World Tour Travel Planning … how to … or how not to!

Travel planning can be tricky especially when it’s for an extended period of time. There are so many options of places to go, things to do and people to see, it can often be overwhelming.

I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to the travel planning question. My strategy is not well thought out or structured and I don’t use any programs or fancy apps. I did want to share however some of my rough plans from my last year’s Lovelly World Tour 2014. I managed to squeeze in a thing or two…

Central Park, NYC

Central Park, NYC

USA travel plans (Written April 2014 on Iphone Notes App.)

May 5-11 Toronto

May 11 -14 – Hallifax

May 14- 19 – Indiannapolis

May 19-24 – Roscoe, Illinois

May 25- 31 – NYC!!!

June 1 – June 6 – Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

June 6 – 10 – San diego? San Fran ?

June 10 – June 15 – MEXICO

June 15 -17 –LAX

June 17 – June 24 – Hawaii

June 24 – LAX ….POSS back to Chicago or somewhere with Cuzzie?

June 29 – Fort Lauderdale

June 30 – July 6 – Bimini, Bahamas

July 7 – 10 – Illinois to see Cuzzie before I go

July 11 – go to Washington DC for 3 days or so?

July 14- Back to Europe

34 days in Europe… To be continued.


It didn’t work out exactly like this when I did 4 months overseas in from April- August 2014, but I got pretty close. It was fairly hectic and I think the major thing I would change would be to drop a destination or two to give me more time to travel. I had such short timeframes it meant I spent a lot of money on flights. When I did take the bus or get a ride, it really saved the pennys in the piggy bank.

My amazing Cuzzy Bill in Roscoe, Illinois

My amazing Cuzzy Bill in Roscoe, Illinois

Lesson learnt: When planning a big tour or trip, give yourself a few days buffer between locations for changes in plans and for more flexibility in your travel plans. Also, perhaps for a little more relaxation.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

London Instagram Summary – April/May 2014

London is a second home for me and I always love going to visit my friends and family here. It’s funny to feel so at home, so far from where you live. This is a collection of the photos from my time there and the moments that stoof out in the 6 days I was in these parts.

What to do when reunited with your beautiful girly Cuzzies? Make silly faces on Sunday!! Xx #worldtour2014


So it begins! Training walk for #everestbasecamptrek2015 in #ashdownforesttoday! 15km over 3 hours through #englishcountryside beautiful!!#worldtour2014#london visit is not complete without stopping by the #crownjewel of #England, the #toweroflondon. The history!!! #worldtour2014


Incredible day out in #London with Mumma! Also catching up with friends around town #worldtour2014


So lovely to have a girls night at a yummy Indian restaurant with my mummy, aunty and cuzzie @georgiiearle #family #england #worldtour2014


Beautiful spring day! Thought my #travelling should get on board. #bumblebeesuitcase! Yes please!! #cute #rtwsoon #worldtour2014


The perfect #london day! Walking on #hampsteadheath #worldtour2014


Happy birthday to my darling friend @larni_h I miss you terribly but love seeing you happy in #london xx

larni and emma

Last meal in #london! It’s gotta be a classic #fishandchips and glass of cider.#lovellyworldtour2014