Melbourne, Australia: This year marks the first annual Globelight Festival, showcasing local and international talent across lighting art and design.  Globelight launches on the 2nd of August 2013 in Melbourne and runs until the 24th of August.

Curated by James Tapscott and Sam Mitchell-Fin, installation artists from Melbourne and Sydney respectively, Globelight was born from a desire to create a festival that not only recognized the popular spectacle of the medium but one that also celebrated innovation and experimentation in both lighting art and design.


The festival is working with two separate spaces: the Anita Traverso Gallery in Richmond and the Abbotsford Convent, which allows the festival to work with both ready-made design pieces, site-specific works and large-scale installations, exposing the full breadth of the talent that exists in the lighting industry.

The Anita Traveso gallery will predominately house the design pieces, some being potential prototypes for commercial production. Abbostford Convent, which officially opens the following night, Saturday 3rd of August, will exhibit video, installation and site-specific works including more experimental pieces.

Along side Tapscott and Mitchell-Fin, 16 artists have been chosen for the inaugural year, and include 2011 FX International Interior Design Award Winner Kent Graton and German installation artist Max Sudhues, who was one of the youngest artists to have work selected as part of the first annual Light Biennale in Germany along with big names such as Dan Flavin and James Turrell.

The Festival aims to become an important inclusion on the local and international cultural calendar being the only festival of its kind that exhibits a such a wide variety of works across both light art and design in Australia.  The festival has already attracted the attention of the lighting community and related industries, thus confirming the need for such an event that supports the growing number of artists and innovative designers working in this medium.

Globelight 2013 is not to be missed!

For more information please visit

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See Australia with DriveNow – One Way Campervan Hire Relocation

This year I have had the pleasure of exploring more of my own backyard, Australia. I often fly when I travel but due to opportunity and access to a car, I’ve been able to see so much more of this great land by taking road trips in South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory. Travelling by road is an amazing way to see unexpected locations and stunning vistas that you just don’t get to experience when flying. This is why I am so excited to have found DriveNow, a business offering One Way Campervan Hire Relocation.


drive now

DriveNow offer you the chance to take a road trip for next to nothing. Seriously, from $1 a day you could take a campervan from Adelaide to Brisbane or Darwin to Alice Springs. With a fuel allowance of $50 or more available and a range of Km included free, this is an affordable way to enjoy a mini holiday or a grand tour in Australia.



Why is DriveNow doing this you ask? Rental companies frequently need to move and relocate campervans around the country. Instead of paying a driver, they offer them to the travelling public at knock down prices producing the perfect win-win outcome.


You can visit the DriveNow website to browse the various vehicles on offer or sign up for the Relocation WatchList and be alerted when great deals are available.  Applying to relocate the campervans is easy with friendly staff to help you once you make an enquiry and a step by step process on the website.

Example of Campervan Hire relocations offer

Example of Campervan Hire relocations offer 


There is some great feedback on the website from Gary & Elizabeth, happy customers who love the Campervan Relocation service:

Without the opportunities you have given us to relocate your vehicles we would never have had the great Great GREAT opportunities we have had to see So many parts of our magnificent country. Our relocations have been from Alice Springs to Darwin, Darwin to Perth, Adelaide to Perth & Brisbane to Alice Springs.”



This is a service I will certainly be looking into in the future. I have so enjoyed travelling around Australia and to know that I could take an affordable mini break to some great destinations around our country makes the decision easy. So who’s up for a road trip?

Flying Tiger is just fine

One of my greatest fears in Travel of recent has been to be daring enough to take on a Tiger Airways flight. But I have now overcome my fear, and I must say – I eat my words, Tiger is just fine.

Tiger Airlines

I was never a fan of the low cost carrier but in 2010 chose to take a flight to Melbourne and give them a go.  As I arrived to the airport, I found out a bird had flown into the engine and my flight was cancelled. I was lucky to be at the back of the queue and had time to run over to Jetstar and get the last seat on a flight that night for a whopping $264 as opposed to the $85 I’d paid for Tiger Airways. I was fuming and vowed never fly them again, as my suspicions had been proven correct, they were unreliable.


However, when it came time to book to go to Alice Springs this July, it appeared they were the only choice. Well it was $250 for Tiger Airways or $1000 for Qantas……. That makes only one choice, and it was Tiger. I booked for just over $300 return with taxes etc. I then waited in anticipation and trepidation for my flight to come.


Even on the morning of the flight, I had little faith that I would make it to NT on time or at all. My friend dropped me to the airport and didn’t even know where Tiger terminal was – he’d never flown them either- and even took the liberty of sending me a “safe flight” message…. He was genuinely concerned- whilst also laughing at me.


