World Tour 2014


Ok! It’s time!! 4 months of World travel here I come. Here’s the rough itinerary

Hallifax, canada
Indianapolis, USA
Austin, Texas
Roscoe, Illinois
Europe… Tba
Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Thanks for all the lovely wishes! Stay tuned for blog updates on and Instagram @lovellyinc

Catch you on the flip side Australia xx

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The Best Trek EVEREST – Climbing Everest for World Vision Australia

BIG NEWS: On March 7 2015, I will climb to EVEREST Base Camp in support of World Vision Australia

This is the biggest challenge i’ve taken on yet and I feel the stars have come together to make it happen. I love Nepal as a country, I sponsor a beautiful little girl there through World Vision, I have always wanted to conquer the World’s largest mountain (even a small part of it) and I wish to further support the great work of World Vision around the world.

We will be travelling for 23 days and we will trek for 12 days across in the himalayas and ultimately to the Base Camp of Everest. This is going to be physically and mentally challenging and take a lot of preparation. We will reach heights of 5500m and spend consistent time at altitude. Bring it on mountains!


Gilamans Point, Kilimanjaro, Climbed in 2011

Gilmans Point, Kilimanjaro, Climbed in 2011

I ask for your generous support in the form of donations to my Everyday Hero page to support the work of World Vision. “Through community-based development projects, we can improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest children and their
families. This is only made possible with the support of people just
like you.”

Whether it’s $20, $50 or (the be my best friend donation of) $100. I will love and hug you for your generosity.

Thank you everyone in advance and wish me luck as I take on….. EVEREST!!!

Thank you Inspired Adventures for the opportunity!

Must Read NEW BOOK – Conversations with Mediums

It’s so incredible to me when people I know take on great challenges and succeed! Most recently, my friend has written an amazing book!

“Conversations With Mediums” is the new book from bestselling author Scott Podmore that has everyone thinking, talking … and believing.


What happens when we die? Are loved ones and friends still around us after they pass? How do babies represent as souls? What about our pets—do they wait for us on the “other side”? The world of mediumship has polarized people throughout history, and whether you believe or not, science is taking notice and setting about investigating all possibilities.


Bestselling author Scott Podmore returns after a two-year project in which he interviewed more than 30 mediums all over the planet from differing socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures. In this book, he selects 12 of the “conversations” that took place, and all have a similar line of topics in his aim to find threads of consistency—or inconsistencies. Coming from a standpoint of giving these mediums the benefit of the doubt, he provides a forum to discuss their abilities that cover areas including spirituality, psychic predictions, physical mediumship, electronic voice phenomena, trance, and more.


Famous names include globally renowned mediums John Edward, James Van Praagh, Lisa Williams, The Psychic Twins of New York, and Tony Stockwell. Podmore delves deep into the world of spiritual mediumship with probing yet respectful questions in a mission to discover how it all works. He encounters many surprises along the way that may even change your own belief systems, help you understand your own adversities, find emotional healing, or enrich your life with new meaning and hope.


CONVERSATIONS WITH MEDIUMS (RRP $29.95, Balboa Press/Hay House)

Available in book stores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and signed copies from Conversations With Mediums’ official website + Follow Facebook for updates at

Scott Podmore



Scott Podmore is a bestselling author, and seasoned travel, food and music writer who owns and runs the company he founded in 2007, October Grey Media, in Australia. He’s a regular reviewer for Elite Traveler Asia magazine, Escape magazine (Australia’s biggest travel publication), various newspapers, online portals and magazines throughout the world, and regularly blogs and produces videos during his travels. When he’s not roaming the globe, he’s chilling out down south (quite literally) in the state of Victoria, in Australia, with his wife Kerry and two “Podlets”, Billy and Lou, in Warrandyte where he is editor of the monthly community newspaper, the Warrandyte Diary. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @scottpodmore

Travel Mayhem in 2014

So 2014 has kicked off at a crazy pace with travel, interstate moves and a whole lot happening. And it ain’t slowing down any time soon. Here is a bit of a summary of what i’ve been up to thus far:


  • January – 5 days in Sydney
  • January – Working at the Australian Open in Melbourne
  • February- India, Mumbai for a conference and visiting friends
  • February – Adelaide for Adelaide Fringe Festival for 7 days
  • February- Cambodia for the Team World Vision Cycle, 5 days cycling as part of a 10 day amazing trip.

