Loki Loves You

Loki does love you, though I feel it’s a love hate relationship. She’ll fill you with booze til your down and out and your screaming for mercy, then nurture you back to health with love and enormous breakfasts.


loki loves you
loki loves you

Loki Hostal is located in a number of places yet I had the privilege of not once but twice staying in the La Paz hostal. We were lucky my friend had stayed at the Lima one because we arrived very late to La Paz on a bus and had no idea what to do with ourselves for 24 hours until we could get our bus the next day (That’s another story!!! See “Bus Dramas in La Paz).


It’s about a 3 story building located pretty centrally in La Paz and once inside you have a place to escape the madness of the city. We had a 6 bed dorm for girls which had large comfortable beds, 2 pillows, a bathroom in the room and it was quite and clean!!


There is a quiet zone with a beautiful fountain, books to borrow or buy and tiles that are straight out of a Morrocan princes home. There is also an atrium so you can as my friend did, nap under the sun.

the quiet zone
the quiet zone


Then you have the bar!! Oh the bar! Dancing on the bar is not only accepted but welcomed, Blood bombs are the house drink ( grenadine red syrup, vodka shots, dropped into red bull and drank quickly) and tattoo artists come every Sunday for those loco enough to mark their experience with a permanent picture on their body.


the friendly bar staff
the friendly bar staff


Activities! So many funtivities!! Horse riding or bike rides to death road. These are organized through the house tour company. Then there is the crazy entertainment manager Mick who has 2-3 activities per day on offer. Most involve drinking to be fair, but all are fun and available to all. I went tin pin bowling – Bolivian style where the pins have to be manually picked up and placed and the ball is rolled back. And then We had Karaoke on my last night. My ears will never forgive me for putting them through that but we had so much fun.


Kicking on to other bars is quite the norm – We made it to Olivers Travels and again danced on the bar, danced like crazy and the rum and beer was flowing.


The resident tattoo artist, Gabrielle
The resident tattoo artist, Gabrielle

I managed to get 30 minutes sleep before I had to head to the airport to leave La Paz, and I wouldn’t change a thing.


Loki Loves you – And I Love Loki.


Thank you Mick, Jamie (Scotsman part owner), Sam, Jeremy, Sean and so many others for your fun and crazy attitudes that made this place great. And to the local Bolivians who work there and put up with you, thank you!!!

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