Meeting Inspirational people on Public Transport

One day in Melbourne I was catching a tram as I did perhaps 3 or 4 times a week to get into the city. You sit down, play on your phone, talk to your friend or generally go about your own business. Occasionally someone sits near you and smiles or says something. This day, Trevor Brown sat down with me and my friend and started chatting with us. Little did I know that this would form a digital friendship and I would be eager to learn more and more about his story.

In our brief 10 minute ride, Trevor told us that he had been homeless. He was so open and honest about it. He was also very proud to tell us that he was now a published writer and handed me his business card. As a fellow writer, this was something I was certainly interested to learn. From appearances, you would never know that he had once lived below the line and had struggled to re-build. Now, he wants to share his story and help others. 


The lease I can do is share his story here. These are the words of Trevor Brown:

“Just a brief information about my history..


I was homeless living inside my small van for six years from 2008 to 2013, with five of those years basically on the streets of Melbourne. During my first year up in the bush area of North East Victoria I battled against depression and nearly stepped of the planet, I just wasn’t happy….during what I call my darkness zone a story was sparked and run through my head and I started writing it. At the time I didn’t rate my writing…. That’s my first book I’m still writing only a few thousand words to go and why I thought about becoming a writer….


Last year 2013, I headed back to school to do my VCE (Year12) course and about this time of the year the editor of the “Big Issue” magazine advised that he wanted to publish my article about my time on the streets, this become my first article, the first page of my folio.


Now I have had 4 article published in the Big Issue, a couple of other articles published in other magazines and a couple of weeks ago was broadcast on the Big Idea program on ABC National radio talking about “Social Inclusion in learning” 



Anyway I finished another article yesterday about a homeless guy who was murdered and how many people came together to remember him last week in the city the editor has already responded that he likes my article….
Trevor Brown Article

Trevor Brown Article


I may be again on the radio in a couple of months….2014 is starting to shape up nicely and remember this time last year I was still in my van on the streets….Now I don’t even have my van…or anything parked in the driveway.


Anyway that’s just a bit of info…As for my art, I use it drawings and painting to have somewhere else to throw my creativeness and it helps me write…Over Christmas I also did some street art in the middle of Melbourne…


Anyway Not sure if this is the type of info you wanted, but that’s my part my story anyway….


I’m only starting out but as I said when my first article was published, “Everyone who has ever gotten anywhere started with ‘one thing’ and this may just be my ‘one thing”…time will tell.”
Thank you for your story Trevor, and I think this quote is for you!
inspiration people




Ringing in the New Year at Eureka Tower in Melbourne

This year I’ll be ringing in the New Year on top of Melbourne, literally! We will be sipping on champagne at the 89th floor of the Eureka Tower, Australia’s tallest tower and event space.

eureka nye

The incredible thing about NYE here is that we will have the most unique view of the fireworks in the city…… From above them. There are 6 firework sites around Melbourne and with a bit of luck, we should be able to see them all.

View from Eureka

View from Eureka

I shall be attending this shindig with my dear friend Kenny who will be visiting from Darwin where he is in the Australian Army. As soon as I mentioned this event to him he was in and was hounding for when we could book tickets. We’ve taken the Gold Package because we feel, if you’re going to do it, do it WELL!


This will be my 4th visit to the Eureka Tower and I’m sure it will be as wonderful all the other times but maybe just a tad more exciting. It will be an extra special day for me as I arrive back from 6 weeks of holidays in Europe at 9.30am that morning. A nap may be in order before I put on my party dress and welcome in 2014!


For tickets and reservations visit

City 2 Sea Melbourne 2013

It’s always fun to run around Melbourne on a beautiful Spring day!! And Sunday 17th September was perfect for the City 2 Sea race, 14km run.

IMG_5046 1

I have done this race before in 2011 and I did the City 2 Surf in Sydney 4 times – so I knew what to expect and I knew I wasn’t ready. Perhaps training 2 months out instead of 2 weeks out would have been better. But still, it’s a fun run and I did indeed have fun!

Exhausted at the end

Exhausted at the end


We started off near the National Gallery of Victoria off St Kilda Rd – And it was packed. More than 13,000 people there and everyone with nervous energy. Lizzie and I were excited and a bit scared to get going but so happy with this weather.

IMG_5009 1IMG_5016

I tracked my progress along the way taking photos at the 4km mark, 6km mark, and 10km mark … perhaps this did slow me down. Especially the 4km mark when I stopped with these two ladies to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Why? Because Westpac was donating $50 for every person who stopped and sang! How amazing! As if we wouldn’t stop!


It’s always a great achievement to compete in one of these races and although I wasn’t quite as fit as I’d like to be, I did laugh and smile and have some lovely moments throughout the race. Especially when I saw my event manager friend Boydy at the 7km mark and get a big hug and chat from this incredible girl who had done such an amazing job working on this event.


