Cath Styles is the Accidental Cougar

Love what Cath Styles brings to the table every year, but this show has been a long time coming! Cath has some amazing “Cougar” material and it’s been part of her regular sets for many years … but then! It all came true! She is an Accidental Cougar!

In the wake of becoming unexpectedly single, and even more unexpectedly turning 50, this fierce, funny feminist finds out what it’s like when your favourite joke becomes a reality!

MICF_Cath Styles_Accidental Cougar_Poster

From break-ups to wake-ups (and make-up!), Accidental Cougar is a fresh and funny look at dating later, and ever


Two jobs, two cats, two countries and four kids… nurse, comic, mother and mad international traveller Cath Styles finds a keepsake in Africa which turns her life upside down and makes her ask the big question…

Can you live your own punchline?

Cath Styles brings her new show Accidental Cougar to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2018. It’s funny, it’s real and it’s certainly relatable to many of us who’ve been thrown a curve ball in life. Come along and laugh with Cath as she navigates dating, life and everything in between.

This is a must see show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and one of my top picks for the fest!


Venue: The Upstairs Lounge @ Little Sista, 230 Lt Collins St, Melbourne Dates: Wednesday 28 March – Sunday 22 April 2018 (no show Monday) Time: 6.30pm
Tickets: Wednesday 28 March (Preview) $20; Full $25; Concession and Tightarse Tuesday $20; Group (+6) $22

Bookings here and at the door.

Cath Styles in SHIFT at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

EXCITING TIMES! My gorgeous and talented friend Cath is back at Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a brand new show, SHIFT!

I’ve always found it fascinating how Cath juggles her professional career psychiatric nursing, with her passion and love for comedy. She nails both but add in family, friends, and life as well as your two work lives…. things get interesting.

It’s on from 5-17th April and we’ve got 2 x Double Passes to giveaway.

Tell us when and how you have lived a double life?

You can pick the date you would like to attend – just answer in the comments below!


We invite you to explore the craziness of a way of life where strange is normal, and normal is strange as Cath Styles presents her new show SHIFT at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016.

Cath Styles has been a psychiatric nurse for 25 years, and a comedian for 10. Between the nights, evenings, weekends and holidays she’s worked in both jobs, she’s never had a weekend off. Ever! Shift is the show where both her worlds collide, and explores her on again, off again, love affair with her (paying!) job.

SHIFT poster MICF copy

No stranger to finding the funny in the dark and bizarre, the creator of festival favourite Darkness and Light blends stand-up and storytelling to tell touching, and twisted tales of her enduring 25 year fling with psych nursing.

The show will run from April 5 to 17 at The Downstairs Lounge at the Grand Mercure Hotel at 6.30pm. Details for…

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Kirsty Mac presents MANFLU at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

Kirsty Mac is bold, unapologetic and damn funny. She’s bringing her new show to Melbourne and it opens tonight. Manflu!

I’ve seen a number of Kirsty’s performance and love her wit, way with words and her ability to bring the laughs with the most serious of subject matter.

Beat Mag

A bit more about the show:

What is MANFLU? Have you had it? Is it contagious? But most importantly, could it be messing with your mojo…

MANFLU is all about the history of the patriarchy and the systemic history of oppression for all genders. Stories and jokes about domestic violence, pick-up artists, mens rights activists and how Kirsty Mac is beating them all at their own game. ‘But if you’re expecting a man-hating diatribe that’s only after smiles of solidarity from sisters in the audience, you’re going to be disappointed.

‘Raucous and rude, sweary and sexy. ★★★★’ Sunday Herald (UK)

‘Mac succeeds in taking on the world. ★★★★’ Herald Sun

Venue: Speakeasy HQ, 522 Flinders Street

Dates: 31st March & 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th of April

Time: 7.00pm

Get your tickets: Trybooking and at the door


Also!!! The Venue, Speakyeasy HQ, have a special drinks offer on! See the post:

Speakeasy HQ is excited to announce the launch of a new cocktail shooter “INOCULATION”! 

The shooter is being launched alongside the hilariously sassy Kirsty Mac is Feminazi new Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Manflu!

Come and see the show, and get your flu shot today!!

The show will be launching tomorrow, with 12 shows in total – 31 Mar – 17 Apr

manflu shots

Adrienne Truscott is Asking for it!

Adrienne Truscott is talented, edgy and out there. Her show Asking for it has gained critical acclaim around the world and after seeing it last year at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, I know why! Adrienne is spectacular in her groundbreaking show confronting the comedy industry about it’s laid back attitude to the topic of rape.

It’s incredible how Adrienne is able to poke fun at other comics, make witty jokes whilst discussing an incredibly important issue. This show will make you laugh, think and gasp. Yes…there is nudity… yes it’s full on.. but most of all, it’s clever and truly artistic. It’s a show you shouldn’t miss Sydney and I cannot wait to go and see it again.

Make sure to purchase your tickets at the Sydney Comedy Festival website


Adrienne Truscott, one-half of the infamous Wau Wau Sisters, dressed only from the waist up and ankles down, undoes and does in the rules and rhetoric about rape, comedy and the awkward laughs in between.

With commentary from George Carlin, Louis C. K. and Robert De Niro, ducks, whistles and enough gin and tonics to get a girl in trouble, she lets her pussy do the talking. Set to pop music. Can you make jokes about rape? She plans to, all night long. Even if you tell her to stop.

WINNER 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Foster’s Panel Prize WINNER 2013 Malcolm Hardee Comic Originality

“A brilliantly bold and thoroughly engaging provocation.” **** The Times (UK)

“Brutal, brilliant and brave…if you miss it you will miss the moment in the history of stand-up comedy wherein a woman actually took the genre and did something with it that no man could do… This is without doubt the most powerful hour of comedy.” **** The Scotsman (UK)

“Truscott is always a step ahead…with firecracker wit, sophistication and luminous humanity” ***** Guardian (UK).

