Arriving in LA, In-N-Out Burger and a Magic Show!

Very excited to have started my incredible 20 day holiday with my boyfriend in LA, Lake Tahoe and Mexico. We’ve named it #Laxico2016. You can follow our adventure with this #tag but I also plan to blog everyday (says she on Day 3!) Here we go!


We started with a 13 hour flight with Virgin Airlines from Sydney to Los Angeles. Can’t lie, I was excited! Travelling to LA to see my Cousin and friends for an amazing holiday. I travel a lot but this time, I am travelling with my boyfriend! It’s been a bit of a dream of mine to take an epic adventure with someone I care about, it’s going to be awesome!


No sleep! Tried. Maybe I got half an hour. It was a day flight, leaving at 11.30am Aussie time and arriving 1am Aussie time, so it was a bit of a difficult time to sleep. It was 6.10 am in America and we were wretched. Dealing with LA customs and security was not on our list of fun things to do…. but, we got through in an hour! A record for LAX it seems.


We hopped a shuttle to the Alamo car rental shop. We booked our car for the LA to Lake Tahoe roadtrip through DriveNow Rental company. They were super helpful in securing an SUV for us with all weather tyres, suitable for driving at the snow. We were directed to the SUV aisle and then we could pick any car we wanted in that class… crazy!! It was a tough choice but I went with the red one! If in doubt, go with colour.


Next stop, my friends house in San Gabriel! Peak hour traffic was hectic but we got through in pretty decent time and it was lovely to be off the main roads and into more suburban areas of Los Angeles. I was SO excited to see my cousin Bill! Cuzzie Bill happened to also be turning 93 that day and it was so lovely to be there.


After much needed breakfast and a nap! We went out for the second highest priority on our list… IN-N-OUT Burger! We had been talking about it and craving it for weeks!! So off we went, there happened to be one just 7 minutes away! Bliss. Hamburgers, fries and shakes. Simple yet oh so delicious. After lunch a spot of shopping at a discount ski outlet and then home for some rest again.

Stepback! How is my cousin 93? He’s my Grandma’s cousin. So he’s my first cousin, twice removed. Confusing right? Yep, that’s why we just call him Cuz! He also happens to be an incredible magician! Bill “Magic 500” Hunter. He’s been performing magic for a living for more than 47 years and on our first night in America, he performed a show for us! I’ve seen some of the tricks before, many times actually, but it still brings me such joy. I love seeing the reactions of others and my boyfriends laughs and facials were priceless. The newspaper trick is a winner!


Oh we also got to stay with these super cuties and will take care of them for a few days during our trip at the house we stay at! What a trip!


5 Road trips you must take from Sydney!

After living in Melbourne for 3 years, I’m returning to my home city of Sydney. I can’t wait to again appreciate the harbourside beauty and exploring this amazing area after so much time away. Within one to two hours of Sydney there are some incredible locations that are just calling for a road trip, here are my top 5:

Blue Mountains


The Blue Mountains is a Sydney icon. A popular tourist attraction but also a lovely escape for locals. It’s an easy drive in the car if you want to make a beeline for the B&B’s hidden in the hills surrounded by trees. For those looking for the more leisurely pace of life, there are plenty of famous places to stop along the way. The Leura lolly shop is a must, the incredible three sisters and a picnic at Wentworth Falls. (Photo from


Royal National Park – Bundeena


The Royal National Park in Sydney’s South East is heritage listed and remains the World’s second oldest national park. Drive through the incredible Australian bush, around winding roads and take the road to Bundeena to enjoy the serenity of this coastal gem. Snorkeling, fishing, swimming and picnics are popular activities in Bundeena and you can be sure to find a secret spot just for you and your group.


Hunter Valley Region


One of Australia’s most popular wine regions has to be the Hunter Valley. Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway or a day trip with a group of friends, you will love the picturesque area that is the Hunter. Visit the Cellar Door and sample the magnificent wines, sample the many restaurants which boast local produce and enjoy watching a sunset over the vineyards.


Palm Beach


For those who love the seaside, we highly recommend the real life home of the TV series Home & Away, Palm Beach. Although the area is famous for the filming of the popular show, it’s also an incredibly beautiful and relaxing area to escape to. Soak up the sun and if you’re feeling adventurous, take a walk up Barrenjoey Lighthouse for a spectacular view of this beautiful beach. 




