodia and what they are doing with communities there.


In 2015, I’m planning to trek to Everest Base Camp with World Vision and have already raised more than $4000. All information is here, Stay tuned for more posts and you can see posts about this adventure already on The Traveller Em website. We are going with Inspired Adventures and you can track us at #EverestBaseCampTrek2015

This will be such an incredible experience to see another project of World Vision Australia and learn about the needs of the communities in Uganda. I can’t wait to share this information via my Social Media channels and blog writing. I truly believe through education and understanding, we can do things to make a difference.

meeting Lazaro

Here are a few other blogs I’ve written about World Vision an my experiences in the past:

Emma can ride

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Memories of visiting my Sponsor Child

It’s been a good 3 years now since my sponsorship of my darling Lazaro in Tanzania, Africa ended but I still think of him so regularly. He changed my life, and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to have met him.


pulling my hair back for me


Going to Tanzania to visit my sponsor child was my primary reason for going to East Africa. Who knew that I would be so mesmerised and completely changed after the visit. Nairobi and Northern Tanzania, Arusha, were like no-where I had ever been before. There is so much room for growth and development- but the people also seem happy and thankful for what they have.

profile lazaro

I’ve since been back to Africa and fulfilled my second dream of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW to honour my grandpa. I first saw the incredible mountain on this trip.


To have a mother look you in the eyes and, without words, say thank you, is something I truly can never forget.

sponsor child and sponsor mumma


My father went on to sponsor his little brother, pictured here, after being so moved by my visit to their village.

em and daddy sponsor child


Thank you and The Tanzania office. An amazing experience!

so happy to be there with the family

Journey through anothers’ eyes

It’s funny how different the same experience can look through another’s eyes. A journey that was shared so closely between a group of people can look so different from their view – and from their camera.


It was lovely recently to catch up with my friends who I did Mt Kilimanjaro Climb for Alzheimer;’s Australia NSW with in September 2011. We met and shared stories and photos and how our lives have changed since and it was so wonderful to reconnect.


These are photos from the lovely Anne and Andrew that really stood out to me and reminded me of some wonderful moments – moments of me enjoying and experiencing without even realising someone was looking on and capturing those special times.


Starting out the trip

The Tembo Girls are getting read to go before the climb

Staking my claim on our vehicle - though apparently this wasn't our van

Arriving at Camp Day 1! Woo well done team


gorgeous Anne and I, ready for Day 2


Misty misty on Day 2


Looking towards Kikelelwa Camp on Day 2 after 7 hours of walking, that's Mawenzi in the distance.


An incredible night view from Kikelelwa of the amazing Kibo that we will later climb

Amazing night view from Kikelelwa of Kibo which we willl climb in 3.5 days time.


Camp on Day 3 or 4, Mawenzi Camp where we stayed 2 nights, great view


Walking across the saddle towards Kibo


Hiking up and over the rocks towards the saddle - it's great to have some natural shots of hiking


We finished! At the Marengu Gate!! Enjoying a well deserved Kilimanjaro Beer


My certificate! Proof! Thank you Mufasa, King of Team Tembo


Team Tembo celebrate all together ( exlcuding our other 20 porters who were very much part of the crew)

Share with me your photos and memories of great times captured by another.

Views of Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro. The roof of Africa. The largest freestanding mountain in the world. A marvel and a beauty.

I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and it was amazing to see it from so many angles and so many views.


Here I will share with you 5 gorgeous photos from 5 different points of the mountain. Each one more breathaking and inspirational then the next.

My first beautiful view of Kili from the plane

A view of the mountain from our hotel roof, the day we were to climb it

KIBO peak. Our first views of it from the actual mountain, at Simba camp on morning of Day 2


Good morning Uluru, wait no it's KILI! with the sunrise on it, it looked just like the red dessert rock of Australia. Day 3 - Kikelelwa camp

The most incredible to stop on Day 3 and have a rest - it's wonderful to see where you are heading! To be able to visualise the goal

I have to say one of my favourite things about doing the climb was seeing the mountain from so many new and unexpected views. Sights you can only see when you are climbing her beautiful faces.


