Flavour Election HALF BAKED – Wk 2

So we’ve finished Week 2 and the Half Baked campaign continues.
I must admit I came up against a few walls this week. I couldn’t find my flavour anywhere… well in the 3 places I tried and I found it somewhat disheartening.

But in the 11th hour/ on Sunday, I FOUND IT.



Cronulla BP in Sydney came through with the goods. And the deliciousness was enjoyed by one and all, as you will see in the photos.


I ventured to Melbourne last weejend and visited the Hoyts Scoop Store in Chadstone. Sadly to no avail! No scoops of Half Baked and no pints.


So When I got back to Sydney I thought I’d take a visit to the Broadway Hoyts Scoop Shop. NO!!! No scoops and no pints. Devastation was fast approaching.

So I decided to look to my nearest distributors. Engadine, my old home town was definitely the place I would find it!none again!! Strawberry and Vanilla only. Are you kidding me with this? I was feeling really low…. and probably due to my lack of sweet goodness.


So this is why you need to VOTE FOR HALF BAKED!!! We need to have a wider distribution and availability of the best flavour. So you can taste it and love it!!

Some cool photos and a few videos are up now. Hoping to get a lot of footage this coming week at my FLAVOUR RALLY!
Being held at UTS in Sydney. corner of Broadway and Harris St! Be there for some free ice cream of the best variety!!


Details here : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=197581506931466&index=1

Thanks for your support and remember.


CheersEmma Half Baked Lovelly


Why Smoke on a Cruise??


Caribbean cruises are exotic, exciting, relaxing and luxurious way to spend your holiday. Sneezing, rubbing itchy eyes and coughing up a lung should not be associated with cruising. Sadly, as Smoking is still permitted in a number of areas on the cruise, these are some of the things you may experience.

One of the first places that smoking was banned was an aircraft. Next were shops and restaurants. Bars came along soon after – even in major cities like New York, London and Sydney one must smoke outside. Places such as Paris have even gone to the extent of banning smoking anywhere within the vicinity of an eatery.


So why I ask you, do they still allow people to smoke on a cruise ship. A transportation device and vessel of mass proportion. Carrying 4000 people, would one not think that smoking would be somewhat of a , I don’t know, FIRE HAZARD.


I did mention my disappointment with the lack of restriction on smoking to the Cruise staff and also placed it on numerous feedback forms. On the Royal Carribean cruise ship, people can smoke:


  • On the decks
  • In the casino
  • In the Night club
  • In the rooftop bars
  • Some areas of indoor bars


This to me is an outrageous list!

My friend and I went outside one night to get “fresh air” and were joined shortly after by a random smoker who stood in front of us and blew his smoke into the wind, incidentally which blew straight into our face. Why should I have to put up with this?


I woke up every morning with a blocked nose, a sore throat from breathing out of my mouth, a scratchy throat from talking through the smoke and an irritating cough. It made me feel lowsy. Now, one might say I could avoid the Casino and Night Club and therefore reduce my risk of such symptoms. Honestly though, it’s not going to happen.


Smoking should be banned on cruises. If people want to endanger their health, they can do it elsewhere. Give us all a break!



Images from:



The 5 big No-No’s on a Cruise!

Listed here are 5 things you must not do on a cruise. I call them my no no cruise etiquette! Please read and share with all future cruise goers!!!!


1. Smoke in any public area

Why on a plane, in a lot of city restaurants, shopping centres and other enclosed public spaces is smoking banned, but on an enormous cruise liner. Granted, no smoking in dining areas, but there are still some bars, clubs and the casino where people are permitted to smoke. And more annoyingly on the top decks. Hello people,. You are on a ship, the wind blows and the smoke goes with it. Last night my friend and I went to get some “fresh” air and a smoker soon joined us on the outer deck and started blowing smoke in our face.


Smoking should be banned on cruise ships except an open space at the very back of the cruise. No exceptions!!!


2. Act like  a tool

I aim this one at a particular individual that I unfortunately bumped into on a  number of occasions on my cruise! This douche bag was a loud mouth from day 1, during the security and safety talk. Making sure everyone heres and see s him at all time, he has to be the centre of attention. I had the misfortune of then seeing him 3 times within 24 hours. Occasion one was at the Casino bar where he was being loud, obnoxious and speaking aggressively to my favourite bartender which led me to leave the casino early. We walked into a game show and of course, he was down on the floor as one of the team captains. Dude – can I point out that you are not the cruise directior and you are not a celebrity- nobosy wants to see your face. And finally the next day in the Seciest man competition on the pool deck. Fortunately the sensible judges did not name him the winner and some sweet other guys got far more attention.

Have fun by all means but get out of everyone’s face. We didn’t come to see the douche bag show, we’re here to relax. End rant here!

3. Eat the fish that’s in the warmer at lunch

Fish that is sitting in a buffet warmer is never a good choice. Lying down for 2 hours afterwards, nursing a weak stomach is not an enjoyable cruise past time.

