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GRUMBLE: Sex Clown Saves The World at Adelaide Fringe 2016

Love the work of Emma Maye aka Betty Grumble. She’s super talented and always challenging the norms! Now she’s saving the world at Adelaide Fringe 2016!

betty grumble

Meet Betty Grumble, surreal showgirl, obscene beauty queen and sex clown. She has one hour to save the world. This is your invitation to the event horizon as we go unashamedly into a burlesquing cabaret of deep disco dissent. 

An ecosexual gesture and womanly reveal GRUMBLE weaves stories of rage, desire, hope and humour among energetic eruptions of song, dance, sensation and internal organs. Part protest, part party. Are you Betty to Grumble?

Bring your grin’ cause if it wasn’t so serious she wouldn’t be laughing so hard. Love and Anger,  

xxx Grumble.

4 – 6 & 11 – 13 MAR | 11PM
$28 (CONC $25)
In Le Cascadeur, Garden of Unearthly delights.

Get your tickets here!

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Adelaide do not miss “I am not a Unicorn!” at the Fringe Festival

If anyone has seen my facebook, instagram or twitter feeds lately they will know… I love UNICORNS! So when I saw that there was a show called “I am not a Unicorn!” I was a little more than intrigued.

Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn! Well! Emma J Hawkins doesn’t, at least, she doesn’t want to be referred to as one ( between you and I, she also thinks they are quite awesome.) Emma has made an incredible festival show that I got to see at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival last year. It’s got fairytales, unicorns, laughs, poingant moments and lots of suprises in store. And now… Adelaide Fringe, it’s your turn!

Don’t miss this show – here’s a little bit more:

I Am Not A Unicorn Live-1

Come and get lost down the rabbit hole with Emma J Hawkins, where Alice is probably drunk playing cards with Goldilocks and the three bears.

I am not a Unicorn! will debut at Adelaide Fringe 2016 at The Royal Croquet Club, 9pm, 12-21 February, 2016 (excluding Monday’s.) There will be an auslan interpreted show held on the 19 February at 9pm.

I am not a Unicorn! is peppered with moments so immersive that the audience truly gets to feel what it is like to walk in a short statured person’s shoes. Experience an engaging and light hearted look at life lived at 103cm short.

IANAU Rehearsal-7

Emma is a keen supporter and advocate for fair representation of diversity in Australian performing arts specifically for artists with a disability. Although the show is often tongue in cheek and light, Emma also hopes to raise awareness for the acceptance of disabilities in the community and the perception of what is ‘normal’.

Emma J Hawkins enjoyed a magnificent debut at Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2015 with reviews including:

“Equal parts hilarious, terrifying and arousing” – Karen Pickering, Cherchez la Femme

“Emma J Hawkins steals the show…like a cartoon character brought to life” –The Advertiser

Venue: The Royal Croquet Club – The Parlour, Victoria Square [Tarntanyangga]

Date: Friday 12 – Sunday 21 February

Time: Tuesday – Sundays 9pm

Price: Adult: $28.00, Conc: $23.00, Tues/Group 6+: $20.00 atadelaidefringe.com.au

Special event: Auslan Interpreted Show, Friday 19th February

i am not a unicorn POSTER image

#DearDiary – bringing our love of diary writing to life

Have you ever written a diary? I do! Have done since I started travelling in 2006. Actually, in many ways, I consider this my diary… SHHHHHHH. Journal and diary writing is a great way to meditate, keep a record and relax. I love having book upon book filled with my personal memories and moments.

Andi Snelling is also a passionate diary keeper. She has been writing for 24 years and she has now re-discovered these diaries and has turned the catalogue of memories into a show!!! How amazing! You can see her show #DearDiary at Adelaide Fringe this season.

andi snelling #DearDiary

Unwittingly written over 24 years, #DearDiary is an existential joyride into forgotten memories. Pulled verbatim from 5,000+ pages of her lifelong diary collection, Andi Snelling’s comically tragic tale unpacks the baggage we all carry. With self-quoting satire, physical storytelling and song, Andi bares her soul and hashtags the heck out of it. P.S – Look out for your own lost diary in the #DearDiary Treasure Hunt on the streets of Adelaide. Finders Keepers! 