Team World Vision in Cambodia with our Inspired Adventures t-shirts on

  • March  – Moved from Melbourne back to Sydney… for good!
  • March – Back to Melbourne for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

That brings us to today. So it’s been an interstate and international travel fest of late. Amazing activities, very tired and so much learning and growth. I can’t wait to get back to Cambodia and learn more about that incredible country. I’ve booked flights back to India to again be with dear friends I consider family. And now working on this incredible Comedy Festival and planning my future career!

Having fun with my guide in Cambodia

Having fun with my guide in Cambodia

So it’s been a whirlwind to say the least and it’s only going to continue with a crazy amount of travel planned for the remainder of the year. I’m off overseas for 4 months and these are the current/tentative plans

  • April – England for a wedding
  • May – Canada for a music conference
  • May- Indy 500, Indiannapolis, USA
  • May- Chicago/ Roscoe, Illinois, USA
  • May- Mexico, Baja California and Monterrey
  • May- NYC, USA
  • June- LA, San Fran Cisco, San Diego, California, USA
  • June – Austin, Texas, USA
  • June – Hawaii, USA
  • July- Bahamas – Dolphin Retreat, Yoga, meditation – swimming with dolphins!
  • July- Chicago/ Roscoe – Illinois
  • July – EUROPE – Ibiza, Germany, England, Croatia and more…
  • August- EUROPE – England, Scotland, Italy, Greece and more…
  • Returning home August!
Spending time with lovely family in UK

Spending time with lovely family in UK

And then……

It continues!

  • Fly to Sydney
  • Moreton Island, Queensland for family visits
  • October – India!!! 3 weeks road tripping around with friends and DIWALI festival


Working at conferences overseas!

Working at conferences overseas!

That’s my mad 2014! And who knows, I’ve still got September, October and November, relatively free… more to come!


Hope to have more stories coming again soon.

COMEDY FESTIVAL IS ON MELBOURNE – JMac “Disco Fanny” starts this week!

Very excited to finally be able to catch JMac in Melbourne in her new show “Disco Fanny.” I’ve been working on the show for a while now and it’s amazing that Melbourne now gets to see it at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


More about the show:


We’ve all had that big night out on the d-floor. Admit it. Embrace it. This is about loving and owning every single part of who you are. Even your sweaty flaps.

It’s been a big year for this world-wide, famous, dance, music, popstar. Following the launch of her first single Disco Fanny, JMAC took off to Bali for a much needed rest. Here on her path to self-discovery she encountered welcoming hippy communities, took part in many sacred ceremonies and was re-born.

Hold tight Melbourne. In 2014 we get to see a side of JMAC we didn’t know existed.

JMAC’s adventure doesn’t stop there. She’s been writing new music and bumping into her Dad’s friends at strip clubs, whilst she’s been dancing. What a year!

“It took me to meet a bunch of strippers and fall in love with one, to realise universal human oneness with no judgement, and love is all that exists…”

This year JMAC breaks down barriers of the social-norm and isn’t afraid to talk taboo, with the power of the pussy as her main focus. This is conscious, observational, stand up comedy about finding yourself and in turn, touching others. Get ready folks, this one’s is rated V for Vagina.

JMAC had sold out shows last year and with her hit single taking over the iTunes charts, this is sure to be a hot seller. Get tickets early to avoid disappointment and dry underwear.

Oh, PS – everyone attending must bring a shit mug from home with them. You’ll get it back.

Learn more at: and

“Step aside Psy” – Onya Magazine
“Laugh-out-loud comedy” – Herald Sun
“Not sure what it’ll be for, but Gold Logie prediction for JMAC!” – Peter Hitchener Ch9


Venue:Paloma Bar, 480 Collins St, Melbourne

Dates:Preview 4th April. Show runs 4 – 19 April (with no show Monday 7th April or Monday 14th April)

Tickets: Full $20, Preview $15, Tight-pussy Tuesday $15

Time: 7.30 pm Runtime: 45 mins Category: Stand up

Bookings: and at the venue