Social Media Day Melbourne! Tuesday June 30, 2015 #SMday

As a social media enthusiast, I am very excited for #SMday – Global Social Media Day!!

social photo

On Tuesday, June 30th 2015, we will celebrate Social Media Day! This initiative has been running around the world for six years globally and this year I’ll be celebrating in Melbourne!

#SocialMelb are hosting an event in Melbourne on Tuesday to celebrate all things Social!! #SMDay is a day where we can remember why it is we connect online and how far social media has come.

social media cake!

A little bit more from the #socialmelb team about their event! We hope to see you there.


  • Tuesday, June 30, 2015

    6:00 PM

  • Watermark Docklands

    9/800 Bourke St, Docklands (map)

  • June 30th, 2015 marks the sixth-annual official global celebration of Social Media Day, first launched by Mashable as a way to recognise and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication.

    The socialmelb community has come together on Social Media Day for an annual unconference since 2012. This year, celebrations will instead have a #tbt flavour with an old school tweetup.

What are you doing for #SMday 2015? 

Social Media Workshop Sydney: Maximise your efforts on Social Media

Emma will be running another social media workshop through her business Lovelly Communications in Sydney. Get in quick for your early bird tickets at just $87


After a great workshop in Sydney in May with some really engaged participants, Lovelly Communications is again hosting a Social Media Workshop in Sydney.

Tickets available at Eventbrite: 

Social Media Workshop Sydney: Maximise your efforts on Social Media


Whether you’re a business or a budding professional, social media is a powerful medium for you to connect online and reach a larger audience. You can promote yourself or your business to audiences you may have never reached otherwise.

Shameless self promotion you might say? Why yes! We believe that if you’re not talking about yourself, who will?

Emma Lovell, social media professional and owner of Lovelly Communications, wants to help you by giving you the skills to promote yourself in the best way possible using social media.


In the two hour workshop with Emma, you’ll gain valuable skills and tips on how to enhance your social media. It’s not hard… it’s…

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Nailing it

Just found this wonderful blog on mental health! Though I am not yet a mother and don’t understand this particular perspective, I do understand how important managing our mental health is.

I also have a massive problem with stress nail biting. It’s actually the skin next to my nails and it’s gross, annoying painful. Perhaps if I stress less about perfection and having it all together, I won’t take such a savage attack on my nails.

bipolar mums

I have something to admit….  I’m a nail-biter.  I’ve got a stack of nail files in my bathroom cabinet that never get used.

My nails will no sooner start growing… then I watch a scary movie, or sit through a boring talk, and all that’s left of them is a jagged mess.

I was reminded about my poor nails this week at work, when I got chatting with a lovely colleague while making a cup of tea. Looking down, I couldn’t help but notice her lovely long, shiny pink nails wrapped around her tea cup.

Before I could stop myself, I found myself commenting on her beautiful nails – and asking what it took to keep them looking so stunning.

She enlightened me on the world of acrylic nails… and then told me something that suprised me.

Apparently – underneath the shiny exterior of her perfectly shaped pink nails – her real

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My Top 6 photos from reaching Everest Base Camp

I guess I’ve held off on posting these since the terrible devastation that was the #nepalearthquake. I had planned to write post after post about my experience and share my story of reaching Everest Base Camp with Team World Vision Australia in March 2015. But 3 weeks after I returned… disaster struck and my focus was changed.

As the Nepalese people begin to gain some strength and encourage tourists to go to Nepal and see their beautiful country, I want to share some of my most special moments.

I advise checking with companies such as Royal Mountain Travel for the possibilities of safe travel and locations that are accessible. It’s best to be safe but I hope that sooner rather than later people can return to see the beauty in the people and the country that is Nepal.

My Top 6 from my Trek to Everest Base Camp with World Vision Australia. 


