Have you met a Kangaroo?

Skippy is not the only Kangaroo in the world, look at these 80 odd at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Brighton, Tasmania. We got to go out with our grass pellets and gives these gorgeous creatures a pat.











Friendly until you stop feeding and then expect a few paws going into your handbag and possibly a scratch or two. Naughty joeys!


Australia’s national crest sports them as does our $1 coin and they are a true national treasure. Beware when driving on Australian roads as they do like to bounce around and will do more damage to your car sometimes then to themselves. When you see this yellow sign, keep an eye out.

beautiful Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary


My hilarious gal pal JMac is in the Girls Night show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. I’m there tomorrow night, come along and enjoy a laugh!


I’m playing a gig tomorrow night at 8:45pm as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and I will def be wearing my HAWKS footy jumper! Go HAWKS! Come support comedy! Good times 🙂 Shout outs to the legendary Cath Styles for her hard work. Check out this great review here.

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Night Noodle Markets – Crave Sydney Food Festival

My favourite time of year, Night Noodle Markets, Sydney.

The Crave Sydney Festival goes from October 1-31 2012

Luckily this year I’m going to be in Sydney to attend. The only trouble is trying to choose from the many many delicious dishes on offer.

See more here:

Night Noodle Markets – Crave Sydney Food Festival.

The Crave Sydney International Food Festival presented by Citibank is managed by Fairfax Events.

Tasmanian Devils are adorable but highly Endangered

The famous inhabitants of this Island, The Tasmanian Devils. Named thus due to the ungoidly screatch and scream they make when fighting over food or habitats. First settlers said they islands were haunted with banshees, ghosts and devils. No not at all, just these fuzzy four legged friends.







Sadly due to facial tumours, their population has diminished by 85% in the past 10 years. This is a tragedy and a huge threat to other Australian wildlife and the eco-system. Foxes are introduced pests and if not kept at bay, they will take over as predators and wreak havoc on our small mammals.



The Tassie Devils clean up carcasses of dead farm and

native wildlife, and are the main clearers of roadkill – which also leads to their deaths. You can learn more about the plight of the  Tassie devil and help their cause here: www.tassiedevils.com.au 






Help protect these little beauties by visiting them, learning about them and talking about them. We visited them at the Bonorong Wildlife Park 

Cute and cuddly – but not recommended to this unless working with them for years like Cory has


Darkness and Light- Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012

Melbourne Fringe Festival Show coming soon – Darkness and Light.

Starts on the 8th October.

More info here:




The line-up isn’t finalised yet, but it includes some fantastic comics, including Geraldine Hickey, Nath Valvo, Fiona Scott Norman, Toby Halligan, Ronny Chieng, Bart Freebairn, Matthew Klein, Tessa Waters, Simon Hall (Yon – Tripod), Joel Creasey and Charles Barrington, talking about some challenging times. There’s lots of emphasis on mental health issues, particularly depression.


Watch this space! More coming soon:

Cath Styles Creative Producer


Girls Night at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

In it’s 3rd season at Melbourne Fringe, festival favourite Girls Night is a regular showcase of female comics that has also had successful seasons at Adelaide Fringe Festival, and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals over the past two years, as well as having a sold out mini tour of NSW and Queensland earlier this year.
The aim of the show is to provide a regular showcase for female comics across all the comedy genres to promote their festival shows, and / themselves, whilst providing a great opportunity for networking amongst female comics.
As well as providing these opportunities to established, and newer local female comics, Girls Night regularly features acts from the UK and US, as well as New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, and Germany to name a few countries, with the aim of helping visiting comics find an audience where they may not be well known.
Girls Night has featured acts such as Fiona O’Laughlin, Felicity Ward, Cecelia Pacquola, and Bev Killick, and regular favourite DeAnne Smith, as well as up and coming acts such as Tegan Higginbotham and Girls Uninterrupted, and local favourites Geraldine Hickey and Ethel Chop. 
The line-up changes nightly, and includes, (but is not limited to) a mixture of stand-up and musical comedy, often also including clowning, circus acts, burlesque, and cabaret – all of which add up to a varied and value packed show. 

Creative Producer Cath Styles


The 2012 Fringe includes girls representing 9 Fringe shows, and includes: 

Wednesday, 26 September

Anna Log, Morven Smith, Telia Neville, Diana Nguyen, Ethel Chop

Thursday, 27 September

Sharyn Booth, Lisa Fineberg, Kate Boston Smith, Rachel Leary, Em O’Loughlin

Friday, 28 September

Anna Log, Linda Beatty, Geraldine Hickey, Ethel Chop

Saturday, 29 September

Nat Britten, Victoria Healy, JMAC, Em O’Loughlin, Tess Waters

Sunday, 30 September

Kate Boston Smith, Ailsa Dunlop, Sophie Miller, Tess Waters, Louise McCrae and Nicolette Minster (Girls Uninterrupted)


More info can be found here: