Summer Life in Melbourne

Melbourne in Summer is one of the best places to be in the World!

Everyone is out, there are 100’s of events on and the weather shows itself off for once!


I was lucky to have LOTS of activities over Summer including:

– Working at Summadayze

– Swimming in the Crown Metropol Rooftop Pool

-Working at the Australian Open

-Watching Andy Murray and Roger Federer at Australian Open

– Getting to Big Day Out Festival free with a friend of a friend of someone in a band – the Gary Clarke Jr Band and later seeing Red Hot Chill Peppers!

– Surfing at Torquay

And more!!


(I think I can write 50 summer posts – all just awesome photos of the great times we’ve been having in Melbourne.)


Here are some snapshots of the fun I was having 🙂IMG_5515 IMG_5511 IMG_5411 IMG_5415 IMG_5263 IMG_4981 IMG_4965 IMG_4952



Simple things in Sydney

I’m from Sydney originally and despite travelling the world, moving to Melbourne and constantly popping interstate – Sydney will always be my home.

I have darling friends and family there that I just can’t stay away from!

I wanted to minimise my trips to Sydney but I am realising now that my home is wherever my heart is. I’m happy in Melbourne and settled to a degree there so I am lucky to be able to visit my friends and family and the beautiful city I grew up in.

My beautiful family (Christmas visit)

My beautiful family (Christmas visit)

Since moving to Melbourne I’ve actually visited Sydney 17 times! Work, friends, family, events – 17 times!!!! How fortunate I have the funds, time and resources to do this. Travel is part of my life.


Sharing with you some moments from that last visit with the ones I care about!

(also got to see Mum, 3 best gal pals from Sydney, Dad, Great Aunty and Uncle, friends from my amazing trip to Machu Picchu and my adopted little sister Naomi.)

IMG_5628 IMG_5631 IMG_5641 IMG_5644 IMG_5634

Saying goodbye to a friend in Sydney - good memories

Saying goodbye to a friend in Sydney – good memories

Take a meditation retreat in Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay and reconnect with your world!


After recently interviewing the lovely Kate James of Total Balance Group, I’m pleased to share with you one of their fabulous retreats.


Are you looking for some relaxation, reconnecting and refreshing? This retreat is the perfect way to collect yourself and regain the balance in your life.



‘Connecting with Creativity’

21-26 November 2013 (5 nights / 6 days)


This beautifully relaxing meditation retreat is designed to help you find lightness and calm and to connect you with your creative spirit (even if it’s been dormant for years).

Our retreat is suitable for everyone – even if you don’t think you’re particularly creative. All you need is a sense of curiosity and a willingness to enjoy a few engaging activities.

Through meditation, yoga, qigong and a handful of creativity workshops, you will unwind, enjoy the peace of nature and begin to discover why creativity…

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Tropical Islands Make You Realise How Beautiful Life Is

As I stood in the beautiful tropical waters of Magnetic Island, I threw my head back and laughed out loud as I realised how LUCKY I am to live the life I live.


How I can take 5 days off a month (though I worked remotely) and be just 30 minutes by Ferry from this paradise. A spur of the moment trip to Townsville and a day trip to this amazing place, Magnetic Island, has made me reconnect, refresh and REALISE what life is all about. LIVING! Loving! Enjoying!

Feeling very thankful today.

IMG_4450 IMG_4413 IMG_4461 IMG_4456 IMG_4472

Travel is the only thing you can buy which makes you richer!

Farm Animal Fun in Bolivia

I am no stranger to the barnyard variety of animal yet I’ve never had such amusement or pure joy at the site of these lovable creatures. When visiting Isla Del Sol, the regular acquaintance of mules, sheep and piglets made me smile to no end.


