Delhi Delights – My Top 8

New Delhi is the National Capital of India and one of its most fascinating cities. Being the Political centre and having the second largest metropolis by population, the city has a strong effect on the people of India and the direction in which the country has developed.


I love Delhi for its amazing diversity and interesting culture. The markets, the temples, the bustling business, the stunning sunsets and the great night spots. I would be difficult to ever get bored in this city. Here are 8 of my favourite things to do and see when in Delhi:


1. Bahai Lotus Temple

This is a temple dedicated to the Bahai faith and is a more recent addition to the architectural jewels of Delhi. I have never been close to it but I have driven past many times and it is just as spectacular at night as it is in the day. Reminds me somewhat of the Opera House and the Waratah Flower of Australia, maybe that’s why I like it so much. It took me at least 4 sightings of this to finally get an understanding of what it was and it is always at the top of my list for must sees in Delhi!

2. Qutub Minar

The World’s tallest free standing brick Minaret. An islamic structure which has a number of beliefs surrounding it. The intricate detail and craftwork which covers the entire structure is worth a look alone. Entry here is cheap and there is a fabulous mix of cultures all marvelling at the magnificence of this unusual sight.

3. Dilli Haat Markets

Resembling the traditional craftsmen and trade markets, Dilli Haat offers the traveller a chance to experience a unique style of shopping . It’s the first permanent fair for regional foods, crafts and cultural activities. It’s a completely new experience and a great day out.

4.Red Fort

The Unesco World Heritage Site which could easily be mistaken for the Taj Mahal…. except that it’s red. I was very confused when I first saw it as it was so similar to the Taj Mahal in style, but once you see them in comparison, you understand the difference. This is where the Prime Minster addresses the people at the celebrations of Independence day, 15th August. If anything, it’s a beautiful building to see, octagonal in shape as is the style of such Islamic architecture.

5. GK1 M- Block Market

A trip to Delhi is not complete without visiting this more upmarket area and the great set of shops and stalls located at the centre. The areSouth Extensiona is called Kalisah and it’s where the wealthy come to do their lower end shopping (so my high end.) There is fabulous jewellery, great snacks, luscious hair and beauty salons and shoe stalls as far as the eye can see. You may even spot an Indian Celebrity (I saw the queen of Beauty and skin care products of India… well, you couldn’t miss her! Diamonds covering every spare bit of flesh- LOVE IT!

6. Shalom (Restaurant)

Amazing Mediterannean lounge bar with great decor and a very trance vibe. You can smoke sheeshah (hubbly bubbly) with flavours like apple and cherry and you can sip on sumptuous cocktails! Chill out sessions playing in the background with low lighting provide the prefect relaxing atmosphere for a great night out.

7. New Delhi Parliament

The Indian Parliamentary Buildings and India Gate are essential to the Delhi City Tour. It’s best to go here with a guide who can explain the area and chances are you will probably only see it from the car. Security is quite strict in this area and it can be difficult at times to get close. It was only in the 1920’s that Parliament was moved to Delhi from Calcutta and it has remained their since.

8. India Gate

A slow drive down the Rajpath will allow you ample photo opportunities of the India Gate. This is a war memorial to over 90,000 Soldiers who lost their lives serving in World War 1. It’s a magnificent structure and a testament to the Indian people and their contributions during British Colonialism.

I hope you are able to see some of these great sites in Delhi. I strongly recommend going on a city tour or hiring a tour guide for one day to really get a good understanding of the history of the city and the many facets which make it the wonderful city it is today. To find out about the best markets and where to eat, chat to a local. The Indian people are very friendly and always more than happy to stop and give some advice to visitors.

Night Noodle Market- Asia comes to Sydney

The buzz, atmosphere and splendour of the market makes for a lovely night out in Sydney

The buzz, atmosphere and splendour of the market makes for a lovely night out in Sydney

Isn’t it amazing that we can go across the otherside of the world and become completely immersed in that culture. We could tell you the foods that are eaten, the local dress, the best museums, and even give you a brief general history. But when it comes to our own country, or even city, we haven’t the foggiest what’s happening in and around town!


I had this realisation last year when my Canadian friend visiting in Sydney asked if I would like to attend the Night Noodle Market. My response to him being ” What in earth’s name is that?”
It would just so happen that the Night Noodle Market is part of the Sydney Food Festival which carries on through the whole month of October. The Noodle Market is positioned in Hyde Park and is a cultural hats off to the wonderful flavours and tastes of Asian cuisine.


Sydney is full of Asian style food and we are rapidly gaining restaurants of an Asian influence spreading throughout Sydney suburbs. However, there is nothing that resembles the wonderful street style market stall set up of an Asian Food Market that is such a highlight of visiting such countries as Singpaore, Malaysia and Thailand.


So smack bang in the centre of Sydney during this month, a magical, mystifying and temporary extravaganza of Asian Food stalls is set up for all to enjoy. Hyde Park is the location and it is festivally decorated with lanterns and lights, stalls and music. The aroma of the many Asian nations culminates in the mid spring air to give you a sense of being in a far off land of sunsets, bustling streets and warm temperate evenings. A true sense of Asia comes to life  in the centre of the city, and you don’t even need a ticket!


I was delighted to be introduced to this wonderful world that lies right in the heart of my home city, and none the less by a foreigner. It sometimes is necessary to act as a tourist in our own city to rediscover the beauty and wonderement which is actually on our very doorstep.


I enjoyed a beer from China, a starter from Vietnam, some noodles from Singapore and wonderful dessert from Indonesia. All within the space of an hour.


The market is running all of this week, from October 12-16 (Mon-Fri) and then continuing on next week from October 19-23 (Mon-Fri). The dinner trading, 5pm-9.30pm.


So why not grab a few friends after work, head into the park and enjoy the sites and sounds of Asia in our own backyard.


For more information visit:


Don’t miss the chance to see a side of Sydney you’ve never seen before!