(Note: This is not the incriminating fish. This is a lobster tail which was nice, but again, not amazing on the old stomach)


4. Go In the hot tub when sunburnt

I was fortunate enough to keep my redness to a minimum, but an unfortunate individual who sat in the spa when I did was red raw and he was not having a happy time. Spas are great but they are hot- heat and heat don’t mix.


  1. 5. Go to the Casino by yourself

Dad decided after he couldn’t find me and my friends on the main promenade that he would wait for us in the casino. WRONG! He lost $100 on Roulette in 15 minutes. With no friends to cheer you on or share the experience with, the casino can be a very lonely place.

If you take some of these suggestions, I do hope that your cruising experience will be that bit more enjoyable.



Bling Bling Watch

Citizen Ladies ECo Drive Watch – my ultimte bling bling! And first ever Real watch



I had seen this watch in the UK for a handsome sum and decided to save my pennies. I fell in love with the Citizen brand a year ago when I worked along side them at a show. The watches are stunning. After thinking about this watch for a while, I was delighted to see it on my cruise ship in February with a 40% discount. Real diamonds, stainless steel and mother of pearl face. But still! I was not ready for the commitment to a 15 year watch lifetime. I usuaally by $20 ones in Asia but this adds up fast!

So we stopped on our cruise in the wonderful port of St Thomas! Ladies, hide your credit cards, this ones gonna get you. We get dropped off by a driver right in the heart of the jewellery area and I’m bedazzled. We decide to make an effort to look at the watches whilst we are here and the prices are fantastic. I meet the lovely Andy in the House of Rajah and we hit it off right away. He comes out to Sydney a lot so chatted to us about that! He also knew a lot about the divine citizen watches!

I selected 2 to try on…. try before you buy, but know that you are not going to want to take them off. We um’d and ahhed for a good 10 minutes between 2 styles. finally we selected the smaller of the 2 due to my very feminine and delicate wrists- oh you guys flatter me!!


Due to the rapport I had now built with the lovely Andy, I urged him to give me a further discount and round the price up. He is a gem! He did just this, and to sweeten the shopping trip, Dad bought it for me for my birthday! Best day ever!


Andy is an awesome guy as well as an expert when it comes to jewllery, watches and precious stones. He’s often down in Sydney at Jewellery fares but otherwise you can catch him island hopping in the Carribean.


To contact the store:


House of Rajah Jewelers……Est.1973
5332 Raadets Gade
St.Thomas, VI  00802
Tel: 800-316-3616 or 340-776-7770
Fax: 340-777-8898
If you like the watches, check out the Citizen site:

Red and Blue KU

I’m totally down with the KU Basketball team at the moment!!


After recently making a friend from Kansas I have been introduced to American College Basketball and have of course been swyaed to go for the Kansas Team. so Big Up KANSAS Jayhawks!!


Basketball is huge in America and once you got your team, you’re a fan for life!!


I predict that a trip to Kansas is on the cards this year…. how can I not when  my new fave team is there.


They have an awesome catchy song as well. How cool is that!!! Listen up


B DOUBLE E – Red and Blue KU (Official Music Video)




Whats your favourite Basketball Team?


(In Australia, Sydney Kings dominate of course)


Hey guys


So not sure if you know, but i’m in this Ben & Jerry’s Flavour election representing HALF BAKED!
This gives me the chance to win a trip to any ben and jerry’s in the world or win a trip to vermont to visit ben & Jerry’s.
this is my favourite ice cream in the whole wide world, and that is saying a lot!!
I would love your support on this!
The ways to vote and to help me get votes are:
– Like the page on the website – http://www.flavourelection.com.au/half-baked
– Share this link on your Facebook wall.
– Share this link on TWITTER and push #halfbaked
– share this link via email with your friends
– comment on the links on the Ben & jerry’s australia page on Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/BenandJerryAustralia
so basically get as many people as possible talking about Ben & jerry’s HALF BAKED!!
You can see the tally on my page…. 3 flavours are beating me! This is not cool hahah. We gotta boost this.
I appreciate your support.
Do try HALF BAKED. It is truly delicious!
And also watch me making a fool of myself in my video at the http://www.flavourelection.com.au/half-baked page

Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Election – Vote for me!

HEY loyal friends and family,



So we knew it wouldn’t be long before I was off on my next adventure!!



This is it:




From March 7th – April 12th I will be campaigning for Ben & Jerry’s and my favourite flavour to win!!!






You can now call me half baked!


Flavour =

Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams Mixed with Chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Fudge Brownies



Also known as = YUMMY!!



Photos are here and on my page:






my fb:



You can vote by LIKING – through facebook – HALF BAKED via the flavour election.



Please contact me for any more instructions.



I’m also looking for friends and family to be secret squirrels/ noisy noisy promotions team and flavour campaigners. I need as much support as poss.



Anyone in the world can vote! just LIKE my Half baked on Facebook.



I have already won an I-phone 4 just for taking part and I have the opportunity to win a return trip to ANY Ben and Jerry’s anywhere in the world.









Lovelly Em (Half Baked Emma