I checked in… on time. I got through security… I even got something to eat! We boarded the plane via the tarmac after a bus ride from the terminal. I was that exhausted when I got on, I virtually passed out before we took off. I slept for 2.5 hours and missed the majority of the flight. As we were landing, I read the in flight magazine which I actually really enjoyed and learnt about Tiger’s plans to focus more on customer services and making the process easier for passengers. Smooth landing and I arrived in beautiful, sunny Alice Springs.

Tiger in Alice Springs

Tiger in Alice Springs


Well done Tiger!


You’ve really lifted your game. I will actually start to look at your fares for future flights and destinations as I have been impressed with this current experience.


P.S. Thank you to for their great flight search tool. Without that, I would never have thought to even look at Tiger and would probably be $700 out of pocket.

SOUNDS OF THE SUBURBS- Laneway Festival, Cronulla


Sunday 22nd September 2013: Wilbar Lane – Cronulla (NSW) 

Sounds of the suburbs
Two years in the making, Sounds of the Suburbs is an over 18 lane way festival jam packed with great music, food and culture located deep in the southern suburbs of Sydney.
Space 44 have become infamous for turning a small shitty house with a bad attitude into one of Sydney’s most respected and popular independent art galleries. And now, they take on the lane way in which it fronts by installing 2 stages and inviting 14 bands to come and smash them to pieces with their brand of music. Over one massive day in one little high energy laneway, good times will be going down.
Sounds of the Suburbs will include everything you already loved about Space 44 and more! Such as the LAW (Live Art Wall) that will transform Wilbar Lane into an explosion of talent and colour. The rich and zesty style of Mexican food from El Sol will compliment the top class sangria from The Scorpion Bar.
Sunday 22nd September 2013: Wilbar Lane – Cronulla (NSW)
$55.00 + Booking Fee
Gates Open: 11.00am – Gates Close 9.00pm
Tone Deaf, Sutherland Shire Council, Brass Monkey, El Sol, COG360
Vestal, Alize, Misfit, Coastalwatch, Lodown

Support the Incredible “Boys runs for Boobs” – Charity Run

Today two incredible boys finished a whopping 514km journey from Sydney – North Coast of Australia to raise money for Breast Cancer research through the McGrath Foundation. This is so inspirational, I just wanted to share this story with you.


Here is the campaign and the words from the boys themselves:

Hello all,

Myself and Ben Maddern are at it again. We have spontaneously decided to attempt to run Sydney to Brisbane totalling 1000km in just 10 days this July. Our Melbourne to Sydney run consisted of running 1000km over 21 days resulting in pure exhaustion and more injuries than you could poke a stick at. Needless to say this is a massive step up and we will be putting everything on the line to complete this run.

Similarly to our M2S run, we have decided to fundraise for the McGrath Foundation. McGrath breast care nurses are simply irreplaceable in supporting individuals and their families when confronted with breast cancer. Money is constantly needed to sustain the current number of nurse’s with additional nurses always needed.

Due to the daunting nature of the run and uncertainty if we can even get to the 1000km, we are proposing sponsorship based on kms. This way every single km we run/walk/crawl we will be making money for the McGrath foundation. For example, if you pledge 1c per kilometre and we only complete 657km you donate $6.57 to the McGrath foundation. You could pledge 20c and we end up running 1011km in 10 days therefore donating $202.20 The bottom line is, when we are hurting… every km will matter and we will push. Please post your pledges in the comments section on this page or our blog (link below). Alternatively, you can simply donate a lump sum. Either way to donate click on the link below and follow the prompts.

Please follow and leave messages of support at our

Please donate at:

Thanks in advance,

Joel and Ben

Ben and Joel - Champions!

Ben and Joel – Champions!

Here is a message from one of the final blogs from Nick Hayes who wrote on their behalf as they travelled and who did their last super challenge with them :

I know the boys said their thank you’s yesterday (well I did for them, the lazy sods), but I’d like to personally thank you for the donations you’ve all made to the McGrath Foundation, a great organisation, that the three of us will continue to promote and raise funds for. Every dollar counts! 

On a final note, thank you to everyone who read and shared the blog (ok, so thanks to the two people who read it, ok thank you Ben and Joel for reading it). Spreading the word about this massive effort and worthy cause it’s what it’s all about. And a big thank you to my two best mates, Joel Craddock and Ben Maddern. Without you, this all wouldn’t have happened (well clearly-I’ve never really understood why people always say that? It’s pretty obvious). You two are heroes whether you know it or not, your efforts are nothing short of bloody inspirational, and your feet smell (this is a fresh blog).

Nick Hayes


If you can donate and spread the word, please do! What an epic and amazing journey these boys went on- and now the fundraising and counting of the $$ begins!

Mint Chicks Tour 2013! 25 AUG – 01 SEP New Zealand SNOW

Mint Chicks Tour 2013! 25 AUG – 01 SEP

The most fun women’s progression snowboard tour going around! My friends went last year and had an incredible time. If you’re looking to develop your snowboarding skills, this is the place for you!

Talk to Mint tours for a booking form to lock in your place.