Cath Styles in SHIFT at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

EXCITING TIMES! My gorgeous and talented friend Cath is back at Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a brand new show, SHIFT!

I’ve always found it fascinating how Cath juggles her professional career psychiatric nursing, with her passion and love for comedy. She nails both but add in family, friends, and life as well as your two work lives…. things get interesting.

It’s on from 5-17th April and we’ve got 2 x Double Passes to giveaway.

Tell us when and how you have lived a double life?

You can pick the date you would like to attend – just answer in the comments below!


We invite you to explore the craziness of a way of life where strange is normal, and normal is strange as Cath Styles presents her new show SHIFT at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016.

Cath Styles has been a psychiatric nurse for 25 years, and a comedian for 10. Between the nights, evenings, weekends and holidays she’s worked in both jobs, she’s never had a weekend off. Ever! Shift is the show where both her worlds collide, and explores her on again, off again, love affair with her (paying!) job.

SHIFT poster MICF copy

No stranger to finding the funny in the dark and bizarre, the creator of festival favourite Darkness and Light blends stand-up and storytelling to tell touching, and twisted tales of her enduring 25 year fling with psych nursing.

The show will run from April 5 to 17 at The Downstairs Lounge at the Grand Mercure Hotel at 6.30pm. Details for…

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A Sunburnt History at MICF – You’ve gone and done it again!!

These incredibly talented performers are at it again with the third instalment of A Sunburnt History. This time it’s “NOT Galipolli.”


This was one of the most thoughtful, creative and entraining shows I saw at MICF… in both 2013 and 2014. As former clients of Lovelly Communications, I am proud as a mother duck to see them kicking butt out there in comedy land!

So, what’s it all about?

We’re back!
ASH is bringing a BRAND NEW show to this year’s Comedy Festival.
It’s Charlie and Spanky addressing the big questions, it’s sweaty, naked (literally) and it mentions the war.
But it is definitely NOT Gallipoli.

“Has the audience rolling in the aisles” Stage Whispers

“I literally, audibly gasped for air!” In Batmania

“Don’t miss ‘the exciting next wave of Australian comedy” ★★★★ Herald Sun 2014

“Comedy Gold” ★★★★ The Pun

Venue: Trades Hall, The Whitlam Room
Dates: 28th March – 19th April (No Mondays), Previews Thurs 26th – Fri 27th March
Tickets: $24 Full, $20 concession, group, laugh pack, $16 Tight arse Tuesday
Times: 20:30 Tuesday – Saturday, 19:30 Sunday
Bookings: Ticketmaster, at the door

Join the boys on Facebook:

Twitter hit them up at @wegotburnt

Live your life like a Traveller

This is my new phrase and I guess, motto for live. LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE A TRAVELLER!


That and Live a LOVELLY Life. Currently working on the official definition of Lovelly… it is different to Lovely.. stay tuned.

Loving Life in Peru

Loving Life in Peru

I thought I was the founder of this quote.. but it appears not. I have found it on a few blogs and forums.


From the blog:

the Prophet’s (PBUH) quote ” Live your life like a traveller” and Khalil Gibran’s quote “I want to be alive to all the life that is in me now, to know each moment, to the uttermost”
Explore your own city. I love Melbourne

Explore your own city. I love Melbourne

my comment?
Congratulations to you. It takes guts to start a blog and you’ve taken the biggest step. You started.
I love this quote “Live your life like a traveller”. Is it an actual quote? you say by PBUH?
Love to know where you first heard it.
Meeting the local kids in Peru

Meeting the local kids in Peru

Another forum using this quote
  1. Pbuh: If anyone testifies that None has the right to be worshipped but  You have tolive your life like a traveller, the more you indulge in this life 
Dancing in the streets of Udaipur in a procession in India

Dancing in the streets of Udaipur in a procession in India

is it true that when someone worhips shaaytan he becomes 

44 posts – 23 authors – 15 Oct 2011

 Prophet Mohamed PBUH so could he be a satanic worshipper to is ….. life like a stranger, Live your Life like a traveller” (Sahih Al Muslim).

So this one was a bit odd? But I still like the moral of it.
Meeting the locals in Austria

Meeting the locals in Austria

For me, Live your life like a traveller means wherever you are, take on new experience, be open to opportunities and always try something new.
Wherever you live is constantly changing. New people, new things to see, or talk to someone who might have a different perspective.
I love Travel for the opportunity to meet other people, to experience new lands and to be made grateful each day for the beautiful world in which we live.

Snow Travel Expo in Melbourne

This coming weekend there will be the Snow Travel Expo in Melbourne. If you love the snow, and can’t wait for June 8th (Opening Weekend) to roll around, this is the place for you.

The Snow Travel Expo 2013 will be held Sunday May 19th  10am – 4pm Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

Mt Buller Resort 2012

Mt Buller Resort 2012

If you’re planning a ski trip this season – make sure you get on down to this expo and see what great offers are available on gear, accommodation, resorts and packages.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get back to the snow!!

