There are good people in this world!

There is good in the world.

Last wednesday, I left my purse in a cab on the back seat. I was in Alice Springs and feared the worst. I realised an hour after we arrived at the restaurant – I called the 2 cab companies in Alice, my hotel, the police – no sign. Cancelled my cards and planned to go to the police, subsiding myself to the fate of hassle of replacing cards and lost photos.


Then – a phone call! Thank goodness I am a shameless self promoter and had a whole bunch of business cards in my wallet. A lovely man had found it in the cab, searched for identification, phoned me and asked me to come pick it up from him.

If you ever find a purse, wallet, camera – please hand it in – you never know how much those items mean to someone.

Thank you Ben from Alice Springs! Restoring my faith in humankind!!

My favourite purse

My favourite purse

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