I’m not Wonder Woman. Some days I have doubts. 

There are days when I doubt. Truly doubt what I am capable of. Am I doing the right thing? Is this my path? Why do I do what I do? 

Yes! This is a regular existential crisis I face. Because you know what, despite all my achievements and activities. I’m not Wonder Woman! 

art of the brick – DC Comics Lego Exhibition at Powerhouse Museum

I’m human. Humans are flawed. We are complex. We are beautifully messed up and complicated. And some days, I doubt!

I saw this quote the other day and it really helped me to put things in perspective and to remember that I can make a difference… Even in a small way. 

As R. Buckminster Fuller said:

“Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.”

When I was in Bhutan, I had a beautiful your guide, Rinchen. His attitude and approach to life was refreshing! He said “be good and be kind”. This was his summation of Buddhism. Be good! 

You don’t have to be great, amazing, fantastic, and spectacular! You can be, and go for it!! Good on you – reach for the stars! That’s what my motto is all about this year. But most importantly, be good! 


“Believe in something bigger than yourself”
But believing in something bigger and greater, doesn’t mean I have to be SUPER DUPER amazing all the time!

   Bhutan, #trektohappiness with Black Dog Institute
As Rinchen said, we need to be good! Being a good person is actually an amazing thing. We must strive to be good, to ourselves, to our friends, and to the world – because there are so many things bigger than us.    Rinchen also posed the question we all went to Bhutan in search of answering “what is happiness”. We all leaned in …. What is it!!! 
 (Rinchen the wise)

“Happiness is making others happy. If you can make others happy. You will experience happiness. You must share happiness. This is what will bring you happiness in life”
 (Emma at the Tiger’s Nest Monastery)

As tears streamed down my face, these words sat with me and rang so true. This doesn’t mean I must forsake all self care and dedicate my life to others, but it does mean that I will “believe in something bigger than myself”.    (Rinchen sharing his beautiful Bhutan)
I can find happiness in the joy of giving and sharing with my fellow humans. It’s not all about me.

These words stay with me and in my moments of doubt, I will remember them. I am just one, but I can make a difference. I can make 10 other people smile, I can share my love and I can be happy. 

 (Tiger’s Nest monastery)

I hope this helps you too and in your moments of doubt, you can remember that you’re never alone and you are part of something greater and bigger.

If you are in need of support as you feel that your problems are bigger than you, speak to a friend or reach out to a service such as Black Dog Institute. I hope by sharing some of my own truths, fears and doubts can help others.

Be good, be kind, be happy. 

Adelaide do not miss “I am not a Unicorn!” at the Fringe Festival

If anyone has seen my facebook, instagram or twitter feeds lately they will know… I love UNICORNS! So when I saw that there was a show called “I am not a Unicorn!” I was a little more than intrigued.

Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn! Well! Emma J Hawkins doesn’t, at least, she doesn’t want to be referred to as one ( between you and I, she also thinks they are quite awesome.) Emma has made an incredible festival show that I got to see at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival last year. It’s got fairytales, unicorns, laughs, poingant moments and lots of suprises in store. And now… Adelaide Fringe, it’s your turn!

Don’t miss this show – here’s a little bit more:

I Am Not A Unicorn Live-1

Come and get lost down the rabbit hole with Emma J Hawkins, where Alice is probably drunk playing cards with Goldilocks and the three bears.

I am not a Unicorn! will debut at Adelaide Fringe 2016 at The Royal Croquet Club, 9pm, 12-21 February, 2016 (excluding Monday’s.) There will be an auslan interpreted show held on the 19 February at 9pm.

I am not a Unicorn! is peppered with moments so immersive that the audience truly gets to feel what it is like to walk in a short statured person’s shoes. Experience an engaging and light hearted look at life lived at 103cm short.

IANAU Rehearsal-7

Emma is a keen supporter and advocate for fair representation of diversity in Australian performing arts specifically for artists with a disability. Although the show is often tongue in cheek and light, Emma also hopes to raise awareness for the acceptance of disabilities in the community and the perception of what is ‘normal’.

Emma J Hawkins enjoyed a magnificent debut at Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2015 with reviews including:

“Equal parts hilarious, terrifying and arousing” – Karen Pickering, Cherchez la Femme

“Emma J Hawkins steals the show…like a cartoon character brought to life” –The Advertiser

Venue: The Royal Croquet Club – The Parlour, Victoria Square [Tarntanyangga]

Date: Friday 12 – Sunday 21 February

Time: Tuesday – Sundays 9pm

Price: Adult: $28.00, Conc: $23.00, Tues/Group 6+: $20.00 atadelaidefringe.com.au

Special event: Auslan Interpreted Show, Friday 19th February

i am not a unicorn POSTER image

SeaLife Sydney Aquarium visit with some out of town friends

When my friends told me they were heading to Sydney with their kids for a few days, I jumped at the chance to catch up with them and do something fun. Because I am the biggest kid of all, there was a wide selection of things I could offer them. However, my boyfriend works at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and this now is one of my top choices for visitors. They loved the idea and off we went.

It was New Years Day, so probably not my best choice of day to do activities but we had a leisurely meeting time of 11am, so not too horrendous. It was actually quite lovely being down at Darling Harbour on a day like that. Most people were still in bed and I felt I had the city to myself. The sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot and I was by the water, perfection.

Meeting up with my friends and their lovely children after more than a year was really lovely. To my surprise, apart from Grandad, noone had been to this aquarium, so something new. I’m also a big fan of educational fun – the animals in the aquarium are pretty but there are lots of things the kids can learn about our environment and I enjoy sharing that with them.

