Thank you for listening

An old man just talked to me at the bus stop. Told me bout some great op shops up the road.

He then said “Thank you for listening”

He continued “I’m 87. Most people think, because I’m old, I’m silly.”

He repeated “Thank you for listening.”

That’s all it takes. And he’s warmed my heart and brought a tear to my eye. Politeness, kindness and a minute out of your day is easy.


About Lovelly

I'm a true traveller. Even when I'm home, I'm travelling at heart. I'm constantly looking at blog sites on travel and checking out the travel deals and you can be assured that I've got the travel and lifestyle channel on in the background. I'm fun, friendly and adventurous. I'm extremely passionate and driven and once I decide I'm doing something, there is no stopping me! I want to incorporate my passion for travel, exploring and excitement into my everyday life. So blogging it is! View all posts by Lovelly

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