Commanding Respect

Something I love in South Asia, though I know it can be seen as bad and wrong in some circles, is the commanding of respect.


A boss can walk into his office and his staff of 20 will stand immediately. Whilst he walks about with his guests or colleague, they will remain standing. This kind of respect for authority and position is lost in the western world.


Some may question why they deserve such respect and what they do in order to earn it, but others believe that there is no need to question it- they are the boss, they have the title, they have the right to respect.


I truly enjoyed watching the businessman who was chairing the organizing committee for the meeting I was attending in Bangladesh, walk down the hall with 10 of his staff in tow. Everywhere we went we had an entourage and the moment we realized we needed something, someone would run to collect it or complete the task. It’s incredible the dedication, or perhaps subordanance to their roles these people have. I feel it something to be admired that they whole heartedly commit to the task, and you see it when they complete it with such efficiency.



Things did take quite a while to get going with the meeting for Dhaka. A lot of bureaucracy a lot fo channels and ums and ahs, but once it came down to the point of getting things done, they are on it. They have pulled together a meeting with the most spectacular amount of details covered, in such a short time.


It’s an incredible thing to see before your eyes- adherance to an order and a job that has been set out. This is why I love this part of the world. And it still amazes me everytime.

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