What was most interesting about the farm animals here was the simple methods of herding and care for the animals. We saw a young girl of approximately 9 and a boy of aged 5 herding down a steep hill – a mule, 5 sheep, 2 pigs and a bull. I had to ask this little girl if the bull was ok as he walked towards me with his horns protruding forward – she giggled and steered him away assuring me it was safe to pass. How much of a city girl did I feel in that moment and yet so much admiration for this beautiful girl and her way of life here on Isla Del Sol.


Walking from North to South of Isla Del Sol on Lake Titicaca we passed may small backyard farms and saw many neighbours and families helping one another. I loved the community feel and the cohesive living of the animals and their keepers. Little piglets ran at our feet as we headed for the North beach and provided us with a good laugh as they scratched their butts on the walls and wooden planks. Ah the simple life.


My only complaint,  I wished at one point the donkeys would rescue me and walk me up the hill but they are working animals and what a good job they do. Farm yard fun in Boilivia.

IMG_1674 IMG_1651

Townsville so far!

Surprise visit to Townsville!

A friend of a friend and I were having dinner a few weeks ago and I was expressing my interest to explore more of Australia and in particular visit some friends in the Army in Darwin and Townsville. She said “Well would you want to go in 3 weeks?”

“Dates?” I replied.

“18-22nd Feb” she said with glee.

“Mental Calendar isn’t ringing a bell!” I responded like gun-fire. “How much?”

“$100 – name transfer and they are yours! I can’t go due to work commitments.” she replied.

And within a week it was settled!

Views over townsville

Views over townsville

It’s so fantastic to be here visiting my friend in Townsville. Not only was I in dire need of a break, but also I have been wanting to come here for 2 years since he was posted here. I had never been to Tropical North Queensland and was keen to see what it was all about.

This is what Tropical North Queensland is about

This is what Tropical North Queensland is about

Suffice to say, I came here knowing nothing and have been pleasantly surprised at every twist and turn. Black hawks and Chinook helicopters flying over head, palm trees on the roads, storm clouds rolling in only to be blasted away by sunshine, islands off the coast and mountains on the land. What a dynamic and beautiful landscape.



Staying in my friends lovely Air conditioned apartment with 2 swimming pools and a spa bath in the courtyard, I’ve been very comfortable.


A stunning drive up Castle Hill to get an incredible view of the city and a plan to come back and walk up it with the many other exercise fiends later in the week.

Magnetic Island from Castle Hill

Magnetic Island from Castle Hill

Off to Magnetic Island tomorrow. Just checking out what’s on and what I should do – though pretty keen just to walk around, lie on the beach and generally explore. I think you need more than a day on the island to see it truly.


Loving my trip so far and think this could be on the cards for another visit. I love Australia, so lucky to live in such a naturally beautiful country.

Thanks for having me Matty! I mean , SIR!

Thanks for having me Matty! I mean , SIR!

Bus Dramas in Bolivia

Where do I start! Tears, tantrums and a lot of time wasting! This is the frequent occurrence when dealing with the bus system in Bolivia!!


We wanted to go from Copacabana to Uyuni, The Salt Flats. We knew we had to go via La Paz, all good! But we didn’t now we’d end up spending a night there and wasting an entire day and missing out on our 3 day tou in Uyuni. Here goes the story.


We arrived in Copacabana on 2nd November and then went to Isla Del Sol for 2 nights. At this time however we enquired about Salt Flats tours in Uyuni and transportation there. We had learned that we could go from here all the way to Uyuni in an overnight trip and then do our 3 day tour. Great. We’ll buy tickets and negotiate when we get back.

