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Congratulations to me! 500 posts today!

Thank you Sarah Churcher Photography http://www.sarahchurcher.com for her beautiful work

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my wonderful blog over the past 3 years. This truly brings me joy and has offered me so many wonderful opportunities in which to connect with wonderful people and take part in so many funtivities!

I look forward to 1000 posts and hopefully it comes a lot faster than the 500! 1000 by July 2013! That’s the goal.

Here are some wonderful pictures and images that have really inspired me of late.

The great man and inspiration

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It’s me and I love it!

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I would usually object to this as a writer, but it is fun – and you have to laugh sometimes

More Media for Climb2Remember

So excited to be having some more media attention for my climb2remember challenge in September this year.


I sent out a press release recently to some Melbourne Media.


We got some space on the Femail website:


And also a spot on Mia Cares on Mamamia website:



Every little bit counts and I really appreciate peoples support. The whole reason that I’m doing my fundraising, promoting and the climb actually is to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW. It’s important for us to take on this part of the challenge and spread the word about this great charity.


If you would like to sponsor or learn more about the Climb2Remember, visit my sponsor page.

Notes Post India

This is a wonderful letter from my friend to those who touched his life whilst travelling in India. He is from Singapore and had an amazing whirlwind of  a trip through India. This is a glimpse into his crazy time…

Singapore sucks without all of you here
Not that I’ve no friends back home, but just wanna let all of you know that I’ve been missing you, loads.
My india trip has been nothing short of fucking incredible. From the eclectic mix of Mumbai’s million subcultures, and the hippies and stoners of Goa’s Arambol, I managed to make my way to Hampi, Kerala, Kanyakumari, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushka, Delhi, Dharamsala, Varanasi and Agra. I’ve seen the beaches, backwaters, deserts, mountains and Indian spirituality, often accompanied by Indian filth. The sights were breathtaking, but the people I’ve met, you, were, and still are, fucking beautiful.
Many of you has been great company, making sure I was never alone and always had someone to share my drugs and joy with. More importantly, it’s you that have made me realise that the world is full of solid, ace peeps. People that are chilled out, easy-going, adventurous, sincere, and naturally nice and wise.
It’s been 8 days since I’ve gotten home, and it’s really a little different in cosmopolitan Singapore. I’m suffering from a severe Indian hangover, pasting Shiva stickers all over my room, listening to loads of Mantras and dubstep, hanging prayer flags all across my ceiling, and dreaming about the good times we’ve shared with one another.

Thanks for being the “in” of my incredible india trip. And wherever you are right now, I sincerely hope that you are still enjoying the time of your life and smiling everyday. Do send me some updates on your lives, however mundane they might be, whether you have been having fun or not.

And I’m seriously planning to move to London next spring / summer. So if you need a writer, I’m up for it. And I’ll be visiting all you european white people soon. Love loads.

Kai – the pioneer of good times.

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Chris – The Aussie Nomad

Chris is an avid traveller, blogger and tweeter.Blogging and twitting about his travels around the world, Chris has some great stories to share. Chris is also a techie and has saved my life on Twitter and WordPress a number of times. Read why it is that Chris loves his travel and his AUSSIE AUSSIE Home.


Chris Richardson


IT Consultant

Country of Residence


Country of Origin


email/contact/ website



Why do you love Travel?

Ever since my first trip to Hong Kong (http://www.theaussienomad.com/travel-thoughts/my-first-overseas-trip-part-1/) I’ve been hooked. The food, the culture, just seeing how the rest of the world lives is fascinating to me. Also I’m a sucker for wanting to check out old buildings and the history of places, Australia lacks that being such a new country compared to the rest of the world.

Favourite place in your home country and why?

Nothing beats my hometown of Casterton (http://www.theaussienomad.com/travel-thoughts/casterton-my-home/) although Melbourne is a close second. Back home has the quiet country roads, the small town community and my family. Its peaceful and full of so many great memories, its hard to beat that.

Best place for tourists to visit in your country?

Everyone knows about Sydney, Melbourne, Uluru and the Gold Coast these days. I’d love to see them venture into the smaller towns of Australia. Perhaps Ballarat in Victoria to see Sovereign Hill or maybe Tamworth for the Country Music Festival.

What other country would you live in if you had to leave your country?

I think if I had to leave Australia I would want to live in Canada. for a long time I have seen the two countries as having similar values and attitudes. Not to forget everybody I have known from Canada just seem to be great down to earth people.

Best travelling experience anecdote in your own country?

