Inspire Me

Here are a few quotes and images that are inspiring me at the moment. I love positive affirmations, quotes and messages of strength and reassurance.

Seen on a friends phone, I needed it right away. Great message.


Go after it! Go for your dreams. Love it. Let it change. Great!


Tell me I won’t, tell me I can’t, tell me I can’t – go on, cos it’s only going to inspire me to do it more!


Send me your messages of inspiration and motivation!


Top 5 Things I missed in Melbourne


Woulda, shoulda, coulda!


How many times have you said “I wish I’d done that”. Luckily for me, not too many, but sometimes I do have regrets and here are a few things I’m sad I didn’t get to see. Here are my top 10 wish I coulda been there!


  1. The Art of the Brick Lego
    My love of Lego is childish but it’s something I do adore. Luckily I got to work with Lego the other weekend but it’s not quite the same 🙂 I went to an exhibition when I was about 6 and was just amazed at what these little coloured bricks can create

  2. Torquay/ Bells Beach Surf Comp in Feb
    A friend was shooting this comp as she’s a professional photographer which meant I could have got up close and personal, but I was too lazy/ pushed for time that I missed it.
  3. Run Melbourne
    My friend operates this event and it’s one of Melbourne’s biggest. I had the morning off and I didn’t go out the night before so I was totally available to do it. Better luck next year.
  4. Brunswick Billy Cart races
    My friends randomly got invited to this and apparently it’s quite the institution in that neck if the woods. Oh how i adore go karts.
  5. Racing Days
    I went to one fo the racing carnivals, Melbourne Cup but couldn’t get to Stakes Day, Oaks Day or any of the days at Caulfield Cup. At least I got to the big one.

  1. I’m trying now to experience the most of melbourne I can. I work a lot on random days including weekends, but I will be actively making the effort to go and take part in these special events.

    Any recommendations for things I MUST see?

Bike N’ Blend – You gotta work for your lunch!

Last month I was at the Bay Bike Ride event in Melbourne wth 1000’s of Bike enthusiasts and brands representing in the cycle industry. But one bike really stood out to me and I just loved the healthy living it promotes. Bike N’ Blend. Ride your bike, with blender attached, until your smoothie is mixed!

What a cool concept! The novelty factor was overwhelming and the smoothies were deliciouos. The rider is left with a sense of pride after mixing up their own healthy, refreshing drink. I had a banana smoothie with cinnamon – delicious and filling, meaning I didn’t need anything else for lunch, plus it had protein powder in it.

Bike N’ Blend have no fixed location (funny that, being on bikes) so they set up at festivals and events all over Victoria. You can hire them to come to your fete, party, festival or event and they can set up quickly and easily to make their wonderful drinks.


Check out the pics of me working hard for my lunch! I couldn’t stop laughing and you really have to pedal hard. It’s such a great concept. Exercise and healthy living.


For more information on Bike N’ Blend, do visit their facebook page:

or Email the lovely Lena

The Vibe Hotel Free Towel offer is back!

Today I was sent some great info from The Vibe Hotel group about a great summer offer. A free towel and a great stay in one of their many properties, sounds good to me!

Due to popular demand, the Vibe towel is back for summer 2012! All guests have to do this season to score the poolside essential is check-in to any Vibe Hotel for two nights or more to chillout, plus Vibe are also throwing in free brekky!


The package includes:

·         Two nights accommodation in a vibe-rant guest room

·         A scrumptious free full buffet breakfast for two at curve cafe + bar

·         A free Vibe towel – the ultimate poolside accessory for summer


To book the best online rates guaranteed, check out:

about the free Vibe towel…

The Vibe towel is back @ Vibe Hotels this summer due to popular demand. Made from high quality fabric, the bright and sophisticated lime, purple and black pattern appeals to both guys and girls. The design of the towel encapsulates the character and mood of both Vibe Hotels and the lifestyle of the iconic Australian summer. If you fall in love with your free Vibe towel and need more, it’s also available to purchase from the front desk of all Vibe Hotels across Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Darwin. RRP: $30.00.