Bus to Bolivia from Peru

Bus to Bolivia from Peru


No! Lies. All lies. And this is a regular occurrence in the lovely country of Bolivia. I spent 2 hours walking up and down a hill walking into every bus and tour company there was asking could we get tickets from Copacabana to Uyuni…… No was the response. Not only this but whilst I was running around town, my friend Jess was researching the route and came across some very interesting information. “A blog post identified that we would have to get out of the bus at a lake on the way to La Paz, go by ferry across the Lake whilst our 3 tonne bus goes across the water with all our belongings on a ferry also. I’m sorry WHAT!!!!!!! None of the companies mentioned this when I was asking about “direct from Copacabana to La Paz” Are you kidding me? Where in the world is there a “direct bus” that has to cross a lake by ferry MINUS it’s passengers! Who would think to ask this question? But in Bolivia…. These are the questions you MUST ask.


enjoying the view whilst our bus crosses lake titicaca

enjoying the view whilst our bus crosses lake titicaca

Hot, bothered and frustrated I finally came across one that would do it. More than I wanted to pay but it would have us arriving in Uyuni the next morning, via La Paz that night and leaving by 4pm In the afternoon. The conversation to get to this point is quite interesting:

Me:  “So this is a direct bus to La Paz”

Senora: “Si”

Me: “It goes straight to La Paz without stopping?”

Senora: “Si”

Me: “So you don’t have to cross a lake at any point on that bus journey?”

Senora: “Oh yes, you cross the lake?”

Me: “So it’s not direct?”

Senora: “It’s direct via the lake. All the buses go via the lake. They have to. This is the direct way to La Paz”


Case in point Bolivia!!!


Our bus on the lake!

Our bus on the lake!

So anyway, buy the tickets. Skip with glee. Tell Jess and at 4pm we head up to our bus. Hand the man my ticket and no…….. this is not a ticket… this is a RECEIPT! This was not the first tie this thing had happened to us. It happened in Peru forcing us to buy a new first class ticket and forego our pre purchased ticket! ARGHHHHH!

Luckily I had time to RUN down the hill and find the senora who conveniently had my tickets sitting on her desk! What are you doing to me!!!!

She was very sorry, came with me to the bus and assured me I would have no problems in La Paz. Oh might I mentioned as I ran up the hill I thought I’d lost my phone and flipped out! Luckily it was in my bag.

We got on the bus and it took me half an hour and 3-4 ranting blog posts to calm down and  laugh about it. But I knew this wasn;t the end.

Despite my begging and pleading I had only a receipt for my La Paz- Uyuni journey and I also had to call a man “Javier” when we reached La Paz to arrange our bus for 9pm that night. I had a bad feeling….


Kissing the bus! I'm so happy it was still there after crossing a LAKE

Kissing the bus! I’m so happy it was still there after crossing a LAKE

After 3 hours on the bus, and now at 4000m Altitude, we were weary travelers and ready for our overnight bus. Jess suffers badly from the altitude sickness and was dreading the stay in La Paz. I had to hunt for the ticket office, they knew nothing about it, found another with similar name – explained again I don’t have a ticket but a receipt and that this bus company isn’t even here! WHAT!!

I get cash out, huge notes so no person in the station will give me small change to use the phone. Eventually I get a lady to cooperate and I use the phone to call Javier….. to learn that our bus is TOMORROW!


Shoot me!


I was at the end of my rope! After getting over the shock, I tried to negotiate another bus, I tried to get a refund and tried to understand how the hell this had happened. I expressly booked the ticket for today. He tells me he told her it was full and that there were only seats tomorrow but she had not managed to pass on this message – despite my begging and pleading for a ticket and not a receipt, she’d still forgotten to pass on this VERY important piece of information. I ended up a fuming, crying, shaking mess on the phone  and my Spanish was fast going out the window. I was beside myself. How could this system be so unbelievably disorganized and unreliable and how the hell are we ever going to get around this country.


A tanty followed, informed Jess of the situation who was hell bent on going after Javier for our money, and then a resigned phone call to make plans for the following night.


Luckily Jess knew about Loki Hostal in la Paz and even had the address so we could head there for the night and rest our exhausted bodies and brains.

loki loves you, la paz, bolivia

loki loves you, la paz, bolivia


So… bus travel in Bolivia. It’s so common, it’s so available, it’s just SO unreliable. Allow 1 or 2 days either side of plans and if you are on a tight time frame then beware.


Bolivia, you are beautiful – but damn you frustrate me!