Top 5 DriveNow romantic getaway road trips from Melbourne

A romantic couples getaway doesn’t have to be an extravagant event with months of planning. You can simply fly into Melbourne airport, hire a DriveNow campervan or rental and zip off to some of the amazing road trip destinations in Victoria. You’ll be relaxing in just a few hours in these Top 5 romantic road trip getaways.


Great Ocean Road

This has to be one of the most famous drives in Melbourne. With every turn, you’ll catch breathtaking views as you wind around the curling road that hugs the cliffs and the sea. It takes just 1.5 hours from the Melbourne airport to reach the beginning of the Great Ocean road and you can weave along at your leisure until you reach the incredible 12 Apostles. Don’t miss sunset, it’s incredible!


Dinner Plain

Ready for a mountain escape? No matter what time of the year, Dinner Plain in the Australian Alpine region is beautiful. In summer it’s a chardonnay on the balcony in the afternoon and walks through the great Aussie bush. In winter it’s skiing by day and hot chocolates by the fire at night in this Christmas like village.

IMG_6867 1


Just 1 hour from the CBD and you step into the rainforest and wooded area of the Dandenong ranges. Unique boutiques, romantic B &B’s and cute cafes are hidden amongst the trees in this natural escape. Why not take on the adventure of climbing the 1000 steps and emulating a small part of the Kokoda trail.


Yarra Valley

What is a weekend away without a good glass of wine. Drive 1.5 hours from Melbourne Airport and you will find yourself in the famous wine region of Victoria. Whether you take up a B&B on a vineyard or jump on a tour for a day, you are sure to sample some amazing produce on this relaxing getaway.


Wilsons Prom

3 hours south of Melbourne you will stumble across this secret gem of Victoria. Bushwalks in the National Park, stunning views of Bass Straight and a beach just 10 minutes from the main accommodation area. There will be plenty to do in this seaside nature haven.



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Mindil Beach Night Markets in Darwin, Northern Territory

August is the month to be in Darwin. It’s the dry season and the weather is just beautiful. The place to spend your Thursday and Sunday evenings in Darwin is the Mindil Beach Night Markets.



On my first night in Darwin my friend took me to the markets for some food, fabulous sunsets and a bit of shopping. The atmosphere was buzzing with people comng after work to chillout on a midweek evening.


I grabbed some Vietnamese food though the choices were great. Souvlaki, dessert only stalls, fresh juices and smoothies, Sri Lankan/ Indian cuisine, crepes and more. I had some squid, bbq ribs and the best spring rolls ever! We took our food down to the beach and watched the stunning colours of the sky change and the brilliant red ball of the sun sink into the water. Life at the top of Australia is pretty good.



There was great live music, fire dancers, a whip cracking master and indigenous music. I loved the bikini stalls, indigenous art works and the hilarious Darwin crafts and souvenirs – such as stuffed cane toads and kangaroo balls. Yes…. Animals skins and hides are turned into hilarious trinkets. It was really fun to browse with my old school mate and host Kenny. A very relaxed night in the warmth of the Darwin air. An ice cream to finish evening made it a great night out.


Kenny and Emma on Mindhal Beach

Kenny and Emma on Mindhal Beach

Mindil Markets run for the entire dry season and now there are just 3 weeks to go so get there whilst you can.

Paradise in Darwin #NTAustralia

Paradise in Darwin #NTAustralia


How do I travel so much?

Recently I  was sent a message from a friend in line with “How can I travel so much?” Here is the question:

Glad to see you making the most out of life, unlike some of us stuck in the corporate world.I’ve always wondered, where do you find the time and money to do all these? I wanna be able to do the things you’ve done whilst I’m still young and relatively mobile.

Travel mind

Travel mind

I decided to share this response as I get this question often and it got me thinking, how can I do it… and others don’t seem to be able to? Well for starters… I want to! I want to travel more than anything. It’s my love, it’s my passion – so I make it happen.

Loving life at Uluru in NTAustralia

Loving life at Uluru in NTAustralia

I guess I also budget, work hard and stay with friends and family overseas and in Australia which helps. But here is my response to him:

Hey Mate

Hahahha you are very young! plenty of time. But as I’ve just lost a dear friend who I climbed machu picchu with and was only our age (24) – I say make the most of every day and don’t “save for a rainy day” it may never come.

It’s a matter of prioritising. I love travel, it’s my passion! It’s what I want to do in my life. It drives me to work harder!