From 16th September -22nd September 2011, I Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW!  I did this in honour of my Grandpa who passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2008. I was in Africa when I found out and I said at the time I would one day do this for him, in his memory! We are raising money for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW to raise awareness and the necessary funds for prevention of the disease that affects so many. Dementia is the third leading cause of death in Australia, after heart disease and stroke. 

You can still help me reach my $10.000 target by donating to my online fundraising page:

World Alzheimer’s Day

Every year on 21 September, World Alzheimer’s Day unites people living with dementia around the world. There are more than 36 million people with dementia worldwide and by conquering the world’s highest free-standing mountain on World’s Alzheimer’s Day, we will be helping to fight to make sure that dementia is recognised as a global health priority.

I am today going to  summit Mt Kilimanjaro in honour of my late Grandpa Jack who passed away from Alzheimer’s Australia NSW. I made a promise soon after my grandpa passed, when I was in Africa, that I would Conquer Kili for him.

This is a killer disease and it’s affecting many Australian lives- we need to make a change and raise awareness. We can do things to prevent it, and by raising such funds, we can hopefully find a cure.


Learn more about World Alzheimer’s Day –


I am currently in Africa Climbing the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro. I’m climbing on behalf of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and raising money for the wonderful work they do.


You can still sponsor me by visiting my online fundraising page:

Top 5 Kili Blogs

  • Backdate to 18th august 2011


    In preparation for my big Kili climb, I’ve decided to research and read other people’s blogs, stories and experiences for inspiration. Here are the Top 5 I have found and the reasons why I enjoyed them so much.


    1. Karen Graham, Explorer Girl

    Karen Graham is a talented photographer and travel writer. She climbed Kilimanjaro a few years ago and posted this wonderful article on She gave a brilliant account of her experience and posted some incredible photos.


    Mt Kilimanjaro Article –

    Read more from her blog –

    1. Andyonthemountain

    Andy on the Mountain is a short blog about Andy’s experience of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. From inspiration to the experience itself and the reflection. I really like the focus of this blog and his detailed description of his experience.

    1. Mt Kilimanjaro Travel Guide


    You can’t get more specific to Mt Kilimanjaro then the Mt Kilimanjaro Ttravel Guide. Described as the one stop shop, there’s a whole lot on here including forums, Kilimanjaro articles by all different authors, advice on climbing and also other information on Africa. It’s a good way to get some facts on the experience of the climb.



    1. She’s 50- she climbed Kilimanjaro


    This article on journey woman is more like a poem/ reflective piece than an informative piece and I really enjoyed it

    . It’s nice to be able to follow the thought process of a person climbing the mountain. Especially someone who would perhaps not usually be a mountaineer-  gives the rest of us some hope. A great piece!


    1. Inspired Adventures Blog


    Of course this would make my top 5 list as this is the group I’m going to do my Kilimanjaro challenge with. There are stories and experiences on here from past participants which is great motivation for me before I head off. Also a breakdown of the trip from one of the group leaders. This is  a great read for anyone taking on the trip to know what’s in store for them.

    Please send through links to other blogs or stories you have read about Kilimanjaro that might help me prepare or get excited for my adventure.



    I am currently in Africa Climbing the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro. I’m climbing on behalf of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and raising money for the wonderful work they do.


    You can still sponsor me by visiting my online fundraising page:


    KILI COUNTDOWN – 27 Days to go


Are you doing enough training?

  •  Backdated to  25 August 2011


Are you training enough? Are you fit enough?  Are you strong enough?


Everyday people are askng me am I ready for my Kilimanjaro Climb.


The answer is, I don’t know.


How can I know?


I’ve been getting in my 2 hour walks, heading to the gym, doing some of my P90X workout DVD’s and just trying to get the fitness in as much as possible.


But I’ve never done a 7 day hike. I’ve never even done a 1 day hike- so I don’t know what to be prepared for.


I’m taking each day is it comes. It’s just one foot in front of the other.


Pole Pole – slowly slowly, The African guides tell trekkers this on the trip.  I think this is the most common advice- walk to the beat of your own drum and pace yourself. You’ll make it!


Any training advice or tips from any climbing you have done?



I am currently in Africa Climbing the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro. I’m climbing on behalf of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and raising money for the wonderful work they do.


You can still sponsor me by visiting my online fundraising page:


KILI COUNTDOWN – 20 Days to go