Generalisations of Bolivia

So my friend and I have compiled a nonsensical list of observations about Bolivia in our short 3 days here. These range from the useful and informative to the absurd and completely useless facts. Enjoy


  • Children playing on the road- people are so casual here
  • Glacier cherries and peach on a Hawaiian Pizza – why not? Evidently, someone bought mixed canned fruit instead of pineapple.
  • People go for Jesus here in a big way.
  • Unless you ask a specific question, down to the minutiae of detail, you will always get an answer which somewhat evades the truth


  • If you want a smoothie, and you see one in a restaurant, buy it, as the next restaurant won’t have it.
  • 80% of the menu will not be available
  • 70% of the restaurants on Isla Del Sol will not be open
  • Dinner tonight  – “we have spaghetti, do you want that?” Looks like Spaghetti it is!
  • Pigs scratching their butts on wood is hours of amusement for one and all
  • Ask 1 question, get 20 different answers
  • If you miss the boat (figuratively and literally) there is always another – and probably at the same price
  • Don’t buy a return ticket when you buy your ticket to a place as it will tend to be your plans change.
  • Bowler hats and long skirts are just as popular here as they are in Peru –FACT!
  • Buses travel by ferry whilst you wait on the land

Ferry bus

Ferry bus

  • Capacity of a boat is no deterrent to how many people you can actually fit on a boat. If it doesn’t sink – it will swim.
  • Capacity of boats is a frame of mind


  • A chocolate is 10 bolviianos – a night to sleep in a room with a bathroom and warmth, is 25 bolivianos –go figure!
  • A beer is 1 bolivianos, a snickers is 10 bolivianos – ergo Beer is better than chocolate
  • If you pronounce the one word incorrectly enough times ( for example, 4) then at some point there will be understanding . Por ejemplo (for example) eucalyptus, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, eucalyptus????? Ohhhhhh!!! Eucalypto!!
  • Blatant lies are the norm. Not a misguidance or mistruth, just out right lies
  • Graffiti makes things beautiful
  • Timeliness and prompt arrival are vague concepts


That being said, we had a blast and loved visiting this interesting and dynamic country.

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