The Art of The Brick! Loved the DC Comics Lego Exhibition at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum

Lego is incredible. You can build whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s a childs paradise of creativity. Often one for adults too. As a kid I remember attending a lego exhibition with some of the sculptures and builds even moving, I’ve never forgotten it. When I saw that The Art of the Brick: DC Comics Lego Exhibition was coming to Sydney, I had to go! It did not disappoint!


Now, this exhibition was meant to close in May! This article was meant to be written when I saw the Lego exhibition back on January 17th… 2016!!!!!! a tad overdue!! But! The wonderful people at the Powerhouse Museum have extended the exhibition to June 13th, 2016! Don’t miss out Sydney.

There’s not really too much I can say about this exhibition apart from the fact it was AWESOME! So I’ll add some comments to some of the pictures here and there and some captions throughout. Really, the artworks speak for themselves!


So remember, head on over to the Powerhouse Museum and get into this exhibition before June 13th!

SeaLife Sydney Aquarium visit with some out of town friends

When my friends told me they were heading to Sydney with their kids for a few days, I jumped at the chance to catch up with them and do something fun. Because I am the biggest kid of all, there was a wide selection of things I could offer them. However, my boyfriend works at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and this now is one of my top choices for visitors. They loved the idea and off we went.

It was New Years Day, so probably not my best choice of day to do activities but we had a leisurely meeting time of 11am, so not too horrendous. It was actually quite lovely being down at Darling Harbour on a day like that. Most people were still in bed and I felt I had the city to myself. The sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot and I was by the water, perfection.

Meeting up with my friends and their lovely children after more than a year was really lovely. To my surprise, apart from Grandad, noone had been to this aquarium, so something new. I’m also a big fan of educational fun – the animals in the aquarium are pretty but there are lots of things the kids can learn about our environment and I enjoy sharing that with them.

 Bumping into my scuba diving boyfriend in the aquarium is also lovely and he takes some time to show me and my friends some of the exhibits with his insider marine biologist knowledge. My usual comments in response to his excellent knowledge, “that one is pretty”. He’s probably pretty happy that under water when we dive together I’m unable to give my commentary of what we see “That’s pretty, oooohh purple, I like that one, FISHES!!!”

We had fun comparing our height to the length of a shark to see how easily we would eaten. We admired the new dinosaur exhibit, seeing marine life from the Jurassic period, and the boys liked playing the simulation game with a shark on the screen. We did “OH NO” faces in the shark walk, trying to strategically get a shark into the photo. Saying hellp to the playful dugongs is always fun, and of course we had to visit the touch pool, and touch EVERYTHING!

It was so lovely watching the whole family, all ages from children to grandchildren, enjoying the various exhibits. I’ve been a few times in the last year and I’ve really enjoyed experiencing it through different peoples eyes. It gives a new perspective and makes it a new and exciting experience each time. Plus, the last exhibit at the aquarium, a wall to wall viewing area is worth the visit. It’s the most tranquil and relaxing spot just watching these magnificent creatures float around.

So many beautiful fish, and a message of conservation and education people about protecting our environment.

Make Sydney Sea Life Aquarium one to visit next time you’re in town.


More comedy! More! This is what I want. Jekyll and James are the ones to present it with their show CACTUS BLACTUS. Opening tonight at Sydney Comedy Festival and I have been waiting FOREVER to get to see them in their very own show.

I’ve known the Jekyll part of this duo for many years and have always found him to be extremely funny in person, I’ve missed shows in Sydney and Melbourne and each time kicked myself when they have received rave reviews. Now it’s time! This Wednesday I shall have the laughs.

Tickets available at the Sydney Comedy Festival website.


Learn more about the show here:



Jared Jekyll and Cameron James are ready to wrap a lasso around the Sydney Comedy Festival once again after a fruitful season of their debut show “Paradise” in 2014 and this time it’s on like CACTUS BLASTUS! Expect more beatboxing, more loud guitars, and more insane characters all set in the weird world of the Wild Wild West! You’ll have the chance to catch the duo from Tuesday 12 May to Saturday 16 May at The Enmore Theatre.
Two infamous bandits will ride through a dream desert, robbing trains and the contents of your brains, in this all new high-octane Psychedelic-Western-Musical-Comedy shootout!

If you’re sucker for anything that is guaranteed to make you cool – the envy of all your friends – trust us, you’ll wanna be at this show. The Sydney duo are one of the festival’s hidden gems that you need to find out about!

After once again selling out at Perth Fringeworld (2014 & 2015) as well as being nominated for a best comedy award for Cactus Blastus Sydney’s musical sketch double act Jekyll x James (as heard on Triple J and seen on The Comedy Channel) are back with more beatboxing, more psychedelic guitars, more insane characters, more stupidity all in the weird world of the wild west!

Grab your folks, your children, your future husbands, wives, little regrets and band together to #CACTUSBLASTUS till we break the internet.


