I’m home – VIVA mexico

It’s taken 3.5 years but  I’m home.  To my adopted country, Mexico.


I studied in the north of Mexico, Monterrey in 2009 for a semester. I spent 4 months here and was blessed to travel to many places including Zacatecas, Mexico City, Huasteca Potosi, Xilitla, Mazatlan, Vera Cruz, Cuatro Cienegas, Los Casas de San Cristobal, Tulum, Cancun. Isla Mujeres, Palenque, Peurto Escondito, Oaxaca, Play Del Carmen and more!


The people, the music, the food, the land, the beaches, the language and so much more of this country touches me in a way I can’t describe. My heart beats faster when I hear Mexico and the smile doesn’t leave my face when I’m here. I love to dance Salsa, eat tacos, say “”Que chido guey” and watch the Sunsets.


My dear friend Jorge!

My dear friend Jorge!

I nearly cried when we landed in the airport and the full 23 hours of Travel from La Paz in South America to Cancun, Mexico – I couldn’t get the butterflies out of my stomach –TOO EXCITED!




If you have not yet visited the wonder that is Mexico then you are loco!!


I hope to provide some more interesting and detailed information about this country here on this blog so stay tuned.


Bienvenido a Mexico – Welcome to Mexico.

White Desert, Cuatro Cienegas

This stunning picture was taken with a little bit of camera trickery on my Canon Ixus. I love the colour swap mode and the effect is incredible.


The photo was taken in the dessert of white sands in Cuatro Cienegas, in the state of Coahuila,
Mexico. I loved this little weekend trip. We were so lucky to come here as well as the tour guide company had stopped but with a little negotiation and a few under the table pesos, we had a private guide for the pools and the white desert.


The White Sands of Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico


Picture memory!

This is a photo from my time in Mexico. 5 friends, went into the dessert and frolicked about like idiots. Also has the time of their lives.

making a mark

Make your Mark when you travel. Enjoy your time and leave it stamped in your memory.

Visit Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico to experience the beauty and serenity of the dessert.