Memories of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has suprised me with it’s beauty, warmth and calm. I have such fond memories and happy thoughts of Dhaka. I was only there 10 days ago and I’m already planning when I can get back there.


I had been warned continuously of the shocking things I would see and experience. How Bangladesh is very much a developing country which still has a long way to go. I was told to constantly be on alert for my safety and to be weary of everyone. But really, I did not expereince this.

I felt happy and safe at all times. I felt the roads were reasonably organised and people even stuck to the lanes and followed the road rules, surprising in South Asia. I saw poverty yes, and not wanting to become compacent or immune to the harshness of these peoples lives, but I do now understand that with a population size so large, not all can be having the same living stanard. More than 21 million people live in Dhaka, and with 160 million plus in the country, it is one of the most densly populated countries in the world. There is to be expected some difficulties in regard to getting everyone equal conditions. It’s hard to see-  but I cannot place my own society and cultural perspectives onto this society. Nor can I indulge the street life by giving into begging. There are ways to deal with this and I strongly believe that we can do a better job in greater umbers by then small amounts to individuals.


Wow- bit of a rant but it’s what I have experienced and seen.

I didn’t read the papers when there, but was often given a run down by one of my colleagues. Murders, rapes, divorces, riots and strikes. This was the norm in the paper everyday, but to be fair, it is found in many other countries too. There is most certainly corruption and I believe in time this will be changed as more international companies move in and outside organisations and NGO’s work with local governments and businesses. But things do take time.


Wonderful though to see a female Prime Minister. I was also informed that the opposition leader is also a woman, and the Secretary is also a Woman. This is some sought of progress at least, for female kind. There were lots of women in employment as well in various roles, and men seemed to be respectful.


To the Freedom Fighters of Bangladesh


I would like to spend more time in Beautiful Bangladesh and understand it a little better. Perhaps in a way though, I don’t want to delve too deep and see the inner workings of the country, I’m sure there are things in the way they run the country that they are not proud of but the same can be said about Australia.

Daddy Daughter Travel

Daddy’s little girl. That’s me for sure. Always have been apparently and I love to be.


I’ve been blessed with parents who love to Travel and who have made that a part of our lives. With them haling from the UK originally, it’s a necessity in order to maintain and build relationships with family and long term friends who are still living in their home country.



I’ve also been fortunate to have a father who for his Job has needed to travel consistently over the past 15 years, and 7 years ago brought me into that world.


Dad goes to an Asia pacific industry meeting for the Freight Forwarders and Customs associations, his profession. He took me with him to India as a treat and to show me into his world. I’d always taken such an interest in his work and his travel for work, he thought it high time for me to go.


Daddy and me in Dhaka, Bangladesh

I cherished our time together. 10 of the most incredible days. Meeting industry colleagues who have become friends, 17 different countries delegates, seeing sights that I could only dream to see on my own without being part of this corporate trip. Riding elephants, visiting forts in the desert and meeting a king. An amazing time for us to share together and a real bonding experience.


The following year I asked to join dad in Malaysia for the annual meeting, and after some hiccups in the planning and organization, I ended up helping out with some of the meeting plans. Dad said in future he would need me to work alongside him and needed the support! Enter annual trips to Asia and some invaluable work and life experience. Not to mention incredible friends.

So in 7 years we have been to:


2005 -Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

2006- Gentings, Malaysia

2007- Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

2008- Tokyo, Japan

2009 – Bangkok, Thailand

2010 –Sentosa Island, Singapore

2011 – Dhaka, Bangladesh


Sentosa Island, Singapore

My father and I have built a strong and cooperative working relationship. We are able to put our heads down and get the work done, and then make time for personal bonding and quality family time.  I cherish our annual trips and these special moments we have together. I’m such a lucky girl and I know I am truly blessed.


Excited for our next Adventure, this year, Dhaka Bangladesh – what mischief, mayhem and magical moments will we share this time!


Notes Post India

This is a wonderful letter from my friend to those who touched his life whilst travelling in India. He is from Singapore and had an amazing whirlwind of  a trip through India. This is a glimpse into his crazy time…

Singapore sucks without all of you here
Not that I’ve no friends back home, but just wanna let all of you know that I’ve been missing you, loads.
My india trip has been nothing short of fucking incredible. From the eclectic mix of Mumbai’s million subcultures, and the hippies and stoners of Goa’s Arambol, I managed to make my way to Hampi, Kerala, Kanyakumari, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushka, Delhi, Dharamsala, Varanasi and Agra. I’ve seen the beaches, backwaters, deserts, mountains and Indian spirituality, often accompanied by Indian filth. The sights were breathtaking, but the people I’ve met, you, were, and still are, fucking beautiful.
Many of you has been great company, making sure I was never alone and always had someone to share my drugs and joy with. More importantly, it’s you that have made me realise that the world is full of solid, ace peeps. People that are chilled out, easy-going, adventurous, sincere, and naturally nice and wise.
It’s been 8 days since I’ve gotten home, and it’s really a little different in cosmopolitan Singapore. I’m suffering from a severe Indian hangover, pasting Shiva stickers all over my room, listening to loads of Mantras and dubstep, hanging prayer flags all across my ceiling, and dreaming about the good times we’ve shared with one another.

