First to the fallen few – A poem for two constables

A special post and tribute to two police officers who were murdered last week in the United Kingdom.

Let’s please be kind to one another.
“every human life is precious” – Dalai Lama

This beautiful poem is dedicated by Duncan Filer to the lives that were lost.

For Police Constables Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes

Rest in Peace

First to the Fallen Few (TFOR)

Such a finely vibrating needle,

A vibrato of uncertainty,

Quivering indecision,

Old in a very new way,

Harder deeper faster,

Always detached from the aged new,

Frightening trembling rewardingly selfless,

To give of me

To give completely body and soul,

Spirit, mixing ambition and drive,

Comfort lonely with bright light and darkening night,

Fortune of soul,

Fortune of future,

Fortune to ruins end,

No trace of existence at the close of day

Save for a job well done,

All or nothing versus nothing at all,

Stand close and stand tall

For we are the few

Peace & love

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