Falcons Fly First Class

Geez I have some incredible friends. This is my darling Soul Sister, Alana Kaye. She’s a Flight Attendant for Virgin Airlines and this is her experience from the other day.


This is me in the Middle East 2 days ago, at check ins with 7 Falcons, flying to Sudan. These birds travel just as they are, on these small pieces of carpet, each individual bird occupying a first class seat! (These birds do not travel in the cargo!) I had never seen anything like this! ~ Our amazing, interesting world eh! 🙂

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I'm a true traveller. Even when I'm home, I'm travelling at heart. I'm constantly looking at blog sites on travel and checking out the travel deals and you can be assured that I've got the travel and lifestyle channel on in the background. I'm fun, friendly and adventurous. I'm extremely passionate and driven and once I decide I'm doing something, there is no stopping me! I want to incorporate my passion for travel, exploring and excitement into my everyday life. So blogging it is! View all posts by Lovelly

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