Thanks for being the “in” of my incredible india trip. And wherever you are right now, I sincerely hope that you are still enjoying the time of your life and smiling everyday. Do send me some updates on your lives, however mundane they might be, whether you have been having fun or not.

And I’m seriously planning to move to London next spring / summer. So if you need a writer, I’m up for it. And I’ll be visiting all you european white people soon. Love loads.

Kai – the pioneer of good times.

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Counties I’ve visited

This is a list of the countries I’ve visited and how many times I’ve been there.

My brother and I decided to do this for a bit of fun.


Here goes:


  • England x 6
  • Scotland x 4
  • Japan x 2
  • Germany x 5
  • France x 4
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Canada
  • USA x 4
  • India x 5
  • Nepal x 2
  • NZ x 2
  • Bali x 2
  • South Africa
  • tanzania Kenya
  • New Caledonia  (possibly 3 seperate destinations)(Loyalty island, Devine island, isle of pines)
  • Austria x 2
  • Denmark
  • sweden x 2
  • czech republic
  • spain x 2
  • Mexico
  • Singapore x 2
  • hong kong x 2
  • malaysia
  • thailand


I have been to 28 individual countries as we counted it.


But I have visited countries, i.e. entered a foreign country 58 times. hahha


This years plan:

  • Bahamas
  • St Maartens
  • St Thomas
  • Bangladesh.


competing with my dad for most countries visited!!


How many have you been to?


Nudie Run around the WORLD

I am not going to be naked!!!

But I will be travelling with my new pal, Nudie Plushie.

We will be travellign around the world together. India, UK, USA!!!

Nudie and I will be getting up to some crazy adventures and I am super excited to finally have a travel buddy!!


We’ve left our message with Santa and now we’re ready to get on the road!!!




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Top 5 Countries I miss the MOST

There is a time for travel, and there is a time to work . The time now is work time.

Don’t get me wrong! I love living in Sydney and being here with friends and family and exploring my city. But there are also some countries that are in my heart that I miss terribly throughout the year and CANNOT WAIT to get back to.


India has not just been a place I have visited. It is  a country that now rests in my heart. I can honestly say I think about it every day and I’m just so excited that I get to go back again in December this year. To taste the curries, to party in Goa and to laugh again with the wonderul, warm and kind people of the country.

Sunset in Goa


Mexico, tu eres en mi corazon. This is very wrong. haha This in literal translation says Mexico you are in my heart, but they don’t say it like that. Mexico is fun, vibrant, interesting, complicated and diverse. It’s rich in culture and extremly proud of it’s heritage. The people are fantastic and I really felt at home when I lived there. Quiero ir a Mexico pronto. I want to visit Mexico soon.


England will always be my second home as my family lives there. I feel a strog sense of self when there and can really relate to the country. I love the history of the country as it is so much older than my baby country Australia. Whenever I hear a pommy accent, my heart instantly melts and I become nostalgic and longing. Ello ello ello!


Ich liebe Deutschland. I visited Germany in 2006 for the first time and subsequently reuturned twice more in the one year. I was lucky to have good friends spread out in many cities in Germany but I really found the people I met there to be so friendly. The food is amazing and I crave it constantly. It’s carb heaven! Prestzels, Knudle, Liebkuchen, Stollen, Magenbrot, Weiss wurst and the best breads you have ever tasted. Oh and of course, BEER!

5. USA

I know this may seem like a funny one to add as some people think that the USA is a lot like Australia, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Our cultures are completely different, as are the histories, the diversity of people and the food. I must admit, I don’t miss the kilos that I piled on there whilst eating the junk food. But I do miss the interesting and surprising places that I visited. USA is HUGE and there is so much more I need to see! Also, one of my favourite people in the world, my Cuz Bill lives there!

So my Top 5. I hope to get back to all of them this year.. but we have to wait and see!

Dreaming of India

You know it’s time to dust off the travelling shoes and start planning the next trip when your favourite destination is popping up in your dreams.

The other night I was dreaming about being in India with my Indian family. In their home, in my Indian sisters room. Laughing together. Enjoying the sites and taking in the sounds. I really felt as if I was there! The best part, My mum was there too! She got to experience the country I love so much.

India is a country that engulfs you. You don’t see things in India, you feel them. You don’t smell the flowers, your senses are awoken. It really is a place that once experienced, never leaves you.

I cannot speak more highly of this incredibly diverse country and I cannot wait to get back there.

Some of my favourite things, that I truly miss right now:

  • Sailing in Bombay in front of the magnificent Taj Mahal
  • Tasting the sweetness of Gulab jamun
  • Laughing with the people
  • Thanking the people for their kindness, Dhan ya vad
  • Cooling off with a Kulfi
  • Sampling the spices of Goa
  • Roaming the grounds of the Taj Mahal
  • Late night Butter Chicken Roti Roll
  • Dancing Bangra style at the Sangeet
  • Smiling, laughing and crying tears of Joy!
  • Wearing a Sari and feeling like a queen
  • Eating amazing Lobster Curry at Apoorva
  • Viewing Jaipur from the Amber Fort
  • Patting an Elephant in the Streets of Agra
  • Watching the Sunset over the Gateway of India, Mumbai

So check it out:

Incredible India