Are you doing enough training?

  •  Backdated to  25 August 2011


Are you training enough? Are you fit enough?  Are you strong enough?


Everyday people are askng me am I ready for my Kilimanjaro Climb.


The answer is, I don’t know.


How can I know?


I’ve been getting in my 2 hour walks, heading to the gym, doing some of my P90X workout DVD’s and just trying to get the fitness in as much as possible.


But I’ve never done a 7 day hike. I’ve never even done a 1 day hike- so I don’t know what to be prepared for.


I’m taking each day is it comes. It’s just one foot in front of the other.


Pole Pole – slowly slowly, The African guides tell trekkers this on the trip.  I think this is the most common advice- walk to the beat of your own drum and pace yourself. You’ll make it!


Any training advice or tips from any climbing you have done?



I am currently in Africa Climbing the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro. I’m climbing on behalf of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and raising money for the wonderful work they do.


You can still sponsor me by visiting my online fundraising page:


KILI COUNTDOWN – 20 Days to go


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