I am eating, praying and loving

I now know why it is a best seller! You will simply fall in love with the characters, the story and the places that Elizabeth Gilbert takes you to in her amazing book, Eat, Pray,Love. 



I must admit, I have never wanted Pizza more greatly in my life. I do love the doughy, cheesy goodness of Pizza but the intricate, immaculate and almost sensuous way that she is able to describe the pizza of Italy makes you crazed for it! I have not yet been to Italy and have always wanted to visit. After reading this book, I am so glad that I did not rush my trip and do a mere few days running around one of the major cities snapping away at all the main tourist attractions and grabbing as much gelato as humanly possible. I will wait patiently now for a time when I too can really experience the beauty of Italy, and hopefully learn the language before I embark on my own Italian escapade.

The book is divided into three parts, Italy, India and Indonesia. The three “I” countries where Elizabeth spent her year of pleasure, self exploration and individuality. Where she grew to be herself. I think it’s a phenomenal adventure, and courageous thing to do. To leave everything you know for one year and to set out with a plan of only seeking yourself. She is not looking for the love of another, but the love of herself. And I love that!



I’m excited to read on, and no doubt you will have more posts from me in the coming weeks about this fabulous book and the ideas she explores as she explores the world.

Visit her website or pick up the book!



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