Jump in the car and head straight towards the incredible coastline of New South Wales south coast. You can tour around the cliff hugging beach roads or take the highway straight through until you hit the charming seaside town of Kiama. The famous blowhole is a marvel not to be missed and the fish and chips for lunch are second to none. Don’t miss out on the terrace shops for some unique and interesting gift items or pelican feeding time down by the fisherman’s wharf. (Photo from


For a great road trip alternative, why not choose Drivenow

offer you the chance to take a road trip for next to nothing. Seriously, from $1 a day you could take a campervan from Adelaide to Brisbane or Darwin to Alice Springs. With a fuel allowance of $50 or more available and a range of Km included free, this is an affordable way to enjoy a mini holiday or a road trip to some great locations around Sydney.



Top 5 DriveNow romantic getaway road trips from Melbourne

A romantic couples getaway doesn’t have to be an extravagant event with months of planning. You can simply fly into Melbourne airport, hire a DriveNow campervan or rental and zip off to some of the amazing road trip destinations in Victoria. You’ll be relaxing in just a few hours in these Top 5 romantic road trip getaways.


Great Ocean Road

This has to be one of the most famous drives in Melbourne. With every turn, you’ll catch breathtaking views as you wind around the curling road that hugs the cliffs and the sea. It takes just 1.5 hours from the Melbourne airport to reach the beginning of the Great Ocean road and you can weave along at your leisure until you reach the incredible 12 Apostles. Don’t miss sunset, it’s incredible!


Dinner Plain

Ready for a mountain escape? No matter what time of the year, Dinner Plain in the Australian Alpine region is beautiful. In summer it’s a chardonnay on the balcony in the afternoon and walks through the great Aussie bush. In winter it’s skiing by day and hot chocolates by the fire at night in this Christmas like village.

IMG_6867 1


Just 1 hour from the CBD and you step into the rainforest and wooded area of the Dandenong ranges. Unique boutiques, romantic B &B’s and cute cafes are hidden amongst the trees in this natural escape. Why not take on the adventure of climbing the 1000 steps and emulating a small part of the Kokoda trail.


Yarra Valley

What is a weekend away without a good glass of wine. Drive 1.5 hours from Melbourne Airport and you will find yourself in the famous wine region of Victoria. Whether you take up a B&B on a vineyard or jump on a tour for a day, you are sure to sample some amazing produce on this relaxing getaway.


Wilsons Prom

3 hours south of Melbourne you will stumble across this secret gem of Victoria. Bushwalks in the National Park, stunning views of Bass Straight and a beach just 10 minutes from the main accommodation area. There will be plenty to do in this seaside nature haven.



For more information on how to book your next romantic road trip, visit DriveNow:

See Australia with DriveNow – One Way Campervan Hire Relocation

This year I have had the pleasure of exploring more of my own backyard, Australia. I often fly when I travel but due to opportunity and access to a car, I’ve been able to see so much more of this great land by taking road trips in South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory. Travelling by road is an amazing way to see unexpected locations and stunning vistas that you just don’t get to experience when flying. This is why I am so excited to have found DriveNow, a business offering One Way Campervan Hire Relocation.


drive now

DriveNow offer you the chance to take a road trip for next to nothing. Seriously, from $1 a day you could take a campervan from Adelaide to Brisbane or Darwin to Alice Springs. With a fuel allowance of $50 or more available and a range of Km included free, this is an affordable way to enjoy a mini holiday or a grand tour in Australia.



Why is DriveNow doing this you ask? Rental companies frequently need to move and relocate campervans around the country. Instead of paying a driver, they offer them to the travelling public at knock down prices producing the perfect win-win outcome.


You can visit the DriveNow website to browse the various vehicles on offer or sign up for the Relocation WatchList and be alerted when great deals are available.  Applying to relocate the campervans is easy with friendly staff to help you once you make an enquiry and a step by step process on the website.

Example of Campervan Hire relocations offer

Example of Campervan Hire relocations offer 


There is some great feedback on the website from Gary & Elizabeth, happy customers who love the Campervan Relocation service:

Without the opportunities you have given us to relocate your vehicles we would never have had the great Great GREAT opportunities we have had to see So many parts of our magnificent country. Our relocations have been from Alice Springs to Darwin, Darwin to Perth, Adelaide to Perth & Brisbane to Alice Springs.”



This is a service I will certainly be looking into in the future. I have so enjoyed travelling around Australia and to know that I could take an affordable mini break to some great destinations around our country makes the decision easy. So who’s up for a road trip?