Arriving in LA, In-N-Out Burger and a Magic Show!

Very excited to have started my incredible 20 day holiday with my boyfriend in LA, Lake Tahoe and Mexico. We’ve named it #Laxico2016. You can follow our adventure with this #tag but I also plan to blog everyday (says she on Day 3!) Here we go!


We started with a 13 hour flight with Virgin Airlines from Sydney to Los Angeles. Can’t lie, I was excited! Travelling to LA to see my Cousin and friends for an amazing holiday. I travel a lot but this time, I am travelling with my boyfriend! It’s been a bit of a dream of mine to take an epic adventure with someone I care about, it’s going to be awesome!


No sleep! Tried. Maybe I got half an hour. It was a day flight, leaving at 11.30am Aussie time and arriving 1am Aussie time, so it was a bit of a difficult time to sleep. It was 6.10 am in America and we were wretched. Dealing with LA customs and security was not on our list of fun things to do…. but, we got through in an hour! A record for LAX it seems.


We hopped a shuttle to the Alamo car rental shop. We booked our car for the LA to Lake Tahoe roadtrip through DriveNow Rental company. They were super helpful in securing an SUV for us with all weather tyres, suitable for driving at the snow. We were directed to the SUV aisle and then we could pick any car we wanted in that class… crazy!! It was a tough choice but I went with the red one! If in doubt, go with colour.


Next stop, my friends house in San Gabriel! Peak hour traffic was hectic but we got through in pretty decent time and it was lovely to be off the main roads and into more suburban areas of Los Angeles. I was SO excited to see my cousin Bill! Cuzzie Bill happened to also be turning 93 that day and it was so lovely to be there.


After much needed breakfast and a nap! We went out for the second highest priority on our list… IN-N-OUT Burger! We had been talking about it and craving it for weeks!! So off we went, there happened to be one just 7 minutes away! Bliss. Hamburgers, fries and shakes. Simple yet oh so delicious. After lunch a spot of shopping at a discount ski outlet and then home for some rest again.

Stepback! How is my cousin 93? He’s my Grandma’s cousin. So he’s my first cousin, twice removed. Confusing right? Yep, that’s why we just call him Cuz! He also happens to be an incredible magician! Bill “Magic 500” Hunter. He’s been performing magic for a living for more than 47 years and on our first night in America, he performed a show for us! I’ve seen some of the tricks before, many times actually, but it still brings me such joy. I love seeing the reactions of others and my boyfriends laughs and facials were priceless. The newspaper trick is a winner!


Oh we also got to stay with these super cuties and will take care of them for a few days during our trip at the house we stay at! What a trip!


GRUMBLE: Sex Clown Saves The World at Adelaide Fringe 2016

Love the work of Emma Maye aka Betty Grumble. She’s super talented and always challenging the norms! Now she’s saving the world at Adelaide Fringe 2016!

betty grumble

Meet Betty Grumble, surreal showgirl, obscene beauty queen and sex clown. She has one hour to save the world. This is your invitation to the event horizon as we go unashamedly into a burlesquing cabaret of deep disco dissent. 

An ecosexual gesture and womanly reveal GRUMBLE weaves stories of rage, desire, hope and humour among energetic eruptions of song, dance, sensation and internal organs. Part protest, part party. Are you Betty to Grumble?

Bring your grin’ cause if it wasn’t so serious she wouldn’t be laughing so hard. Love and Anger,  

xxx Grumble.

4 – 6 & 11 – 13 MAR | 11PM
$28 (CONC $25)
In Le Cascadeur, Garden of Unearthly delights.

Get your tickets here!

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My inspiration for travel… and how it inspires others

Recently I was offered the opportunity to join a travel business. It sounded great in many ways. I do love travel. Earning money for it and inspiring others to do the same, great! But it really just wasn’t me! It made me think about WHY I travel and HOW I encourage and inspire others to travel.


Sunsets in Ibiza with incredible friends! No matter the distance, we have a bond!

So I wrote this about the opportunity that was offered to me.