 Bumping into my scuba diving boyfriend in the aquarium is also lovely and he takes some time to show me and my friends some of the exhibits with his insider marine biologist knowledge. My usual comments in response to his excellent knowledge, “that one is pretty”. He’s probably pretty happy that under water when we dive together I’m unable to give my commentary of what we see “That’s pretty, oooohh purple, I like that one, FISHES!!!”

We had fun comparing our height to the length of a shark to see how easily we would eaten. We admired the new dinosaur exhibit, seeing marine life from the Jurassic period, and the boys liked playing the simulation game with a shark on the screen. We did “OH NO” faces in the shark walk, trying to strategically get a shark into the photo. Saying hellp to the playful dugongs is always fun, and of course we had to visit the touch pool, and touch EVERYTHING!

It was so lovely watching the whole family, all ages from children to grandchildren, enjoying the various exhibits. I’ve been a few times in the last year and I’ve really enjoyed experiencing it through different peoples eyes. It gives a new perspective and makes it a new and exciting experience each time. Plus, the last exhibit at the aquarium, a wall to wall viewing area is worth the visit. It’s the most tranquil and relaxing spot just watching these magnificent creatures float around.

So many beautiful fish, and a message of conservation and education people about protecting our environment.

Make Sydney Sea Life Aquarium one to visit next time you’re in town.

#DearDiary – bringing our love of diary writing to life

Have you ever written a diary? I do! Have done since I started travelling in 2006. Actually, in many ways, I consider this my diary… SHHHHHHH. Journal and diary writing is a great way to meditate, keep a record and relax. I love having book upon book filled with my personal memories and moments.

Andi Snelling is also a passionate diary keeper. She has been writing for 24 years and she has now re-discovered these diaries and has turned the catalogue of memories into a show!!! How amazing! You can see her show #DearDiary at Adelaide Fringe this season.

andi snelling #DearDiary

Unwittingly written over 24 years, #DearDiary is an existential joyride into forgotten memories. Pulled verbatim from 5,000+ pages of her lifelong diary collection, Andi Snelling’s comically tragic tale unpacks the baggage we all carry. With self-quoting satire, physical storytelling and song, Andi bares her soul and hashtags the heck out of it. P.S – Look out for your own lost diary in the #DearDiary Treasure Hunt on the streets of Adelaide. Finders Keepers! 


 “Clever and charming” – Planet Arts 

 “You’re left wanting more” – Daily Review 

“Beautifully honest and funny” – Beat 

“It’s an extraordinary show, full of heart and pathos” – Aussie Theatre 

“One of the standout solo shows of the Melbourne Fringe” – The Plus Ones 


Andi Snelling is an accomplished actor and improviser with a diverse, international career. She has been on stage her entire life, having grown up as a dancer, competing at national level. She trained at the prestigious Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and performed in Europe for 7 years, including in London’s West End and for the BBC. Upon returning to her hometown of Melbourne, she discovered an abandoned box, full of diaries never before read… until now. The result is her self-described ‘Museum of Thoughts’, which she is delighted to share with curious Adelaide audiences. 


Mon 29 Feb – Sat 5 Mar, 7.30‐8.30pm 

Media Night: Tues 1 March 

The Bakehouse Theatre (Studio) 

255 Angas Street, Adelaide 

Tix: $20 (full)/$15 (conc & groups 6+) – 

Text Box

Ticket link: https://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/deardiary/d2e413e7-fcc4-4da7-8a63-de7f6f8f63bd


Make sure to check her out and see how a diary of one’s deepest thoughts an inner secrets  plays out on stage!

Travellerem Blog, 2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Furry Friend Sitters Melbourne/ Sydney – my exciting new travel venture!

We have a new page on this here website and it’s all about Emma’s new business venture, Furry Friend Sitters: https://travellerem.com/furry-friend-pet-sitters/

I’m proud to announce as of January 2016, my house and pet sitting has become official. After travelling for 10 years and staying in so many homes and caring for our furry friends, it’s time to make it official! I present to you, Furry Friend Sitters Melbourne/ Sydney.

We come to your home and take care of your pets when you’re taking a holiday. Emma and Alison are here to help!

Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit or even the not so furry friends such as birds and fish, we can give the love and attention your pets need.

You can find us on Facebook at Furry Friend Sitters Melbourne/ Sydney where we take bookings directly through messaging.

You can also join us on Twitter at @furryfriendsits

furry friend
Pets become attached to their territory. It’s hard when you want to take a holiday but don’t know what to do with your furry friends. Kennels and boarding houses can be expensive and also unsettling for a pet. With Furry Friend Sitters, we come to your home and give loving care to your pets in their own home.

The other benefit of having someone take care of your pets in their own home is we also take care of the house! Gardening, deliveries and general security, we are there!

Emma is based in Sydney and has been taking care of her own pets since she was 3 years old. Professionally she worked in a kennels from age 16 to 21 and has cared for, trained and groomed pets. She now loves travelling the world and stays in homes from India, England, USA and Germany. She’s happy to travel but her base will be here in Sydney and she can’t wait to meet your furry friend.

Alison is a professional pet sitter based in Melbourne. Also a great lover of travel, she began her passion for house sitting in Europe and has taken care of pets in Germany and Scotland. She now lives in Melbourne and is loving caring for families pets while they are busy.

furry friends

We have more amazing furry friend sitters to introduce to you soon!

If you have a request that is outside Melbourne and Sydney, please do send us a message. We are happy to take on the odd travelling pet sitting and love exploring the world and meeting foreign furry friends.

Send us a message and let’s talk about your pets next in-house holiday!