We all know I love Travel!!

I just wanted to share with you the Top 5 reasons why I love Travel. There are 100’s of reasons, feelings, moments and experiences that make me love it but these are at the top of the list.


1. Freedom

This is obvious. You can be who you want to be,go where you want to go and express yourself in new ways you never thought possible. Often travel is associated with fewer responsibilities and a focus on fun and enjoyment, now that is freedom!



2. Friendship

The people you meet when travelling will touch your life and even if they don’t stay part of your life, they will certainly make an impact on you. Everyone comes into your life for a reason and at the time they are there to help you on your journey and path. Even if they just make you laugh in a bar, or you chat in line at the airport- they get you on to the next step. If you are lucky enough, you will make lifelong friends. Friends who you truly connect with because you are free to be you.



3. Opportunity

Travel is filled with opportunity. Sorry to be corny, but you really have to acknowledge the phrase “the world is your oyster”. Travel opens your eyes up to opportunities you never knew existed, simply for the fact that you are in a more open frame of mind, but also due to the new experiences you have.



4. Lack of expectations/ surprises

You can never truly plan travel. There will always be a surprise in store for you. Expect the unexpected. And run with it! The unexpected and unplanned will be the best part of all.



5. Humbling

Travel is extremely humbling. the people you meet and the things you see, often make you appreciate what you have at home. Whenever I get back to my family and my home, I really understand how lucky I am in the life that I lead and to even have those opportunies. It makes you appreciate the simple things.




Why do you love travel?

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