Emma at Mt Buller 2012

Emma at Mt Buller 2012

For more information visit:

Entry: Free with a gold coin donation to Disabled Wintersport Australia.

WIN: For your chance to win any one of these incredible overseas snow holidays, visit the Snow Travel Expo’s competition areas at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on Sunday May 19, 2013 or Sydney Exhibition Centre on Sunday May 26, 2013.

I was alerted to this from the Disability Winter Sports Australia Newsletter. Learn more about them here:

Demonstration at Ski City in Melbourne

Demonstration at Ski City in Melbourne

New storytelling podcast in Melbourne – Cock and Bull!

Very much looking forward to seeing the launch of this new podcast, The Cock and Bull. I saw the live storytelling the other night at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne and they recorded the podcast that night but they need our help to get this thing off the ground! See their project here:

The Cock and Bull is (or very soon will be) a weekly storytelling podcast that aims to achieve just that: a chance to hear some great stories from some of Australia’s (and the world’s) best and most entertaining storytellers.

The stories themselves will come in all shapes and sizes; some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some are serious, some are silly and some might just teach you something you never knew before.

This is run by Cathy Culliver and Jon Bennett, who also run the popular Willow Tales and Bazaar Tales live storytelling nights in Melbourne.

Their website is, and They’re also on Facebook Willow and Bazaar Tales Storytelling and Twitter (@cockbullpodcast), so drop us a line to say hello.

You can support their Pozible campaign and get this show up and running by making a donation here and of course attending the shows!

Support local comedy, this is a great Melbourne show and now there’s a chance to share it with the world.

Albert Park is my favourite walk

(Walk took place on July 19th 2011, 53 days before the Mt Kili Climb)

Training is a breeze when your practice walks take you to the beautiful Albert Park. The pictures speak louder than words! How lucky am I to have experienced such a beautiful dya and such a beautiful atmosphere as I powered around this park.


The swans were out to play.

The sun was shining.

The city acted as a beautiful backdrop and contrast to the natural setting.

The lake was sparkling.


This may just be my new favourite training walk. I did 2 hours from door to door, which included a lap of the lake and a few laps of the various sports grounds. The great thing also is that it’s a dirt track and there is lots of grass so that I can vary my training and experience different terrains.


Albert Park is just 10 minutes from Melbourne City. It’s got this amazing lake, tennis courts, AFL grounds, cafes, restaurants, a rowing club, the very modern sports and swimming complex and the bbq and park areas. You can get lost in this enormous park and be spoiled for activities for an entire week!


For more information on Albert Park and its facilities, visit:


I will be taking on my biggest Adventure yet, Climbing Kilimanjaro for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW!  I will Climb Kilimanjaro in honour of my Grandpa who passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2008. I was in Africa when I found out and I said at the time I would one day do this for him, in his memory! We are raising money for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW to raise awareness and the necessary funds for prevention of the disease that affects so many. Dementia is the third leading cause of death in Australia, after heart disease and stroke. We must prevent and find a cure as it’s not a normal part of aging, and does affect 100,000’s of Australians.


Help me reach my $10.000 target by donating to my online fundraising page:


KILI COUNTDOWN – 13 Days to go



Song of the day!

Been feeling a bit blue last few days (predominently due to being sick and that it is actually getting cold in Melbourne) so when the song LIFT by Shannon Noll came on today, the words really resonated! The words really hit home and I knew I was feeling better actually.

This is a great song for those days when you’re on the road, trekking about or just feeling a little homesick when travelling. For strength!

Bali Sunsets always make me Smile


I know you’re hurting
Feels like you’re learning
‘Bout life the hard way
And it ain’t working

Seems like forever
That you’ve been falling
It’s time to move on
You’re life is calling, yeah

This was never meant to be the end
Close the book and start again

Cause I know how hard it can get
But you gotta lift
You gotta lift
And sometimes that’s how it is
But I know you’re stronger
Stronger than this
You gotta lift
You gotta lift

When you can feel your
Whole body’s aching
What’s left of your heart
It won’t stop breaking
You gotta let go
You took a hit
Time to pick up now
Move on from this

This was never meant to be the end
Close the book and start again

Cause I know how hard it can get
But you gotta lift
You gotta lift
And sometimes that’s how it is
But I know you’re stronger
Stronger than this
You gotta

Lift yourself up above all the hurt
Don’t give it
Wipe your eyes and remember
You’re better than this
Let them know
That they took their best shot
And missed
C’mon and lift

This was never meant to be the end
Close the book and start again

Cause I know how hard it can get
But you gotta lift
You gotta lift
And sometimes that’s how it is
But I know you’re stronger
Stronger than this
You gotta lift
You gotta lift

Pick up now…
Pick up now…

By Shannon Noll