 “Clever and charming” – Planet Arts 

 “You’re left wanting more” – Daily Review 

“Beautifully honest and funny” – Beat 

“It’s an extraordinary show, full of heart and pathos” – Aussie Theatre 

“One of the standout solo shows of the Melbourne Fringe” – The Plus Ones 


Andi Snelling is an accomplished actor and improviser with a diverse, international career. She has been on stage her entire life, having grown up as a dancer, competing at national level. She trained at the prestigious Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and performed in Europe for 7 years, including in London’s West End and for the BBC. Upon returning to her hometown of Melbourne, she discovered an abandoned box, full of diaries never before read… until now. The result is her self-described ‘Museum of Thoughts’, which she is delighted to share with curious Adelaide audiences. 


Mon 29 Feb – Sat 5 Mar, 7.30‐8.30pm 

Media Night: Tues 1 March 

The Bakehouse Theatre (Studio) 

255 Angas Street, Adelaide 

Tix: $20 (full)/$15 (conc & groups 6+) – 

Text Box

Ticket link: https://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/deardiary/d2e413e7-fcc4-4da7-8a63-de7f6f8f63bd


Make sure to check her out and see how a diary of one’s deepest thoughts an inner secrets  plays out on stage!

Kitty Flanagan: Charming & Alarming DVD

The other night I enjoyed watching the hilarious Kitty Flanagan’s DVD “Charming & Alarming”. Mum and I sat their giggling throughout the entire DVD as Kitty keeps the laughs coming.

I’ve always liked Kitty on the project when she does her short clips and social commentary, but this can often be quite different to the artists stand up. Not in this case. She is everything you expect her to be. Sharp, witty and warm – she’s likable and laughable… if that’s a term! It’s not but I think it’s funny so I’m laughing.

Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan

My favourite part had to be where Kitty explains how Australians speak and how this is different to Americans and other parts of the world. It’s funny because it’s true! She explains perfectly how we speak out the sides of our mouths and no longer feel the need to use the letter “R”. I often try to explain how to “speak Australian” to foreigners and have now found the perfect way. Thanks Kitty.

I also loved her jokes about mummy talk and the interaction between parents and children. Children are great…. it’s just the parents! Very funny re-enactments of scenarios, imitations of children and observations that we all see but are afraid to point out. Kitty goes there and it’s hilarious!

Can’t wait to see the live show “Hello Kitty” which I missed at Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) due to it being sold out! Watch out for the Australian Tour in 2013.


If you like Comedy and want to get your hands on DVD’s like this, go to www.punchline.com.au – Australia’s Largest Comedy DVD Store

I’ve been doing so much!!! Mad March!

They don’t call it Mad March for nothing! I’ve been doing SO much and it’s only the middle of the month. I was in Adelaide for the Fringe, in the Mountains visiting the gorgeous Dinner Plain and soon to come is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Here’s some pics and some descriptions of things I’ve been doing:


–       Working at Future Music Festival in Adelaide-


Watching the Live Podcast of Eddie Ifft at the Rhino Room at Adelaide Festival


–       Enjoying the amazing Darkness and Light show, 3 nights over the week in Adelaide

Wonderful MC Richard McKenzie at Adelaide Fringe

Wonderful MC Richard McKenzie at Darkness and Light

–       Visting my darlings Naomi and sharon who I met on the Machu Picchu trek in October


–       Catching up with Shane Insane in Adelaide who I met at the snow last year


–       Checking out the beautiful Dinner Plain after the fires threatened the area for almost 4 weeks, looks amazing now


–       Dinner with wonderful friends from Perth who I haven’t seen for 12 years! Still the same

–       Worked with Mt Buller promoting the fast approaching Ski Season


–       My darling friends wedding


–       Watching the Magic of Anthony DeMasi in Revealed.


