Top 5 Places to eat in Mumbai

India is famous for food and you are literally spoilt for choice here. It’s not like the indian food selection at home, 4 curries and a couple fo veggie dishes, here you have to first choose from qhich region you will eat- then if you’re having dry or sauce, arghhh it’s difficult. Let alone the fusions of chinese and indian food, and the wide variety of continental offerings.

So I have made it easy for you based on my last visit and some of the delicious food I had out. These places also had a good atmosphere or dining experience.

1. Apoorva

This is my favourite restaurant in Mumbai by far! I have been there on 3 seperate visits to Mumbai and never let down. I went with my badipapa (indian grandfather_ in 2006, with my lovely tour guide Sheila in 2009 and with my adopted family in 2010. The crab is incredible, lobster curry, romali roti and delicious desserts. Iced tea will cool down the spicy curries and leave you feeling refreshed. It’s also a great venue, in a lovely area of south Bombay, a small narrow restaurant with a split floor. Sitting upstairs gives you a feeling of exclusivity and it’s quiet away from the street. Oh this is the best!!,+Mumbai,+Maharashtra,+India&cid=1237501599775209450



2. Sai Sagar

South Indian food is here!!! I love Idli/vada/samba/chutney! haha i woke up in the morning and said to my friend, Sai Baba, I need south indian breakfast. Turns out this place is  just around the corner from him. Bargain prices, amazing tasting food and a great real indian vibe. This is a locals restaurant, so you know its good. And at 10am, the place was packed!! We had delicious cold coffee to cool us down. We also had the crispy rova dosa!! aloo masala of course. Ohhhhh now I’m hungry!!,+Maharashtra,+India&cid=2906052382303329392


3. Shiv Sagar

This is the perfect place to eat for a hearty lunch! Pav bhaji is a specialty here!! It’s samall buttery hot buns, and then you are given like a vegetable stew and you fill the little buns and eat them like a sloppy joe, or runny burfer. Yummmmmm. Serves with lime, onlions and also different veg if you prefer. Great value and nice Air con section.



4. Leopolds Cafe

Leopolds really doesn’t need much introduction. This is the most well known cafe in Mumbai to foreigners. Located right in the middle of the tourist district and on the main road colaba causeway. A fantastic vibe is always going off in here. Now made more famous by the devastating terrorist attacks on 26/11 2008. The bullet holes from the shooting are still in the walls as a reminder of the tragedy. There is great continental, chinese, indian and italian food here. this is a must on your sightseeing trip.

5. Mumbai Times Cafe

Mumbai Times Cafe is a funky, cool and chilled out restaurant and bar. With 2 levels and open roof terrace, you can feel a peace away from the bustling shopping streets of Bombay. Great snacks like spicy chinese. Sheeshah for those flavour smoke lovers! And plenty of vodka redbull for all. Downstairs there is a beach like feel with sand all across the floor and a boat in the room. the building itself is like a converted warehouse and has a great rustic feel.

Oh and the menus are newspapers!!! Clever huh


Happy eating!




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