A horror night in a hostel in Fort Lauderdale

Hostel experiences can be hit and miss…. this was a BIG miss!


So unimpressed right now. It’s my trouble in Paradise I guess!

Staying at a hostel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and moving to a different hotel tonight before I head to Bahamas tomorrow (slumming it I know!) But honestly, when that little voice in my brain says “You are an adult… you can pay for decent things” I shall be listening. I could have paid for a private room… but no….. just one night, it’s fine!!

No! No! No! Not fine.
I got shown to my room and I would be sharing with a nice girl named Patricia…. oh ok! There is a woman sleeping when I go in at 9pm and when she rolls over I get the fright of my life!! I hope I masked my shocj…. she is not a girl, she’s like 60! And I’m so fine with staying with mature people but this was just not what I was expecting. Also the sun and the cigarettes have not been kind to her skin over the years – argh!

So anyway, not happy but it’s one night. One terrible night!!

She slept with the light on! I turned it off. It came back on. She smoked, There were beers in the bathroom rubbish bin. And I’m pretty sure she kinda lives there… it was like I was crashing in some friends Aunties room for the night. WHAT! I didn’t sleep til 3.30am. She woke up at 7, since she’d been sleeping since NINE!! And again the light switching game was played She’d leave the room to smoke and drink wine…. (yes I saw a bottle in the bin at 10am this morning) and so I would switch off the light. Go back to sleep and wake up to a bright light again! WHAT! Lady…. it’s called sunlight…. that’s why you don’t need a light on in the day.

If you are promoting as a hostel/ hotel, that’s fine. But you can’t do both in the same room! It really felt like I was just shoved in this womans hotel room for the night. Florida you are so odd! And I am all for “grey nomads”, travel at any age is amazing. But I’m not the hugest advocate of downing wine at 10am… and I do believe in reserving electricity, especially when one is trying to sleep.

URGH!!! So as you can guess, I’m wretched right now and exhausted. 6 hours or something of broken sleep. And a 6.15am wake up call tomorrow. Pretty please let me get some shut eye!!

Bahamas… you cannot be coming at a better time!!

End rant.

Emma in Cosmo Magazine 2009 – “I love my single freedom.”

Wow! #tbt to Emma Lovell, Age 22, in @cosmopolitanau in the article “I love my Single Freedom.” 4 years on and not a thing has changed! I still LOVE to #travel & meet new people & I’m still single! I’m blessed to live such a full & rich life & I never feel alone! I have so many wonderful family & friends around the World! How could I be! #rtwsoon #blessed #lovellyworldtour2014 via Instagram http://ift.tt/VrCNsR

Climbing Everest! Bucket list and a challenge in so many ways!

As you may have noticed, I’m travelling around like a mad woman! It’s my thing I guess. And I’m loving the adventures I’m currently on.


(Mexico City training walk)

However, I am using this time while travelling to get in some serious training for my BIGGEST adventure yet- Climbing to Everest Base Camp! (Yes, I’m a lil crazy but so excited!!)




I’m asking for support in the form of donation to encourage me in my training but also to raise much needed funds with World Vision Australia to support their work in Nepal. They help women in children in need with health, education and general living conditions. I love Nepal and definitely want to see the communities there grow and prosper.


(Hawaii Training Walk)

I’ve just hit my first goal of $1000 and would love to be at the $2000 mark by the time I embark on my training treks in Europe in Mid July! Big goals I know, but I love to aim high! Ultimately, I will be raising $4000 personally for this wonderful organization and as a team we hope to raise more than $80,000! WOW!


Any donation would help and even a share on your Facebook, Twitter or with your network via other means, would be amazing!


Leave a comment below about your bucket list or adventures you have planned! I love sharing stories with fellow travellers.


(Climbing Cerro de la Silla, biggest training walk so far! Monterrey, Mexico.)

Above are some photos of my training walks so far which I am doing in every city I have been visiting! Loving this activity and way of viewing new cities!