2015 was an incredible year, “There are so many reasons to be happy!”

So another year comes to an end and again it seems to have flown by. To sum up how incredible it is in one post is simply impossible, but I would like to share some highlights. 
I would also just like to say, sorry! To you, and to myself. I love writing. I really do. And this year, I’ve not made time for it and not shared all my wonderful experiences in the way I truly want to. I get to see and do so many amazing things, I’ve actually at times not had the headspace to recount it. But I know when I do, I love it and it’s worth it. So in 2016, expect to hear a lot more from me as I again make my writing a priority. 
Here are the highlights: 

– ringing in the new year in London with one of my most wonderful friends, comedian Abigoliah.

– Skiing in Germany for the first time with my friend of many years Tobi

– Cycling in Vietnam with 32 Dutch women who raised more than $240,000 for girls education. 

– Trekking to Everest Base Camp with 18 amazing people and raising more than $100,000 as a team for World Vision Australia.



– Meeting my World Vision sponsor child Kamala in her home town in Nepal. 

– Running my first ever social media workshop in Sydney 

– Getting my diving license after doing a training course with my wonderful boyfriend Matt.

– Moving to Melbourne for 3 months to work with World Vision Australia in their media team. Something I had always dreamed about, the one company I wanted to work for. 

– Travelled to NZ for a gorgeous wedding, taking an epic road trip and catching up with lovely friends 

– Doing a girls ski weekend with my DWA buddies with Hailey showing off her snowboarding skills 

– visiting Cairns for the first time with my Dad and brother, celebrating Dad’s 60th

– Seeing my gorgeous cousin Jackie get married to her lovely Dan in England


– Meeting Karla Koala and spending time with her lovely mummy and daddy in Germany, including taking her (at 6 weeks old) to her first bier fest! 

– Trekking the Himalayas in Bhutan and finding out what true happiness is! Also raising funds for Black Dog Institute and awareness for mental health. 

– Celebrating the engagement of my brother and his fiancée 

– Extending my contract to work with World Vision Australia 

– Celebrating one year with my beautiful boyfriend Mathew who is incredibly supportive of my crazy adventures and all that I do.   

– Spending down time in my lovely home city, Sydney 

(Taken on the ferry this very morning)

– And so much more that I can’t even express without making this 30,000 words 

“There are so many reasons to be Happy” what a beautiful way to close off 2015 and head into an incredible New Year! I feel so blessed to have experienced to learn from, family and friends to love and who I know love me, and a wonderful world to explore Xoxox Happy New Year everyone 
Bring on a wonderful 2016!

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