And I’m missing out on a whole bunch of other wonderful meals , friend and things to see and do that I’ve been getting up to.

You don’t have to travel to have amazing adventures. I was lucky to get to visit friends, work and see great entertainment interstate, but I also make the most of every day of living here in Melbourne.

Live your life like a traveller – wherever you are, explore, see new things, meet new people and smile every day!!

 NOTE: Since writing this I’ve done even more!!

  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival – 7 days, 3 shows a night!
  • Sri Lanka for a wedding  – elephant orphanage and more

Travel in 2013 so far

Travel is a part of my life, it’s part of my work and it’s my passion. Travel is just something I do – this is after all “The Adventures of the Traveller Em”. Incorporating travel into everything I do and living life like a traveller, that’s what I’m all about .


So 2013 is of course no exception to my travelling rule – with loads of unexpected trips and travel already occurring. Here is some of the travel that I have ticked off already.


–       Road trip to Adelaide in January for 4 days to drive a friend to visit friends and subsequently visit friends as well

Adelaide-  City of churches

Adelaide- City of churches

–       Sydney – fleeting visit and sadly for a funeral, great to be with family and friends at this time.


–       Wendouree, Ballarat for work with the CFA (Country Fire Authority) great to see darling friend Emily


–       Townsville and Magnetic Island to see my friend Matt in the Army. Also got to see my good friend Cat who was there by chance at the same time!













–       Dinner Plain – Alpine Region of Victoria for a weekend to see how it’s thriving after the threat of fires, perfect start to Autumn


–       Adelaide for the Adelaide Fringe Festival- working and a chance to catch up with friends. The best time to be in Adelaide.



Anthony Demasi - Comedian and Magician performing in Rundle Mall, Adelaide Fringe Festival

Anthony Demasi – Comedian and Magician performing in Rundle Mall, Adelaide Fringe Festival

Sydney, Sri Lanka, Melbournes Great Ocean Road, Darwin, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs and possibly more to come….. AND THAT IS BEFORE JULY!

Goodbye dear Rory

Goodbye dear Rory

The shows I saw at the Adelaide Fringe Festival

For years I’ve wanted to get to the Adelaide Fringe Festival – I’ve heard of this Mad March and how the city is taken over by the festival fun and I wanted in. Never did I imagine how much fun I would have and how many cool people I’d meet and great shows I’d see.


Since September last year, I’ve been getting more and more involved with the Comedy Industry. I’ve made wonderful friends who have introduced me to more and more great people and next thing I know I’m working with some great people doing social media and PR. So for me this was a working/holiday in the best possible meaning of the term.


I was predominantly there for Comedy and comedy I saw! I would love to get into the theatre and circus acts next year (I plan to go for minimum 2 weeks to fit everything in!) but this time was comedy. Here are the great shows I saw:


–       Darkness and Light: This is a show with an MC and 3 different comedians each night sharing their postcards from the edge. Real stories and real comedians inviting you to step into the dark side and see the light. It was wonderful. I got to 3 shows and got to see: Cath Styles, Abigoliah Schamaun, Nath Valvo, Richard McKenzie, Bart Freebairn, DeAnne Smith, Tim Whitt, Alexis Dupes, David Smiedt and Nikki Britton. Great diversity of comics!

MC Nath Valvo with Abigoliah Schamaun

MC Nath Valvo with Abigoliah Schamaun


–       David Smiedt – Smiedt, Pray, Love – I only caught the last 15 minutes of the show but after seeing David in Darkness and Light I wanted to see his solo stuff. David has great one liners, an educate wit and a class to his act. Laugh out loud stuff this one!


–       Bart Freebairn, Age of Wonder  A very special show with a treat of a comic. Bart has a magic to his comedy which makes you want to be friends with him as he invites you into his weird and wonderful world. We sat in a
pillow fort” just 5 of us, so 4 audience members, as Bart shared his tales of wonder and delight from his imagination. Whimsical, intimate and so different to the norm – this was a great show to experience.