For more details about the package and Vibe Hotels, please see the attached press release. If you would like any further information or to review the package, please don’t hesitate to contact Vibe Hotels.

Tessa Anderssen |  Communications Manager  |  Toga Hospitality 
Medina Apartment Hotels, Vibe Hotels, Travelodge Hotels (Australia & NZ) and Adina Apartment Hotels (Europe & Sydney)

T:   + 61 (0) 2 9356 1005  |  F:   + 61 (0) 2 9356 1070  |  M:  + 61 (0) 416 973 247
Head Office: Level 5, 45 Jones Street, ULTIMO, NSW 2007 | PO Box 1745, STRAWBERRY HILLS, NSW 2012

Life through a Lens – Sarah Churcher Photographer

Sarah Churcher is a photographer and friend. She takes beautiful images through the lens and from behind the lens make you smile with her good heart and lovely sense of humour.

Sarah was one of the first friends I made in Melbourne and she has helped me greatly by providing me with some beautoful photgraphs for my portfolio. She is a Kiwi of Origin but a Melbournian at heart.

Emma Lovell by Sarah Churcher

Emma Lovell by Sarah Churcher

Sarah at work



Learn more about her wonderful photography, her love of New Zealand and her new home in Oz.


Traveller Profile

  1. Name: Sarah Churcher
  1. Occupation: Photographer
  1. Country of Residence: Australia
  1. Country of Origin: New Zealand
  1. email/contact/ website:

0423 281 324

  1. Why do you love Travel?

I love to see and photograph new things in new light. I think travel is vitally important to our growth as human beings. I wish I could do more travel, to be a Travel Photographer is an ultimate dream of mine!

  1. Favourite place in your home country and why?

My favourite place in New Zealand is Wanaka – in Central Otago. There is nothing better than being surrounded by the stunning landscape with a glass of local wine in hand! Balmy nights…live music ….Wanaka is simply breath taking!

  1. Best place for tourists to visit in your country?

Central Otago – Wanaka and Queensland! Stunning, and so much to do! John Travolta did say “If God lived on Earth, he’d live in Queenstown”

  1. What other country would you live in if you had to leave your country?

I have already left my home country and live in Oz…if I had to leave here I fancy myself somewhere along the shores of Italy. Who doesn’t!

  1. Best travelling experience anecdote in your own country?

We went whale watching off Kaikoura and not only were we surrounded by two whales but also a pod of over 500 dolphins! Completely stunned by our experience on the way back to shore the engines were suddenly turned off and two hector dolphins swam past. Felt like a dream! It was unbelievable!

  1. Favourite activity when around your city?

In Melbourne it’s hard to select one particular favourite! The beach, the shows, the exhibitions, the laneways, the bars, the restaurants…

  1. Do you feel you know your country well, or is more exploring of your homeland needed?

New Zealand – very well! Australia needs much more exploring!


  1. Any warnings for travellers visiting in your country?

Visiting NZ – dress warmly.

  1. Must see movie featuring your country and Why?

Obvious answer, sorry! Lord of the Rings. Or how about The Piano – also a goodie!

  1. The best book to read before visiting your country?

Lost in New Zealand by Craig Potton

  1. The must eat dish or delicacy of your country?

Any seafood! Bluff oysters! Hockey pockey ice cream! Watties tomato sauce! YUM

17. The top three sayings to make travellers stay in your country easier? E.g. How much? Too expensive or Hello.

Not sayings so much as words you should know!

Esky = Chilly bin

Togs = swim suit

Thong = Jandle (this is an important one – thongs mean g-strings in NZ!)

  1. Best time of year to visit?

Different benefits to going all year round!

  1. The 4 words that best describe your country:

Picturesque, mountainous, relaxed … perfect

Contact Sarah for her Great Work