Travelling with some friends up to Queensland on the plane. We flew out about 9am and had our first beer 20 min later when the seat belt sign went off. That set the tone for the rest of the week.

Favorite activity when around your city?

I actually enjoy getting out and going for a run/walk around Lake Wendouree. It’s not much of a lake with the drought now but its a great 6km walk to wind down and relax.

Do you feel you know your country well, or is more exploring of your homeland needed?

While I have travelled just about all over Australia, I’ve only just scratched the surface. An example was my visit to Tasmania that lasted just two days for work. I’d love to ride around it on a motorbike and take it all in.

Any warnings for travelers visiting in your country?

Australia is a big place. Everything is spread far and wide so be sure to factor that in when you come to visit. Don’t just think you can zip down the road to see Melbourne when you live in Sydney.

Must see movie featuring your country and Why?

I think people should watch The Castle. It’s a classic Aussie movie that I have watched many a time. It’s full of great Aussie characters and you will get more than your share of great Aussie slang.

The best book to read before visiting your country?

I’m not so up on great Australian books but my advice would be to grab a couple of good guide books (Lonely Planet etc) and go with that.

The must eat dish or delicacy of your country?

Every Australian loves a BBQ so head to the local butcher shop grab a nice big old piece of steak and find the nearest BBQ to cook it up on. We are also fairly partial to a great feed of Fish & Chips.

The top three sayings to make travellers stay in your country easier?

How you goin? – How are you today?

Mate – Friend

Barbie – BBQ

Best time of year to visit?

I would visit from December to about March so you catch the summer.

The 4 words that best describe your country:

Sun, Surf, BBQ’s & Beer

Hey hey, It’s political correctness gone mad!


Not sure if you have heard about it but there is some crazy debate going on all over the blogging world about the recent HEY HEY It’s Saturday renunion show.

See the link above. Basically, people are calling Australia racist after a skit on the show and its sent the media into a spin. Worldwide debate has sparked and Australia is baring the brunt of it.

I’m finding this all a bit silly really! I think this is yet another case of media hype, over reacting, over sensitivity and the world being overly politically correct. You want to say Australia is the most racist country in the world? Well, I’m sorry but that is completely out of line. Why is it ok for America to get up on their high horse and tell the world how to behave in regard to other races- is it not there former President who was “hunting” down members of other countries and branding them all as “terrorists”. Please don’t tell me you go to the Southern parts of America and find peace and harmony and love between all people of colour, race and nationality?


I’m not America bashing either. What I’m saying is peoples opinions vary across the world, and we need to stop jumping the gun. An entire nation cannot be labelled as racist based on a television skit by a few guys having a laugh. Take it with a grain of salt.Lighten up!


I have travelled to a fair few countries now and I have seen and heard my fair share of racism. Does that mean that I will forever think of those places and the people from it as racist? God no! It was simply opinions being expressed by them. Whether right or wrong is another story, I believe racism is wrong, but I am not going to crucify someone over it. I would simply tell them I disagree, IF I say anything at all

I was astounded when I went to South Africa at the open racism and naming of classes, castes and people. But honestly, they do not see it as racism sometimes because it simply is the way it is.


Racism is bad. We should not judge people based on their country, origin, skin colour- and for that matter other things such as lifestyle (gay/straight/single/marrried) , choice of professions… geez the list goes on.


I see that people were offended. And I think it was good of Hey hey to apologise to those offended. But I do not think that the ongoing criticism and jumping on the “racist” band wagon is acceptable.


Let’s all step back, take a little deep breath, and stop chastising people over things they say. There have been far worse things in the past and I believe this is simply blown out of proportion.


I just hope that as I continue to travel the world, I will not be labelled as racist simply because I come from a country where an issue of racism was raised…. for is this not too a form of racism???

Explorer Girls

I have stumbled across a new website due to my wonderful mentor pointing it out to me. EXPLORER GIRLS.

www.explorergirls.com is a girls only site, sorry boys. The site allows girls who love travel, adventure and meeting new people to create profiles and connect with other adventurous girls all over the world.

I was lucky enough to be in touch with the site director to talk about doing some writing for their online magazine and now I am hooked on the site! It’s so much fun! Maps of all the places you’ve been, your own bloging page, forums, emailing, PHOTOS and cool articles.

It also allows you to show whether you would house swap, meet up with girls in your city or theirs, and make travel buddies.

It’s great to have a place just for girls and focused on our keen interests!

I look forward to many more hours of blogging and connecting.  Now, just to get more girls on there for a wider network. SIGN UP LADIES!