Working at the snow for Mountain Dew

Finally I was given my absolute dream job! Promotions work at the snow for a weekend. Mountain Dew were the snow angels who blessed me with this opportunity and I had a great time and can’t believe I got paid to do what I love.

I caught the bus up from Melbourne on the Friday and was met in Mansfield by the team leader and our Jeep for the weekend. This is a much cheaper option for getting to Mt Buller if you can arrange it, the bus was just $22 with V-Line. Once up top we loaded up the Jeep with 1000’s of cans of Mountain Dew and then handed them out for the afternoon to people in the carpark. We were met with many “Thank you’s “and “You’re angels” as the tired snow bunnies were heading off the hill. Mountain Dew with its caffeine hit and great taste was certainly going to help them for the drive home.

The lovely team from the Marketing Department of  Mt Buller were a great help to us and I actually stayed in staff accommodation with some of the team. It was really wonderful and they took good care of me, taking me out for dinner and a round of darts on Friday night. Saturday night was the big event, the Cattleman’s Rail Jam, Sponsored by Burton, and I was lucky to be there for this awesome event and one of the biggest parties of the season. It was a great night and good to meet up with some guys from Burton, videographer and photographer Mic Simpson and see some of the Fyve team representing. I was lucky to be working with Jason Maxfield, Pro rider for Quiksilver, super nice guy and great rider.


Jason Maxfield with happy Mountain Dew recipients

I got to head out to the slopes Saturday and Sunday. Sadly Saturday morning was rainy, foggy and slushy – but Mt Buller has a tendency to grace us with these conditions. Being the keen bean snow bunny I am, I still put in a good few hours but called it a day around 11.30 as I had to head off for work in the afternoon. Sunday morning was 8cm of fresh snow and bluebird skies. I don’t think I’ve ever got dressed so quickly in my life! A couple of lovely runs first thing in the morning cruising around the mountain was a great way to start the day.

We met some great characters and the Mountain Dew was very well received with lots of “Extreme” comments. It was snowing for the Saturday and Sunday sessions but I had asked for snow, so my wishes were granted. It wasn’t bad at all and as you can see, we were well catered for with our wonderful uniforms.

Thanks Mountain Dew. It’s my pleasure to make snow bunnies happy at any mountain, any time. DO THE DEW!

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