Varanasi in Pictures

Varanasi is a mixed bag for me. I didn’t love it but I certainly didn’t hate it. A city of intricacy, diversity, complexity and chaos. Mostly chaos.

Something draws us here though. It’s is the Hindu pilgramage site where they meet Mother Ganga, their beloved Ganges river.


Cremations and burnings happen by and in the river.


Saddhu’s come here and enter their 3rd and 4th stages.


Thousands of people bathe in this river daily.


And there are temples everywhere. Often called the city of Temples or the city of death….


Varanasi, thank you for the experience. I’ll be back for sure.

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2 responses to “Varanasi in Pictures

  • Derek4Real

    Wild! I have never been to India. Parts of it amaze me while others confuse me LOL.. Best wishes on your journey!


    • Lovelly

      Thanks so much! It was an incredible journey. 2 months in India and Varanasi was one of the last stops. A most intriguing and interesting city which definitely deserves a visit. I write quite a lot on India so have a browse and stay tuned for more.


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