Whoever decided to place a Ben and Jerry’s  ice cream shop on board of a cruise ship is both a genius and the devil. I LOVE Ben and Jerry’s and I can honestly say it’s one of my biggest weaknesses.


Ben and Jerry’s is located on Level 5 of the cruise ship on the main Promenade. They have seen me now 4 times and they will certainly be seeing me once or twice more before the time is over.


In Australia there are not many locations yet of Ben and Jerry’s and where they are , they are darn expensive $5.50 for 2 scoops. On the boat, it’s $3.25. I love International Waters and Tax free.


Now let’s make my dream come true mr Cruise ship- and make ben and jerrys included in our package- I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream.


This is worth getting fat for! Half baked here I come mmmmmmm.



Back in Australia 2011!!

Literally got back a week ago from 2.5 months of travelling and I’ve hit the ground running.
I went to the 2day fm rooftop party the night after I got back as I won tickets to the El sol party. Free beer
See pics:

Then I have worked at the UTS O festival- a huge uni daty and festival.

Canberra, ACT, for the  weekend working at the Royal Canberra show and handing out 30,000 pakets of Whiskers cat food.
now back in Sydney and I’m on the hunt for a job- PR and marketing job interviews thursday and friday….

but…. in the meantime….

I win an I phone 4 and the chance to visit any Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop in the world! so excited



Here are the details:

I learn more friday, so please listen up and support me as I am gonna need all my friends to be backing me!!!


More Caribbean info and news from my Holiday coming soon!



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