Motivation as we run form Adidas

Motivation as we run form Adidas


Another great thing about competing in an event such as this is being invited to attend the VIP City 2 Sea After Party. I will run a 14km race every week if it means finishing up with a couple of ciders and some beautiful gourmet food! Lying in the sun, relaxing with my friend on a Sunday having achieved so much so early in the day. Oh and then to finish with a massage!!


City 2 sea – Hope to see you next year!


Finish 14km success

Finish 14km success


Night Noodle Markets Melbourne 2013

Night Noodle Market has been mentioned a number of times on this blog – but this time for a different location, Melbourne. The famous Sydney food event as part of Good Food Month is now offering Melbournians the experience of this festival.


Set up in Alexandra Gardens just off the hub of the city- the Yarra River, Federation Square and Flinders Street Station, the Night Noodle Market is easily spotted by commuters as they hop off trams and head for trains. It’s a beautiful sight in the early evening seeing lots of people flocking into these beautiful gardens to enjoy a wide variety of flavours and foods.


Lights through the trees, Asian style decorations, bar areas decked out like the Oktoberfest marquees and food stalls as far as the eye can see. I was lucky to attend on the second night of the festival and it was pumping. The opening night had attracted 25,000 people and actually temporary close the doors to manage the flocks of people.


Night two was perfect with a warm atmosphere of light and relaxed people tasting amazing food from all around Melbourne. Queues were long and you did have to wait but it honestly didn’t take too long, and if you’re up for trying anything, just jump in the shortest queue. You can also stick around til late and grab some last minute goodies – like the delicious Indian street food of chaat from Autorickshaw. 


I was here with my visiting friend Boydy and we managed to meet up with another few of her friend and make a real night of it. Sharing food, having a few G + T’s from Tanqueray and laughing amongst the colourful lights in this festive area.


The festival is running as part of Good Food Month so make sure to get some friends, grab a picnic blanket and enjoy the incredible Summer atmosphere with some tasty eats.


Night Noodle Markets

November 18-30, 2013

Mon-Tue: 5-9pm; Wed: 5-10pm; Thu:-Fri 5-11pm; Sat:4-10pm; Sun: 4-9pm
Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne


Bastille Day in Melbourne with Eureka 89 Events


Another year and another Bastille Day fast approaches. The french National holiday provides us with an excuse to enjoy delicious french foods and incredible wines. Why not do it at the Eureka Tower where the team from the Eureka 89 events consistently put on wonderful food and drink?

This is the best way to celebrate Bastille Day in Melbourne and say Salute (cheers) to our French Friends across the foreign seas!



Eureka 89 & Laurent-Perrier welcome you to celebrate Bastille Day with a French inspired champagne brunch at the top floor of Eureka Tower.

Enjoy a morning of fine food, champagne and glorious views, all from the highest vantage point in Melbourne!

Indulge in a two course French brunch complimented by Laurent-Perrier champagne.

Sunday, 14th July 2013
10am – 11:30am
$65 per person

Download the flyer here.

Make your booking for this Fabulous French Feast by contacting the Eureka 89 Events Team –


Journeys Storytelling – Felix Bar, St Kilda, Thursday 13th June 2013

A brand new, free storytelling show in the heart of St Kilda!

8pm @ FELIX BAR (11 Fitzroy St, St Kilda). Thursday 13th June theme is “JOURNEYS”.


cock and bull poster

Come along and hear some of Melbourne’s and the world’s best storytellers tell their best stories based on a different theme on the second Thursday of every month.

Telling stories will be:
Jonathan Schuster
Claire Sullivan
Arielle Conversi
Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall
Rose Callaghan
Sean Bedlam
Stuart Daulman
Briggsly Edwards
Mathew Walkerden

Hosted by Martin Dunlop

This is an incredible night of entertaining storytelling, held fortnightly in St Kilda at the Felix Bar.


If you love storytelling, you should also download the Cock and Bull Podcast from Itunes.

Camping in Style: A complete guide to comfortable camping.

front cover

Recently I met the lovely Angela Armstrong, Author of Camping in Style, at  the Melbourne Writers Club at the Honey Bar in South Melbourne. These are often inspiring evenings where I get to connect with other writers. Angela has written this wonderful book with her husband Stephen to bridge the gap between first time campers who like a little style with those hardcore outdoors types. It’s a fun and interesting guide to camping.

Camping in Style: A complete guide to comfortable camping.

Camping in Style delivers everything you need to travel, shelter, furnish, cook, sleep and live in style when accommodating outdoors. Discover four styles – Starting Out, Continental Breakfast, Outdoor Kitchen and Totally Wild – for fun and easy camping holidays no matter what your level of experience.

_DSC0859 - Version 5

Authors Angela Armstrong and Stephen Rado present camping in a way never been seen before.  Stephen, king of the outdoor castle, six-time Antarctic expeditioner, UN contractor and lifetime camper delivers the technical content while Angela, city girl and queen bee of creature comforts shows how camping can be enjoyed by even the most discerning travellers.

Find out more here:






Press Release here:

Camping InStyle Media Release