–       Anthony DeMasi, Revealed – Anthony is a comedy magician and man is he good at what he does. A great balance of funny one liners and joke magic combined with amazing tricks you cannot believe he pulls off. Lucky to see this show as Anthony does a lot of private and corporate gigs – he also did some spots at Fringe in the Mall which was great during the day, the bunnies Brian and Sebastian might have stole the show though.


–       Eddie Ifft , Too Soon? – It was great to see one of the big acts at the comedy festival. Eddie who has a dvd that has just come out through Punchline DVD was on fire! There is a darkness to his humour but who cares when he is hilarious! Really nice guy too! Got to grab a photo and kick on to his next awesome show!


–       Eddie Ifft “Talking Shit’ Live recording of Podcast at Rhino Room: This was a special event, the first live podcast fiming outside the US for Eddie Ifft! What a treat! He had special guests Mickey D and Chris Franklin on the first show which was great Aussie humour and some fun stories from the guys. The second show lasted close to 2 hours, with 5 guests including my friend Milan from Punchline DVD, Imaan, Sammy Longfellow from Puppetry of the Penis, Mickey D, Youtube sensation Alex Williamson. They all did a Tim Tam slam (drink vodka through a Tim Tam) on stage and even I joined in….being the only girl to go up on stage- argh! Live podcast to be heard here!



What a wonderful week, and I only cracked the surface of the 100’s of acts and shows that were on at the Adelaide Fringe Festival!

Watch for more posts to come as I will review each show I saw!

Darkness and Light

I’m thrilled to be going to Adelaide next week to attend the Adelaide Fringe Festival and to be attending this show, Darkness and Light.


Depression and anxiety are often taboo subjects in our society but this Comedy Show is bringing light to the topic through a range of hilarious and talented comedians sharing their stories.


If in Adelaide over the next week, this is a must see!

darkness and light image

Darkness and Light at the Adelaide Fringe



Adelaide, South Australia: Making its debut at the Adelaide Fringe Festival this year, Darkness and Light is a show for those who like their comedy a little on the real side.

Darkness and Light will run at The Tuxedo Cat from March 10  To March 17th (excluding Wednesday 13th ) at 11pm each night.


Darkness and Light brings together a fusion of funny people using a combination of stand-up, and stunning storytelling, to uncover the comedy gold that lurks beneath some of their darkest days. This is not about making light of a serious issue, it’s to demonstrate how darkness and light can co-exist in our lives and we can persevere.


Anyone who’s ever experienced bullying, mental illness, racism, coming out, grief, chronic illness, substance misuse, a broken heart, or just a really bad day will find they’re not the only ones, as some of the Fringe Festival’s top comics (and some very special international guests) share their very personal postcards from the edge.


Often confronting, but always funny, the Darkness and Light line-up changes every night, and features a stellar selection of comics at the top of their game, including:


DeAnne Smith, Cath Styles, Richard McKenzie, Jon Bennett, Michael Bowley, Toby Halligan, Lori Bell, Alexis Dubus, Simon Taylor, Morven Smith, Ben McKenzie, Mark Trenwith, Nikki Britton, Nath Valvo, Abigoliah Schamaun, Juliet Meyers, Bryan Lynagh, Tim Whitt, and many more.


*Check Fringe website for nightly line-up.


We invite you to step into the dark side, and see the light!


“Darkness and Light was an important and deeply satisfying evening. I came away feeling uplifted. I strongly suggest people go and support this show. It needs to be performed again and again: opening people’s minds, opening people’s hearts.” Glass Wings



Venue: The Tuxedo Cat

Dates:  10 March -17 March (no show Wednesday 13th March)

Tickets: The prices are Adult $24, Concession $18, Fringe Benefits $18, and Group $18.

Times: 11pm

Bookings: GiggleTix.com and at the door



Cath Styles, Producer, Laughing Girl Productions

PHONE: 03 54395990 M: 0439 359 545

Email: cathstyles42@gmail.com

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