Townsville so far!

Surprise visit to Townsville!

A friend of a friend and I were having dinner a few weeks ago and I was expressing my interest to explore more of Australia and in particular visit some friends in the Army in Darwin and Townsville. She said “Well would you want to go in 3 weeks?”

“Dates?” I replied.

“18-22nd Feb” she said with glee.

“Mental Calendar isn’t ringing a bell!” I responded like gun-fire. “How much?”

“$100 – name transfer and they are yours! I can’t go due to work commitments.” she replied.

And within a week it was settled!

Views over townsville
Views over townsville

It’s so fantastic to be here visiting my friend in Townsville. Not only was I in dire need of a break, but also I have been wanting to come here for 2 years since he was posted here. I had never been to Tropical North Queensland and was keen to see what it was all about.

This is what Tropical North Queensland is about
This is what Tropical North Queensland is about

Suffice to say, I came here knowing nothing and have been pleasantly surprised at every twist and turn. Black hawks and Chinook helicopters flying over head, palm trees on the roads, storm clouds rolling in only to be blasted away by sunshine, islands off the coast and mountains on the land. What a dynamic and beautiful landscape.


Staying in my friends lovely Air conditioned apartment with 2 swimming pools and a spa bath in the courtyard, I’ve been very comfortable.


A stunning drive up Castle Hill to get an incredible view of the city and a plan to come back and walk up it with the many other exercise fiends later in the week.

Magnetic Island from Castle Hill
Magnetic Island from Castle Hill

Off to Magnetic Island tomorrow. Just checking out what’s on and what I should do – though pretty keen just to walk around, lie on the beach and generally explore. I think you need more than a day on the island to see it truly.


Loving my trip so far and think this could be on the cards for another visit. I love Australia, so lucky to live in such a naturally beautiful country.

Thanks for having me Matty! I mean , SIR!
Thanks for having me Matty! I mean , SIR!

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