Queenstown for the snow

As one reaches certain milestones in their life and passes through rights of passage, it’s time to move on to the next stage. Onward and upward! This was definitely the case for me on my most recent trip away, to NEW ZEALAND and the Snow there in Queenstown. Usually my snow adventures are with rody young university students or travellers, but it was time to step into the real world and take a girly trip with some gals. And it rocked!


University was an amazing time for me! Full of travel, friends, adventure, lessons and lots of parties. Oh and alcohol. Lots of alcohol. These things were highlighted when I took trips throughout the year for various University activities. Eastern University Games, Australian University Games, UTS Skip trip and Snow University Games. All up my trips were costing me well over $3000……. This year I thought about taking the same trips again…. until I realised my wind, fun and crazy trips might be stopping me from spending time with some of my close, longtime and loved friends.

We initially tried to plan our trip to Queenstown (located in the South Island of New Zealand) with a large group again. I must say I was disappointed that we weren’t going in an enormous group. My spirits were raised when I saw that 2 University groups- Macquarie and Sydney would be there at the same time. The town would be a buzz and I had friends going from various groups. But once we got there, it all changed! I enjoyed not being peer pressured every day, drinking myself silly and pushing my body to the limits.



3 girls was the ideal trip! We went to Onsen Hot pools and got masssages, we had quaint little dinners and drank in small pubs. We met quality people and had great conversations. We took our time, took in the sites and took breaks! I loved my girly getaway! I now know that I’m not missing out, I’m just growing up and moving on to new and different experiences. There is a time and a place and now that I have graduated from Uni, it’s time to be a big kid!

Luxurious, restful and fun trips lie ahead for me and my fab friends.


Also got to catch up with the awesome Krystle Wright, fellow ExplorerGirls Ambassador!


Tips and tricks for Queenstown to come soon!

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