It’s as simple as setting a date- then you have a goal to work towards. Then saving is much easier. Think of things in your life you can cut out – 3 coffees a day, dinner out twice a week, new clothes – what can you cut out?
I think of things in terms of travel. I could buy a new dress but that’s also the same price as a flight from Cancun to Mexico City. It’s about value- what do you value? and where do you want your money to go?

It takes dedication of course- but it’s not that hard! If you want to go – you can do it!

I’m most certainly not rich! I just work hard and play hard. I set the goal, i.e. Sri Lanka in April. I need $1000 for flights and $500- $1000 spending money. I’ll go for 10 days. So I need to ensure not only I have enough work to get the money to go but also that I plan for work before and after it.

I hope I have helped you.

Time at the snow - This is my happiness

Time at the snow – This is my happiness

Love to hear how you manage to travel and what are the difficulties you face?

Sorry for the absence- I’ve been travelling

Ironically, I can’t write on my “travel” blog because I’ve been so busy…. travelling!

This year has been insane! I think I did a summary in April of where I’ve been and how many gallivants I’ve done so I think it’s time for another one. Might I just say, I’m so truly blessed to live this life and to have friends and family all over the world that I want to spend time with.

Paradise in Darwin #NTAustralia

Paradise in Darwin #NTAustralia

So here are some highlights and some reasons for my recent jaunts overseas and around this great country I call home, Australia:

  • Training weekend in June to become a Disability Winter Sports Australia (DWA) Guide at Falls Creek. Using my snowboarding prowess to help those with disabilities experience the joy of the snow
  • 3d052306f0bf11e2957722000a1f9a39_5
  • Sydney for a week in July to visit the family and the friends- manly ferries, drinks with friends and Kilimanjaro reunions.
  • Mt Buller for a sneaky weekend in August – meant to be one day, turned into a whole weekend of snow fun!
  • fb8b4410025b11e3954322000a9f134e_5Great Ocean Road overnight with American friends and a few days in Melbourne showing them the best of the sites
  • Another weekend at Falls Creek in July for DWA for an incredible experience of guiding a young boy with muscular dystrophy and giving him his first experience at the snow
  • Sri Lanka in April for a wedding of a dear friend and some genuine R & RWedding Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka AGAIN in June for a conference with my Dad
  • Sydney for 2 days in May to be part of a video recording- slight rock star moment
  • Overnight visit to spend time on a friends property in Point Lonsdale- olive picking and a night in the country
  • My first ever trip to Northern Territory to Alice Springs, Uluru and beautiful Kata Tjuta. I’ve now covered all 7 states and territories in Australia
  • f014c3cae6ec11e2bcc022000a1fcf26_5
  • As well as MANY visitors to Melbourne so lots of exploring my home town!
Daddy in Melbourne at the Monet Exhibition

Daddy in Melbourne at the Monet Exhibition

And now…. I’m in Darwin!

Today, I caught the red eye at 1.45am from Melbourne. My dear friend Kenny picked me up in full army kit – yay for Soldiers! Then we went to his apartment near the city. I got a snooze and woke up to beautiful blue skies, tropical warmth and a relaxing day ahead. I did do some work – it never sleeps as a freelancer…. but man did I feel relaxed in this beautiful tropical air. Swim at lunch before a beer in the afternoon and a bit more work.


Darwin Festival at night at the Mindil beach, watching the sunset and eating amazing bbq pork and salt and pepper squid! What a fantastic intro to this awesome town! City tour by night lights and 4 more days to explore!



Off to Sydney on Monday for the big Birthday bash of yours truly on Tuesday. This year is to be spent with my dear family.


Back to Melbourne thursday night and then….. off to Falls Creek for another 3 days at the snow.


The life of a traveller ain’t always easy, but man…. is it fun! I’ll keep doing it as long as I can.

If you dream it…. you can do it!

Picture 1000 Words Exhibition Announcement

Amazing project by a very talented writer and Photographer, this is not to be missed.

Cam Cope / Blog

Blog Post Image

What happens when a collection of talented writers are given a picture, a word limit and the freedom to see where an image can take them?

Some of you may remember that last year I was on a mission to find creative writers for a unique photo-literary experiment. I’ve managed to keep things under wraps since, but a lot of hard work has gone in behind the scenes and a talented group of writers has quietly come up with an amazing selection of stories . The result, Picture 1000 Words, is a unique short story anthology and print exhibition that experiments with the process of writing while simultaneously celebrating an enigmatic collection of photographs from around the world.

On Thursday 5th of September 5-7pm we’ll be holding an opening celebration and book launch of the project. Throw the details in your calendar now and be sure to RSVP on…

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