5 things to know when starting your own business

I’ve been running my own business now for almost 5 years. In various capacities, shapes and forms this business has grown and developed to what it is today. I’ve not ever worked officially a full time job and this is what I do – Run my business.

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I’ve learnt a thing or two along the way – sometimes the hard way and sometime through the kind guidance of others but this is what I would like to share with you.

The 5 thing that are good to know when you are thinking of starting your own business.

  1. Just do it! If you have a dream, an idea or a plan… the first step is starting. The rest just happens in time. You have to just start!
  2. Communication is everything. The way you communicate with people on all forms of media needs to be timely but also personable. Discussing issues early, talking about your expectations and generally having a dialogue with people you work with is so important. Communication will help in building relationships. I thought it so important I included it in the business name!
  3. Patience is a virtue.
  4. Shameless self promotion is a must! I know it can seem as though your big noting yourself but honestly, if you aren’t even able to talk about you, who will!
  5. Celebrate the little wins. When you work on your own business, it can feel like a constant uphill battle. Stop sometimes, acknowledge what you’ve achieved and celebrate when you do something well. Set up a Facebook page – have a glass of champagne. Get your business cards printed-  buy a cupcake. Land your first client – get a manicure! Whatever it is, enjoy the business rollercoaster!

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Written by Lovelly Communciations Director, Emma Lovell.
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Supporting my Everest Base Camp Trek and promoting Healthy Living

Big thank you to Shawana Dillard Reisner of #LightenUpWithShawana who is helping me with my #Everestbasecamptrek2015 fundraising!

She’ll be promoting my cause and donating funds from her programs to the fundraising page. What a lovely idea, pay it forward. You can learn more about the trek and my fundraising here:

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Here is what Shawana has to share:

Life is full of beauty and everyday heroes. I was extremely inspired by Emma’s goal to climb Mount Everest, but I was even more impressed and touched by her efforts to help the communities of Nepal through her number one Charity World Vision Australia! Emma is using Focus T25 and P90X as part of her training to climb Mount Everest.

Because I love to pay it forward and help others through health and fitness I have decided to donate $10.00 for anyone who gets started on their fitness journey through me by purchasing a challenge pack. A challenge pack includes a workout program and 30 days’ supply of dense superfood all natural nutrition, a workout calendar, me as your personal coach, and 30 days to our website for free for extra fit tips and food ideas.

Shawana Dillard is Inspiring

Shawana Dillard is Inspiring


I will personally help you find the RIGHT workout program for your specific goals, help get you started on your journey, and help you reach your goals. You do not have to live locally, or be on social media, but it would be best if you have Facebook so you can partake (if you like) in one of my fun accountability groups for extra support, motivation, and fun. The groups help keep you going along your fitness journey. As your coach I will be there for YOU every step of the way.

If you want to get started on your fitness journey and pay it forward at the same time. You can contact me on:

Facebook at facebook.com/shawana.dillardreisner 

Email at: shawanadillard05@gmail.com
Website: www.lightenupwithshawana.com 

Huge thank you to Shawana for all her support thus far and really, I can highly recommend these amazing products! I’m getting fit and strong and can’t wait to take on Everest! 

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I’m climbing to Mt Everest Base Camp on March 7, 2015. Sponsor me and support the work of World Vision Australia. https://everest2015.everydayhero.com/au/emma-takes-on-the-best-trek-everest. You can follow our adventure on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hash tag #everestbasecamptrek2015 and by following @inspiredadvntrs – www.inspiredadventures.com.au. Thank you for your support!!


For more photos of my adventures, please do follow me on instagram @Lovellyem and follow my Twitter account @ Lovellyinc.

Meeting Inspirational people on Public Transport

One day in Melbourne I was catching a tram as I did perhaps 3 or 4 times a week to get into the city. You sit down, play on your phone, talk to your friend or generally go about your own business. Occasionally someone sits near you and smiles or says something. This day, Trevor Brown sat down with me and my friend and started chatting with us. Little did I know that this would form a digital friendship and I would be eager to learn more and more about his story.

In our brief 10 minute ride, Trevor told us that he had been homeless. He was so open and honest about it. He was also very proud to tell us that he was now a published writer and handed me his business card. As a fellow writer, this was something I was certainly interested to learn. From appearances, you would never know that he had once lived below the line and had struggled to re-build. Now, he wants to share his story and help others. 


The lease I can do is share his story here. These are the words of Trevor Brown:

“Just a brief information about my history..


I was homeless living inside my small van for six years from 2008 to 2013, with five of those years basically on the streets of Melbourne. During my first year up in the bush area of North East Victoria I battled against depression and nearly stepped of the planet, I just wasn’t happy….during what I call my darkness zone a story was sparked and run through my head and I started writing it. At the time I didn’t rate my writing…. That’s my first book I’m still writing only a few thousand words to go and why I thought about becoming a writer….


Last year 2013, I headed back to school to do my VCE (Year12) course and about this time of the year the editor of the “Big Issue” magazine advised that he wanted to publish my article about my time on the streets, this become my first article, the first page of my folio.


Now I have had 4 article published in the Big Issue, a couple of other articles published in other magazines and a couple of weeks ago was broadcast on the Big Idea program on ABC National radio talking about “Social Inclusion in learning” 



Anyway I finished another article yesterday about a homeless guy who was murdered and how many people came together to remember him last week in the city the editor has already responded that he likes my article….
Trevor Brown Article

Trevor Brown Article


I may be again on the radio in a couple of months….2014 is starting to shape up nicely and remember this time last year I was still in my van on the streets….Now I don’t even have my van…or anything parked in the driveway.


