Food with a grain of salt in South America

When ordering food, you will not only need to have a pinch of salt, but you need to take the understanding and interpretation of what you have ordered with a grain of salt.

alpaca meat

alpaca meat

Spaghetti can be with Napolitano sauce and onions and capsicum in a sort of sweet sauce in one place, and be traditional spag bol in another. Pointing at a picture of fried crumbed fish may lead to you receiving grilled fish with a rich tomato sauce. A Hawaiian Pizza may come with not only ham and pineapple, but also peaches and glacier cherries.

Nutritious meals with Amazonas Explorer whilst hiking

Nutritious meals with Amazonas Explorer whilst hiking



Be as specific as possible when ordering and if there is a picture go for that – but just be aware that you have a 60% chance of getting not only the correct item but also the English interpretation of the food.

Fresca Salas, nachos,limonada

Fresca Salas, nachos,limonada

This being said, we have enjoyed pretty much all of our meals and the misinterpretations or variations on menus have provided us with amusement.

Alpaca meat!

charcoal chicken

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