Kitty Flanagan: Charming & Alarming DVD

The other night I enjoyed watching the hilarious Kitty Flanagan’s DVD “Charming & Alarming”. Mum and I sat their giggling throughout the entire DVD as Kitty keeps the laughs coming.

I’ve always liked Kitty on the project when she does her short clips and social commentary, but this can often be quite different to the artists stand up. Not in this case. She is everything you expect her to be. Sharp, witty and warm – she’s likable and laughable… if that’s a term! It’s not but I think it’s funny so I’m laughing.

Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan

My favourite part had to be where Kitty explains how Australians speak and how this is different to Americans and other parts of the world. It’s funny because it’s true! She explains perfectly how we speak out the sides of our mouths and no longer feel the need to use the letter “R”. I often try to explain how to “speak Australian” to foreigners and have now found the perfect way. Thanks Kitty.

I also loved her jokes about mummy talk and the interaction between parents and children. Children are great…. it’s just the parents! Very funny re-enactments of scenarios, imitations of children and observations that we all see but are afraid to point out. Kitty goes there and it’s hilarious!

Can’t wait to see the live show “Hello Kitty” which I missed at Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) due to it being sold out! Watch out for the Australian Tour in 2013.


If you like Comedy and want to get your hands on DVD’s like this, go to – Australia’s Largest Comedy DVD Store

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