2013 Bucket List


It’s that exciting time of year where we get to wipe the slate clean and start all over with a new list of goals and achievements for the year!


machu picchu

machu picchu

With inspiration from Bucket List Publications and their incredible blog, I have decided to lay out my Bucket List for the year. I do have an overall one with some pretty extravagant and extreme projects planned but I have decided to focus on the short term. I have chosen 20 activities items for my list, as I like round numbers.

Travelling to visit my Cuzzie in the USA is my fave

Travelling to visit my Cuzzie in the USA is my fave

So here it is, The Ultimate To-Do List.


  • Attend a wedding in Sri Lanka
  • Have a family holiday with my Dad and Siblings
  • Take a weekend trip with my family
  • Post a minimum of 250 blogs on this here Blog
  • Post 20 videos to Youtube of my Travels
  • Host a friend from overseas in my home city, Melbourne.
  • Attend an 8 week Salsa Course
  • Practice my Spanish on a weekly basis
  • Raise at least $10,000 for Charity
  • Snowboard at all 3 Victorian Major Ski Resorts
Indian Wedding, Can't wait for the Sri Lanka version

Indian Wedding, Can’t wait for the Sri Lanka version

  • Write a Travel Book (Draft at least)
  • Visit Adelaide for the Fringe Festival
  • Represent a Comedian at one of the Australian Comedy Festivals
  • Take my Dad to the Sydney Comedy Festival
  • Visit my darling friend on the Gold Coast
  • Surf at least 10 times and stand up for 10 seconds
  • Run a http://www.explorergirls.com Girls Adventure trip
  • Go Rock Climbing – it’s been far too long!
  • Visit my Army friends in Darwin or Townsville
I love the snow! This was January 2007 - Switzerland

I love the snow! This was January 2007 – Switzerland

And last but not least…..



So – stay tuned, check in with me on 31st December 2013 and let’s see how I go. I think I shall be printing this post and putting it on my wall.



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