“Cactus Blastus is an explosion of joyful chaos.” OUT IN PERTH


“They’ll no doubt be Australia’s next favourite comedy duo” – WEEKEND NOTES

One of the funniest theatre/comedy fusions you could hope to see this year

What:                       Cactus Blastus

Venue:            The Enmore Theatre (The Loft)

118-132 Enmore Road, Newtown, Sydney

Date:                     Tuesday 12th May – Saturday 16th May, 2015 @ 8.15pm


Cost:                        $18.00 – $22.00

More info:

Dr Professor Neal Portenza

Very excited to see the new show from the hilarious and crazy Dr Professor Neal Portenza in Sydney tonight. A show where you never know what to expect! The show is called,



I’m very curious to see what antics he has in store this time…. eek! Always fun, always silly and very very entertaining.

WINNER: Best Comedy, 2012 Melbourne Fringe.

SOLD OUT: Edinburgh Fringe 2013, PerthFringeWorld 2014, Adelaide Fringe 2014.

NOMINEE: Golden Gibbo 2011 MICF.

There’s simply nothing like a Neal Portenza show. A glorious, chaotic, deceptively clever hour of inspired stupidity.




Q: You like Shaun Micallef, Sam Simmons & The Mighty Boosh?

A: You’ll (possibly) also love Dr. Professor Neal Portenza? (Comedy is subjective though).

Q: Will there be a real autopsy?

A: No, probably not; it’s just a title, don’t take it too seriously.

Q: How come it says ‘One Night Only’ but there’s more than one night?

A: I thought the title was funny at the time.

Q: Is it safe for kids/families?

A: Sort of…if you don’t mind some swearing and are a ‘cool’ parent, the kids will have fun.

Q: So it’s stand-up comedy?

A: No.

Q: Sketch comedy?

A: No.

Q: Character comedy.

A: Sort of.

Q: What is it then?

A: It’s a symbiotic experience of reciprocal engag… ah, it’s just fun. Really, really fun, and very, wickedly funny.

A cult hit in the making.” * * * * *- Edinburgh Spotlight, Aug 2014

“I witnessed the crowd itself getting funnier. That’s how good the good doctor is.”* * * * ½ – Sydney Morning Herald, Sep 2014

“His show is a dog’s breakfast … if you served your dog 100% organic, free-range, grass-fed, champagne-encrusted comedy truffles, dipped in a zesty ‘Help Me My Face Hurts I Can’t Stop Laughing’ sauce.” * * * * ½ –Beat, Apr 2014

“Portenza created a riot.” * * * * ½ – RipItUp, Mar 2014

Venue, Date & Time

The Enmore Theatre

Thu 7th May 2015 – 9:30 pm

Fri 8th May 2015 – 9:30 pm

Sat 9th May 2015 – 9:30 pm

Sun 10th May 2015 – 8:30 pm

Show Duration


Ticket Price Range

$21.00 – $24.00

Recommended For

Ages 15+

The Heckler – Comedy film, Sydney Premier

So looking forward to seeing this comedy film tonight at it’s Sydney premier in Newtown tonight, The Heckler. A comedy movie for… comedy! I’m really excited to see my friend CJ Fortuna in this movie and some other familiar faces. Read more details for tonight’s special event and the movie below.

the heckler

Sydney Premiere of Award winning comedy announced.

After a sold-out Melbourne run and success at the LA Comedy Festival, where it won the ‘Best Ensemble’ award, comes the Sydney Premiere of new body-swap film ‘THE HECKLER’.

It marks the feature film debuts of local talents Kate Jenkinson (‘Hiding’, Offspring’, ‘Super Fun Night’), Emily Taheny (‘Mad as Hell’, ‘It’s a Date’, ‘Comedy Inc’) and Simon Mallory (‘Comedy Inc’) and also stars CJ Fortuna (‘Kinne’), Scott Harrison (‘Charlie & Boots’, ‘The Hollowmen’) and Dave Lawson (‘Utopia’) along with a host of comedy performers including Tony Martin and Jeff Green.

the comics lounge

Shot on location in Melbourne, THE HECKLER is about a stand-up comedian who has his body hijacked by the spirit of a jealous heckler and must find a way to reclaim it before his career is ruined now that an idiot is in charge.

It marks the feature debut of director Ben Plazzer, after a string of shorts (including Noddy, winner of the 2015 Peninsula Film Festival), and writer Steve Mitchell (The Unusual Suspects, Tropfest 2012).

Described by Hollywood comedy guru Steve Kaplan (author of ‘The Hidden Tools of Comedy’) as A delightfully charming comedy… wonderfully witty! For once an LOL that is really an LOL!” – The LA Comedy Festival is the largest comedy festival in the United States and the filmmakers decided to follow-up the win in LA by hosting event screenings with live stand-up at the main Australian Comedy Festivals: Adelaide, Melbourne and now Sydney.

heckler 2

Co-producer Katrina Fleming (CANOPY) said, “Launching the film through comedy festivals, instead of film festivals, will not only appeal to its target audience, but adds to the experience of watching a film about stand-up comedians.”

The Adelaide and Melbourne screenings sold-out and received four-star reviews. “A mix between King Of Comedy and Freaky Friday, The Heckler is an entertaining film… full of laughs.” – Elizabeth Harnett, The Clothesline.
Venue: Dendy Newtown

Date: Wednesday 6th May

Tickets: $19.50 ($17 Conc)

Time: 7:00pm