#everestbasecamptrek2015 we’re so close now…. 🙂


The view out my window the morning of trekking to #everest from #Lobuche … Yes! #icicles -19!!! #everestbasecamptrek2015


Jumping for joy over #prayerflags at #everestbasecamp! @worldvisionaus $98,000 raised! @inspiredadventures thank you! #everestbasecamptrek2015


My incredible guides from Royal Mountain Travel Amar, Gopal and Bikram! We can’t do it without these amazing guys! Namaste and Dhan ya vaad.Welcome_to_my_mountains__Represent__worldvisionaus_._Between__Lobuche____gorekshep__everestbasecamptrek2015

Welcome to my mountains! Represent @worldvisionaus . Between #Lobuche &#gorekshep#everestbasecamptrek2015Team__worldvisionaus__inspiredadventures__everestbasecamptrek2015_we_did_it___

Team @worldvisionaus @inspiredadventures #everestbasecamptrek2015 we did it!!!

everest wv

Here is the whole #WorldVision #EverestBaseCampTrek2015 team standing proudly at their goal – 5,360m up in the #Himalayas! The team raised over $100,000 for World Vision’s work in #Nepal – an incredible achievement!@inspiredadventures

Could you survive on one small box of food for a week?

It’s always incredible when someone takes a stand not only by clicking a button and saying “I support that” but by putting themselves physically through a process to make a point. My friend Rebecca Melrose is doing just that and standing up for Refugees in crisis. She is living this week on a set of fixed rations to experience what it’s like to be a refugee and survive on limited supplies. Since 16th June, Rebecca will be working out ways to make her rations stretch over the time – while also maintaining a full time job. Go Bec!

bec 5

Of course being in our first world situation we can never truly understand the desperate situation these people are in. Through sacrificing something from our lives and making ourselves uncomfortable we can however get a small glimpse. Rebecca has been sharing some amazing updates of how this activity is tracking and I will share some below.

Announcement on the 10th June, 2015: “Everyone who knows me well, knows I am a bit of a dreamer and idealist.

I have two pretty grand dreams:

1. Australia doing its part to alleviate the global refugee crisis by enacting policies which recognise both the value of welcoming refugees, and our responsibilities in the region

2. Become the Queen of England

… Unfortunately on the 24th April 2011, one of those dreams was shattered.

But you can still help me achieve the first. I will be surviving on the same rations as refugees on the Thai-Burma border during Refugee Week, 14-20 June, to raise awareness of the refugee experience, and funds for Act for Peace.

I’ve just received my pack and it was a shock to see a week’s worth of food in a tiny box. All dehydrated starch with such limited nutrition. It doesn’t take much to provide food security for refugees who have already suffered so much – your donation will genuinely make a big difference.

If you sponsor me over $20, you will get a poem. Written for you, by me. I can tell you’re grappling for your wallet now, so I’m just going to leave it there.”

bec 4

Tuesday 16th June: ”

Anything but rice… ‪#‎rationchallenge‬

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! Your poems will be hitting your inbox any day now…

It’s so hard to write poems with no energy. Banjo Patterson must have been so well fed.

Thursday 18th June: “All I’ve eaten today is this. I’m pretty impressed I managed to make these out of nothing but rice flour, vegetable oil and my actual tears, but this serves as no consolation.

This is nowhere near the recommended dietary guidelines for adults and is certainly no way to nourish growing bodies and minds…


bec 2

To learn more about what the group is doing and how you can support this initiative, please see below:

Members of the Refugee Support Group St George & Sutherland Shire (RSG)  are undertaking the week long Refugee Ration Challenge during Refugee Week. Challengers received a ration pack containing 280g split peas, 250g rice flour, 155g canned tuna, 40g salt, 3.5kg rice and 125mL oil.

The group has already raised over $4000 for the work of Act for Peace, and are hoping to raise $5000 with further community support. Funds raised provide tools, seeds, supplies and training to refugees living in camps on the Thai-Burma border.

bec 1

Engadine resident and RSG member Bec Melrose is coordinating the team’s efforts.

“In refugee week last year, we hosted an interactive Refugee Camp at Engadine and Cronulla,” Ms Melrose said. “We found that the sample refugee food rations were confronting for visitors. It is difficult for most of us to engage with the refugee experience but through something as universal as food, we can begin to put ourselves in the shoes of refugees.”