Venue, Date & Time

The Factory Theatre

Tue 12th May 2015 – 7:45 pm

Wed 13th May 2015 – 7:45 pm

Show Duration


Ticket Price Range


Recommended For

Ages 15+

A Sunburnt History at MICF – You’ve gone and done it again!!

These incredibly talented performers are at it again with the third instalment of A Sunburnt History. This time it’s “NOT Galipolli.”


This was one of the most thoughtful, creative and entraining shows I saw at MICF… in both 2013 and 2014. As former clients of Lovelly Communications, I am proud as a mother duck to see them kicking butt out there in comedy land!

So, what’s it all about?

We’re back!
ASH is bringing a BRAND NEW show to this year’s Comedy Festival.
It’s Charlie and Spanky addressing the big questions, it’s sweaty, naked (literally) and it mentions the war.
But it is definitely NOT Gallipoli.

“Has the audience rolling in the aisles” Stage Whispers

“I literally, audibly gasped for air!” In Batmania

“Don’t miss ‘the exciting next wave of Australian comedy” ★★★★ Herald Sun 2014

“Comedy Gold” ★★★★ The Pun

Venue: Trades Hall, The Whitlam Room
Dates: 28th March – 19th April (No Mondays), Previews Thurs 26th – Fri 27th March
Tickets: $24 Full, $20 concession, group, laugh pack, $16 Tight arse Tuesday
Times: 20:30 Tuesday – Saturday, 19:30 Sunday
Bookings: Ticketmaster, at the door

Join the boys on Facebook:

Twitter hit them up at @wegotburnt

Darkness and Light at MICF 2015, Incredible Comedy show not to be missed

My favourite show of Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 is on again and I’m so happy to catch it in the last week of the comedy festival, Darkness and Light. The show is on 7.30pm at

This show is powerful with comedians speaking openly and honestly about REAL issues and matters. IT’s fun and entertaining because they are talented artists, but there stories are also moving. It’s a show of ups and downs, laughs and light, and always entertaining!

Fall down seven times, stand up eight. And tell some jokes about it! 

Comedy gets real as the cream of the Festival’s funny people (and some very special guests) share some very personal postcards from the edge in a show that will make you laugh and cry, but mostly laugh! 

A combination of hilarious stand-up and stunning storytelling, each night is a collection of stories about being human, including tall, true tales about love, loss, coming out, growing up, losing their minds, and the times they nearly didn’t make it. 

It’s not a show, It’s an experience! 

Don’t miss Darkness and Light! 

Some fab reviews!

‘Uplifting. See this show.’ Glass Wings

‘Darkness and Light is no downer. ★★★★’ Herald Sun

‘Surprisingly refresghing.’ Crikey

Get more details here: 


The line ups for the next week!
Cath Styles, Danny McGinlay, Chris Franklin
Cath Styles, Urzila Carlson, Michael Bowley
Cath Styles, Becky Lou, Richard McKenzie, Daniel Tobias
Cath Styles, Wizard Sandwiches, Jon Bennett, (maybe) Greg Fleet
Cath Styles, Jodie J Hill

Travel Mayhem in 2014

So 2014 has kicked off at a crazy pace with travel, interstate moves and a whole lot happening. And it ain’t slowing down any time soon. Here is a bit of a summary of what i’ve been up to thus far:


  • January – 5 days in Sydney
  • January – Working at the Australian Open in Melbourne
  • February- India, Mumbai for a conference and visiting friends
  • February – Adelaide for Adelaide Fringe Festival for 7 days
  • February- Cambodia for the Team World Vision Cycle, 5 days cycling as part of a 10 day amazing trip.

Team World Vision in Cambodia with our Inspired Adventures t-shirts on

  • March  – Moved from Melbourne back to Sydney… for good!
  • March – Back to Melbourne for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

That brings us to today. So it’s been an interstate and international travel fest of late. Amazing activities, very tired and so much learning and growth. I can’t wait to get back to Cambodia and learn more about that incredible country. I’ve booked flights back to India to again be with dear friends I consider family. And now working on this incredible Comedy Festival and planning my future career!

Having fun with my guide in Cambodia

Having fun with my guide in Cambodia

So it’s been a whirlwind to say the least and it’s only going to continue with a crazy amount of travel planned for the remainder of the year. I’m off overseas for 4 months and these are the current/tentative plans

  • April – England for a wedding
  • May – Canada for a music conference
  • May- Indy 500, Indiannapolis, USA
  • May- Chicago/ Roscoe, Illinois, USA
  • May- Mexico, Baja California and Monterrey
  • May- NYC, USA
  • June- LA, San Fran Cisco, San Diego, California, USA
  • June – Austin, Texas, USA
  • June – Hawaii, USA
  • July- Bahamas – Dolphin Retreat, Yoga, meditation – swimming with dolphins!
  • July- Chicago/ Roscoe – Illinois
  • July – EUROPE – Ibiza, Germany, England, Croatia and more…
  • August- EUROPE – England, Scotland, Italy, Greece and more…
  • Returning home August!
Spending time with lovely family in UK

Spending time with lovely family in UK

And then……

It continues!

  • Fly to Sydney
  • Moreton Island, Queensland for family visits
  • October – India!!! 3 weeks road tripping around with friends and DIWALI festival


Working at conferences overseas!

Working at conferences overseas!

That’s my mad 2014! And who knows, I’ve still got September, October and November, relatively free… more to come!


Hope to have more stories coming again soon.