Some positivity to motivate and encourage. 

It’s been too long!! I’ve not posted on this blog for a while and I miss it. I’m lying in bed and hoping to do some reading for relaxation before catching some sleep and then doing it all over again.

With little time to write, I thought I would share some motivation and encouragement through quotes that have helped me recently. It’s a busy but exciting time for my business Lovelly Communications. It’s easy to work non stop without taking a minute to rest. But that’s no way to live.

These few quotes have given me that little push when I needed it to keep on going and have the drive to succeed. 

What helps you in the tougher times to keep motivated towards your goals?

Okay, one more! 
Tough times never last, tough people do.

~ Robert Schuller 

About Lovelly

I'm a true traveller. Even when I'm home, I'm travelling at heart. I'm constantly looking at blog sites on travel and checking out the travel deals and you can be assured that I've got the travel and lifestyle channel on in the background. I'm fun, friendly and adventurous. I'm extremely passionate and driven and once I decide I'm doing something, there is no stopping me! I want to incorporate my passion for travel, exploring and excitement into my everyday life. So blogging it is! View all posts by Lovelly

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