“Ultimately, this style of travel doesn’t align with my core values. I do love travel and I love all the opportunities and experiences it brings. The luxury and package style of travel, isn’t for me. Occasionally I’ve done it and it has been great, even on my upcoming trip, I’ve booked one incredible night in an all inclusive and I can’t wait. However, in the long term, my travel will be to see friends, family and visit places where I can engage with locals and be truly amongst the culture. And more so, if I can go to these places and benefit the people, learn about their lives and share their stories – that’s the travel i love!


cricket on top of kili

Playing cricket with a wooden spoon on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania! 4300m altitude.

I can’t promote this style of travel because it’s not how I travel. I’ve been traveling for 10 years and some of the experiences I’ve had, money can’t buy! It never can! Because they’re lessons in life.


My wolfy sister Jess and I at the Salt Flats in Uyuni, Bolivia


Meeting the children of a friend in Cambodia after they visited a temple at 4am and him introducing me as his sister – a bond formed after two cycle trips and now I’m family.  Staying in the home of a friend in Germany, learning about bee-keeping from the grandfather and sharing a beer from the local area with him. Sitting on the banks of the Ganges in India with a sadhu learning about his 60 years of wisdom as we watched the sunrise together. Booking a hostel in Tulum, Mexico, and choosing to forgo our booking, instead walking down the road to find cabanas sitting by the water that we could rent – the closest to paradise I’ll ever see. The friendships, connections and experiences I’ve had in some of these countries, I could only get from taking the chances that come from intrepid and unrestricted travel.


Meeting my Cambodian Brother, So, with his family

As I look to step back into my own business, my goal is to pursue this education and to share what I’ve personally learned with others. It’s actually not about HOW I travel, anyone can look up flight deals and hunt around hotel sights or read trip advisor.

It’s about my attitude towards life. Life is for living. And I want to encourage and help people to “Live a Lovelly Life”. So my focus is writing my stories, hopefully one day in a book, speaking to groups and sharing my passion for this world through my own words.


I know this isn’t possible for everyone to experience in the same way, and I think what this company can offer people is fantastic – an opportunity to see places and enjoy a holiday they may never have otherwise had. It’s just not for me.”

travel makes you richer

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

It’s one of my favourite quotes, I do believe it! If anything is worth spending money on, it’s travel!

But it’s your attitude to life, your openness to experience, that will truly be the thing that holds the most value. When you allow yourself to immerse in the culture, to let go and take on all the new and wonderful things in our world, this is the true wealth.



Painting with this little darling at the Anganwadi Project in Gujarat, India.


I’m grateful for all my experiences and I know there are so many more to come. I’ll have to spend money to get there of course, but I know the best moments will be when I just …. Be!


One of my favourite travel days ever! Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia.

Sydney! You must see Blanc de Blanc!

You had me at champagne!! Blanc de Blanc is an eclectic, vibrant and breathtaking show that brings many forms of cabaret to the one theatre. Sydney Opera House is hosting this amazing show until 28th February, 2016! Do not miss it Sydney!

blanc de blanc

Champagne Cabaret as they call it is the description for this collection of nine extremely talented performers who have come together for a two hour showcase. contortionists, dancers, singers and comedians, they all perform at once in a highly energetic spectacle that leaves you ready to party.

Laugh, dance, gasp in awe and even blush!! Blanc de Blanc is certainly going to engage your senses and keep you talking about it long after the lights go down!


Selfie time with the artists

I saw posters about this show at train stations around Sydney for months. It looked intriguing and a number of friends were talking about it. I’m regularly at fringe festivals where similar cabaret/ circus style shows are on, yet I’m always focused on the comedy scene and tend to miss out. Well, that is to be no more!


An article popped up on my Facebook shared by a dear friend, Emma Maye, who happens to be a performer. I liked it and moved on. Only to a few days later put two and two together and work out that this fabulous woman is actually in the show!! She is the only Sydney gal in the cast and she is exceptional!! Her femme fab racy cabaret fits in well with this incredible show and she manages to stand out amongst all the action. It was amazing to see her in a different style of performance to other things I’ve seen and she really stole the show in some parts.


My selfie with fabulous performer Emma Maye 

Check out this great interview with Emma Maye and more about Blanc de Blanc in The Brag!

A spa in the middle of the room, champagne flowing at all times, laughs, high energy music and some truly breathtaking moments. Sydney! Do not miss this exceptional piece of art. If I wasn’t going overseas tomorrow I would be going again!!