5 things to know when starting your own business

I’ve been running my own business now for almost 5 years. In various capacities, shapes and forms this business has grown and developed to what it is today. I’ve not ever worked officially a full time job and this is what I do – Run my business.

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I’ve learnt a thing or two along the way – sometimes the hard way and sometime through the kind guidance of others but this is what I would like to share with you.

The 5 thing that are good to know when you are thinking of starting your own business.

  1. Just do it! If you have a dream, an idea or a plan… the first step is starting. The rest just happens in time. You have to just start!
  2. Communication is everything. The way you communicate with people on all forms of media needs to be timely but also personable. Discussing issues early, talking about your expectations and generally having a dialogue with people you work with is so important. Communication will help in building relationships. I thought it so important I included it in the business name!
  3. Patience is a virtue.
  4. Shameless self promotion is a must! I know it can seem as though your big noting yourself but honestly, if you aren’t even able to talk about you, who will!
  5. Celebrate the little wins. When you work on your own business, it can feel like a constant uphill battle. Stop sometimes, acknowledge what you’ve achieved and celebrate when you do something well. Set up a Facebook page – have a glass of champagne. Get your business cards printed-  buy a cupcake. Land your first client – get a manicure! Whatever it is, enjoy the business rollercoaster!

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Written by Lovelly Communciations Director, Emma Lovell.
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A letter to my World Vision sponsor child in Nepal

Introducing my lovely little sponsor child for World Vision in Nepal. This is a photo of her when she was just 6 years old when I first started sponsoring her. My mum and I contribute together to help her receive medical, education and basic needs for living a better life. I hope to one day visit her in her village. In the meantime, I’m so happy that World Vision offer this opportunity for us to connect via their “My profile” section of the site.

Namaste Kamala

I am one of your sponsors, Emma. Together with my mum, Sarah, we have sponsored you for all these years.

I am sorry that we don’t speak as often as we should. I think of you often and I hope that life in your village is good and that there are some great developments. One day I would like to visit your village.

I have been to Nepal twice. Once in 2006 and again in 2010. I have some friends there in Kathmandu and I loved visiting them and seeing the beautiful country. I think Mt Everest is incredible and I hope one day to climb it. I love the rivers and the beautiful valleys. It’s a wonderful country and the people are so beautiful and kind.

Today I am in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s very far from you. I live in Australia usually which is even further. I am here for some work and a holiday. I today met a lovely girl named Bishaka and she is from Nepal. She was so kind and gave me her jacket for 5 days because it is so cold and rainy here. I was going to buy one but she has lent me this one for time. How kind! I always feel that the people are Nepal are like this – so kind and welcoming and generous! It’s so lovely!!

Tell me more about you? I love to receive your updates every year on your school and health. What is your favourite colour? What do you like to do for fun? How many brothers and sisters do you have?? So many questions.

I will tell you some more about my family. We are 5 people. Mum, 58, Dad, 60, James (brother) 29, Emma (me) 27, Andrea (sister) 24. My mum and dad are no longer living together but they are still friends so that is nice. My sister lives with her boyfriend in Melbourne. I live with my Dad in Sydney. My brother lives in Sydney with his Girlfriend and my mum lives in Sydney in a separate house. We all like to meet for dinners and visit each others homes when we can.

I work in marketing and am very lucky that I can work from anywhere in the world, I get to travel a lot! I love visiting my friends all around the World and learning about other cultures. I speak Spanish, a little bit of German, and a little bit of hindi and tora tora Nepali. Mo Nepali hu! haha! IT’s fun!

I have attached two photos for you. One is of me when I was 18 and on my first visit to Nepal. This was the Durbar Square in Kathmandu, an amazing place! I loved the history and architecture. So beautiful.

emma first trip to nepal
The second photo is my mother Sarah and I at a wedding recently for my cousin brother. We had a lovely time there!

emma and mum

Take care

Emma xo

A reply to “Fox News has allegedly labelled Robin Williams a coward for killing himself”

I am sharing this wonderful piece written by the talented Nai Bowen on Facebook. I couldn’t help but share these words with you all. Well it was beautifully written. and so true. I’ve lost friends to suicide, and I’ve had depression myself. It’s debilitating. For people to say it’s selfish and easy – is untrue. It’s desperately sad, it’s tragic but you cannot place these people at blame.

I shall let Nai’s words speak for themselves. If you like this, connect with her on Twitter @nomifish and check out some more!

robin williams

“Forgive me again for this indulgence. I can’t remember where I left my blog, let alone recall the password, so here will have to do again. And apologies for what is a potentially upsetting bunch of words. I hope they are not triggering. I needed to get them off my chest. We need to talk about this stuff, but please don’t read beyond the first paragraph if you think you might be upset by what I’m talking about.

Fox News has allegedly labelled Robin Williams a coward for killing himself. There are few things that get me as angry as calling cowardice on suicide (although you would be forgiven for thinking that I am equally angry about just about everything. Maybe the misspelling of the word “definitely” is a close second).

Depression is selfish. It absolutely is selfish. Of that I am in no doubt. BUT, it is not a deliberate selfishness. It is a disease which forces sufferers to doubt, loathe and berate themselves. It plummets the brain into inescapable darkness, sometimes as quickly a flicking a switch. It is like drowning in nothing.

And all the while you are drowning in that nothing, you are pushing away the people who love you, because you know that there is no rational explanation for this darkness. There are far worse things going on in the world to people far less deserving of them than you are. And people will tell you that. They will remind you if it in the misguided belief that you will realise that your life isn’t that bad. But you already know that. You’re not hating yourself on purpose. And you know that there are terrible, terrible things going on in the world. And that makes it worse.

And sometimes the darkness and the nothingness and the knowledge that you are succumbing to this awful, awful accidental selfishness becomes too much. And the only thing (NOT the easiest thing), the only thing that will end it is just to end it. To physically end it. Because ending it any other way seems impossible.

So to people like Fox News, who think a suicide victim is a coward,
I am pleased for you. I pray you never experience the depth of darkness and desperation that drives you to the point where you just can’t see the point of being here anymore. Where you feel that since life is just filling time before you die anyway, you might as well just bring that inevitable day forward.

Now imagine you have reached that day where it has finally become too hard. You don’t know what dying feels like. It’s impossible to know. Does it hurt? How long will it take? Is it as agonising as living? Someone will have to find you at some point. And you can’t live with yourself for putting then through that. But you can’t put yourself through this agonising futility any longer.

So amidst all this darkness and loathing and desperation, none of which you feel any control over whatsoever, you have to summon up from somewhere the courage to actually do it. Courage.

Maybe it’s not a conventional courage. But you have to be pretty fucking brave.”


Great perspective and so well written.depress

Lovelly World Tour 2014 Photos

Smiling at the kindness of strangers. This coat belongs to a gorgeous Nepalese girl staying in my hostel room. Upon hearing I was off to buy a coat to brave the cold #edinburgh weather, she lent this to me! We had only met 2 minutes before!!! Dhanyavad! What a beautiful soul! Can’t wait to head to Nepal again in March! The hospitality of their people always blows me away! #lovellyworldtour2014 via Instagram http://ift.tt/1Bb0m9r