Anyway that’s just a bit of info…As for my art, I use it drawings and painting to have somewhere else to throw my creativeness and it helps me write…Over Christmas I also did some street art in the middle of Melbourne…


Anyway Not sure if this is the type of info you wanted, but that’s my part my story anyway….


I’m only starting out but as I said when my first article was published, “Everyone who has ever gotten anywhere started with ‘one thing’ and this may just be my ‘one thing”…time will tell.”
Thank you for your story Trevor, and I think this quote is for you!
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Must Read NEW BOOK – Conversations with Mediums

It’s so incredible to me when people I know take on great challenges and succeed! Most recently, my friend has written an amazing book!

“Conversations With Mediums” is the new book from bestselling author Scott Podmore that has everyone thinking, talking … and believing.


What happens when we die? Are loved ones and friends still around us after they pass? How do babies represent as souls? What about our pets—do they wait for us on the “other side”? The world of mediumship has polarized people throughout history, and whether you believe or not, science is taking notice and setting about investigating all possibilities.


Bestselling author Scott Podmore returns after a two-year project in which he interviewed more than 30 mediums all over the planet from differing socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures. In this book, he selects 12 of the “conversations” that took place, and all have a similar line of topics in his aim to find threads of consistency—or inconsistencies. Coming from a standpoint of giving these mediums the benefit of the doubt, he provides a forum to discuss their abilities that cover areas including spirituality, psychic predictions, physical mediumship, electronic voice phenomena, trance, and more.


Famous names include globally renowned mediums John Edward, James Van Praagh, Lisa Williams, The Psychic Twins of New York, and Tony Stockwell. Podmore delves deep into the world of spiritual mediumship with probing yet respectful questions in a mission to discover how it all works. He encounters many surprises along the way that may even change your own belief systems, help you understand your own adversities, find emotional healing, or enrich your life with new meaning and hope.


CONVERSATIONS WITH MEDIUMS (RRP $29.95, Balboa Press/Hay House)

Available in book stores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and signed copies from Conversations With Mediums’ official website http://www.conversationswithmediums.com + Follow Facebook for updates at http://www.facebook.com/conversationswithmediums

Scott Podmore



Scott Podmore is a bestselling author, and seasoned travel, food and music writer who owns and runs the company he founded in 2007, October Grey Media, in Australia. He’s a regular reviewer for Elite Traveler Asia magazine, Escape magazine (Australia’s biggest travel publication), various newspapers, online portals and magazines throughout the world, and regularly blogs and produces videos during his travels. When he’s not roaming the globe, he’s chilling out down south (quite literally) in the state of Victoria, in Australia, with his wife Kerry and two “Podlets”, Billy and Lou, in Warrandyte where he is editor of the monthly community newspaper, the Warrandyte Diary. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @scottpodmore

Camping in Style: A complete guide to comfortable camping.

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Recently I met the lovely Angela Armstrong, Author of Camping in Style, at  the Melbourne Writers Club at the Honey Bar in South Melbourne. These are often inspiring evenings where I get to connect with other writers. Angela has written this wonderful book with her husband Stephen to bridge the gap between first time campers who like a little style with those hardcore outdoors types. It’s a fun and interesting guide to camping.

Camping in Style: A complete guide to comfortable camping.

Camping in Style delivers everything you need to travel, shelter, furnish, cook, sleep and live in style when accommodating outdoors. Discover four styles – Starting Out, Continental Breakfast, Outdoor Kitchen and Totally Wild – for fun and easy camping holidays no matter what your level of experience.

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Authors Angela Armstrong and Stephen Rado present camping in a way never been seen before.  Stephen, king of the outdoor castle, six-time Antarctic expeditioner, UN contractor and lifetime camper delivers the technical content while Angela, city girl and queen bee of creature comforts shows how camping can be enjoyed by even the most discerning travellers.

Find out more here:











Press Release here:

Camping InStyle Media Release

Avirate Fashion launch their Australian website

Very excited to share the news that my friend in Sri Lanka’s beautiful fashion label, Avirate, is now available on an Australian website. Read more directly from the team at Avirate.


The high-street fashion label Avirate will be joining a large and diverse portal of online retailers in Australia effective as of 22 May 2013 with their brand new Australia website. With Australian buyers and businesses having embraced almost every online retail opportunity and Avirate increasingly focusing on a ‘click-and-mortar’ type business model, the brand deems important presence and growth in the attractive online retail market.

Avirate will be able to offer a unique blend of Asian and Western inspired fashion trends to a multiethnic society that is far removed from the archetypal dress for the Australian woman.




A hallmark of the world’s most successful online retailers is the way they continually innovate to meet customer demands, and in 2013 particularly, the brand has made a notable effort to increase its digital footprint involving web-based interaction while simultaneously offering a more personalized service, as evident in the newly re-launched Sri Lankan website.


With these efforts, Avirate hopes to be in the wardrobe of every Australian woman via quick and easy ‘clicks’ while enabling the brand to achieve one of their key goals for this year; sustainable growth.

Visit www.aviratefashion.com.au for these wonderful fashions today!

I loved visiting the beautiful flagship store in Sri Lanka and hope you equally enjoy these fashions!

Beautiful Paintings – Bringing Art to Life

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that someone would say to me “Let me paint you!”

But very recently the darling girl, Natalie Britten, offered to do just that.

She has painted this beautiful work from a photo of me, my dad’s favourite, and turned it into art. I can’t believe it’s me. Nat is so talented and really breathed life into the image and the painting – It has a true feeling.

Life imitating art

Life imitating art

For commissions from your favourite photos or of a loved one, contact Nat Britten:



Nat is talented and produces many other artworks including these pieces that she is selling, so snap them up quick!


My portrait!

My portrait!

The Sneeze”


and ‘The Yawn”