Rob Taggart of Engadine is halfway through the challenge.

“It hasn’t been easy, as my wife Karina is also doing the challenge and we are juggling work, kids and other commitments at the same time,” Mr Taggart said. “But those challenges are nothing compared to what refugees face: living on small food rations for years and without certainty, having fled their homes because of persecution.”

On 27th June, the RSG, with support from Kogarah City Council, will host Refugee Week celebrations at Kogarah Library from 11:30am – 3:30pm. Members of the public are invited to participate in the interactive Refugee Camp exhibit, where the rations will also be displayed.

At 12:30pm June 27, local high school student and former refugee Abu Turay will deliver a speech titled ‘What would Fraser do?’, recounting his recent meeting with the late former prime minister and refugee advocate Malcolm Fraser.

Following Abu’s speech, the refugee-themed feature film ‘The Good Lie,’ starring Reese Witherspoon, will be screened. Members of the public who wish to view the film should register through Eventbrite.

To sponsor the RSG Team on the Refugee Ration Challenge, or to find out more information about Refugee Week 2015 at Kogarah Library, please visit the RSG facebook page

Epic bike fails of Melbourne

Since living in Melbourne I’ve vowed to get back into my commuting lifestyle of the cyclist. With all my good intentions, it’s turned out to be nothing but epic failures. Perhaps having a half decent bike would have been a good start to my cycling habits but alas no. I tried to dust off my old bike from when I lived here 18 months ago and it just isn’t up to the standard.

This is the 3 strikes which left me to abandoning my bike pursuits. From here on out, it’s joy rides only for me. I’m not a bike commuter. Enjoy my #epicfails.

bike 1

11/06/15 – On the bus, in Lycra shorts in #winter#bikefail. Rode to the petrol station, tried to pump up tyre, tyre deflated completely. Also realised caps for valves are missing… So now I look like a #cyclist …. On a bus!!!!

bike 2

14/06/15 – Epic #bikefail #2. Rode to train and then had the intention of riding from train to the #1000steps for my walk. Nope! Train replacement bus from #Blackburn. So I’ve had to abandon my bike at the station and now will go on for anyway… Perhaps #Melbourne, you’re telling me something… I’m no longer a #cyclist.

bike 3

15/06/15 – Epic #bikefail #3. 3 strikes you’re out! I tried to give you a good run my old friend but let’s face it … You’re crap! My second hand/ or even 5th hand bike is no good for riding to work. I got to the train station today where I left it yesterday & planned to ride to work from there. But no love. It was squeaky struggle street all the way. I’ve admitted defeat & left it at another train station where I shall walk it’s sorry butt home tonight. Sigh. Back to tram commuting for me #Melbourne

Wish me luck on my other excercise and training ventures!

One Tree Hill & the 1000 Steps, Dandenong Ranges National Park – 2 March 2014

Thanks to Dayna for this great blog post on the 1000 steps in Melbourne. I’m off to do the track and haven’t done this one in a while so was curious as to which route to take. I think one loop of the old and one loop of the new will do the trick! I’m taking a group of nine adventurers from Inspired Adventures for a training trek. An excellent way to test whether you’re ready for the Great Wall of China, the mountains of Nepal or the heights of Kilimanjaro!

Dayna's Blog

Just because you’ve done something once before, doesn’t mean you can do it again – without directions, at least.

Which is how we came to be walking by some very nice houses on Kia Ora Parade (with some other locationally challenged walkers) wondering which turn we should/shouldn’t have made to get to the 1000 Steps. But lets rewind a bit and I’ll explain…

It’s not long now until we’re off to Wilsons Prom to walk down to the lighthouse. My office day job provides, as you might imagine, ideal training for a 20-24km hike (probably to be repeated 3 days in a row, unless we’re too knackered on the middle day). The slightly downhill 3km walk home of an evening has also really helped to boost my confidence.

Even so, we though a bit of extra practice wouldn’t go astray.

We’ve been meaning to go back to One Tree Hill…

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