Passed out on a plane

Passing out in general is not something one really wants to do, but on a plane, it is certainly not ideal. Unfortunately this was soemthing I experiences yesterday on my sydney – Abu Dhabi flight.

We have no reason as to why it happened. I had eaten. I’d drunk quite a bit of water, I was fit and healthy and I was calm. We were all shocked.

So the story goes:

I was watching a movie (127 hours, the arm cutting off bit) and I said to my little sister Andrea “I think i’m gonna pass out”. She said immediaitely my eyes rolled back in my head and off I went!! I was out for a few seconds and came to with an intense fever and I couldn’t breath. My chest felt like it was tightening up, I was hot, I couldn’t see clearly and I felt as though I was being rolled around in circles.
They put me on oxygen and took me to business class for 3 hours, I was so weak. The Crew supervisor, cabin manager and 3 of the business class attendants were terribly worried. As was half the plane as they had seen me walk through with an oxygen mask. Not the image I usually like to portray.
I’m ok now, 10 hours later. I managed to sleep and even eat some breakfast. It wasn’t the most pleasant flight, but apparently my vitals are all good. still feel a bit dizzy but ok!!!
Most intense experience on a plane ever! The crew kept asking was it my first time flying or do I usally get sick, but I have never even felt nauseous on a plane. I catch at least 10 flights a year!! what is going on?
A huge thank you to the Ethihad crew. Stephanie, Cabin Manager, and Tom, Crew staff, Amazing! You supported me and kept me calm. If you ever pass out on a plane, you want these people watching over you.
And to my beautiful Sister Andrea!! I usually travel alone and for once, I had her by my side! She was an angel and a great support. Love you!
Word of warning-  do not watch 127 hours on a plane when you are reasonably tired…. the blood is not inducive to calm rest and a peaceful flight.
Happy travels!!

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