Busy days before taking on a mountain!

When you’re planning to take on a trek to base camp of the biggest mountain in the world, the preparations can become somewhat busy. Not only is there packing and last minute shopping, there’s training, business planning and some time allowed for mild panic attacks.

Jokes. No real freak outs! Just some emotional hugs with my family and some reality checks of this is kinda something huge I’m taking on!!

I’m proud to be taking this on with World Vision Australia and Inspired Adventures. I’ve fundraised now $4117 and couldn’t have done this without the help of my friends, family and social media network. Take a look at the page and feel free to boost our teams already amazing target, more than $83,000! Wow!

This week, I’m making sure to take time out to rest though. It’s important. Although I have lots to do and want to be as prepared as possible, rest is also important. Stress and getting overly excited before this huge adventure will not help. So in making sure to get lots of sleep and trying to back off from duties, social engagements and any unnecessary work.

I’m also going to be the tour leader on this trip. A huge honour as World Vision are one of the charities closest to my heart and it’s such an amazing team. I’ll be leading a group of 20 in Nepal. The local guides will show us around and take us on the route to base camp. My job – to make sure everyone has the best trip EVEREST.

If you’re interested in taking on an incredible challenge, talk to Inspired Adventures. You can see their calendar of events for the next year here:

So! Happy trekking … Packing … And prepping!




My first ever #TourismTweetup Sydney

Networking is an important part of my business and my life. Meeting new people in weird and wacky ways often has lead to great opportunities. So when I was approached in a fruit & veg shop after being recognized from Instagram, I had to take the chance to meet up with fellow social media junkies.

Here’s the story:

There I was, in Coogee in the middle of the day buying my groceries for my green smoothies. As I approached the register, a woman came up to me and said “I’m sorry, I never do this, but are you on Instagram?”
I laughed and replied “yes.”
She said “it’s Em isn’t it?”
I smiled and replied “yes.”
I felt a little like a rockstar I must say.
“Sorry, this is so weird! I follow you and I’ve just always wondered, what do you actually do?” She asked.
“Everyone does!” I joked.
“I’m in PR, marketing and social media and also do some travel writing.”
“Ah! Ok!”
We went on to chat and she explained her name is Holly and she runs a social media podcast for the tourism industry and Instagram meetups or #instameets, also #tweetups. Places for people of similar interests to meet after connecting via social media. We exchanged cards and went on our way. Such a bizarre experience. I just love the power of social media!

So on Tuesday, I formally joined the #tourismtweetup in Sydney. What a fabulous event and so unusual compared to other meetups I’ve been to. We met on the iconic Sydney Opera House steps and waited for the group to gather. We were introduced to some popular instagramers and encouraged to engage with them during the meetup. Then we walked! A walking meetup! How fab!

The walk went from the Opera House to Macquaries Chair. At our destination we were met by Scarborough Wine Co who had put on an amazing little treat of wine tasting. Amazing view, great people and wine!

We had a challenge along the way too. Instagram a photo including the theme of red, white or yellow and tag @scarboroughwines and #tourismtweetup. I love a good competition and a bit of a challenge. It was funny seeing everyone stray off the path every time they caught a glimpse of red or yellow! My photo was posted on the Facebook Page of Scarborough Wine Co. I was pretty chuffed!

It was wonderful to meet people from all different sectors. Bloggers, podcast hosts, photographers, instagramers, brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs and PR agency reps. Also great to catch up with my good friend Ian, founder of TravelMassive, the group that helped me launch my social media avenue of Lovelly Communications and introduce me to my first ever travel client! Love networking groups for the possibilities and in the travel industry, there are so many.

The lovely host, Holly, interviewed me as we meandered back to the Opera House. It’s so great that a chance meeting has opened up the door to a whole new world in the social media and tourism space for me.

Looking forward to the next #tourismtweetup





Back to blogging – Vietnam, trekking training and sunny Sydney

It’s been a while…. but I’m back!

Again, I want to do regular posts, but I’ve had a short hiatus. I was Tour Leading with Inspired Adventures in Vietnam for #cycle4girls. An amazing experience with a team of women from Plan Netherlands. You can read more about it here:


When I head out on adventures, my time is focused on blogging on behalf of the team and sharing our amazing adventures. So I was still writing! Just in a different place – literally and online.


Now I’m back it’s 100% focus on #everestbasecamptrek2015 with World Vision Australia and Inspired Adventures. I’m training all around Sydney and here are a few of my training pictures from around Sydney in the last few days.

World Vision #Everestbasecamptrek2015 training at Manly

World Vision #Everestbasecamptrek2015 training at Manly

Sydney has been amazing weather and I feel blessed to call this city home. After a few years away in Melbourne, I was more than ready to get back to the beaches and living in Coogee, it’s literally just around the corner!


Looking forward to sharing my Sydney adventures and appreciating the small things. Live each day as if it were your last. Make the most of the world around you. And… SMILE!


Training at Bondi

Training at Bondi

Charity Fight Night in support of Motor Neurone Disease, NSW

Very excited to hear that one of my lovely gal pals is gonna punch the crap out of someone. For a good cause! So it’s all good.

On April 11th 2015, Annabel Vogel will be having her first boxing fight as part of a charity event for MND NSW. It includes a two course meal and unlimited drinks, not to mention watching her (hopefully) beat someone up! 

It’s going to be an amazing night and it’s for the important organisation, Motor Neurone Disease NSW.


Here’s the link to Annabel’s supporter page: http://corporatefitnesscentre.com.au/event/annabel-vogel-supporter-tickets/

If you are keen to go, you can contact Annabel directly for tickets: annabel.vogel@hotmail.com